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A Kitsune swordman wondering around Equestrian and beyond, having much tales to tell...


Yo wassup peeps, I'm... Uh, what's my name again? Oh yeah, I'm Morgan, I'm not sure if that's my real name though... I'm a former homo sapien who got thrown into this shit for absolutely no fucking reason. Yeah, I know some of you who read fanfictions would know exactly the hell happened to me; I've been isekaied. You know what? That's not the worst part, at least they're humans and can interact with people NORMALLY.

So, apparently, I'm in this fantasy-based world called 'Equis', I found myself as a Belkan experimental combat aircraft, ADFX-02, AKA 'Morgan'. The only way I can 'talk' is through radio, yeah I know I sound like Larry Foulke, but I'm NOT him. Period.

Anyway, this 'Equis' isn't as peaceful as I'd expected it to be. Also, their technology was up to date as well, thank god, I don't wanna trash my radio. Anyway, I don't fight for anyone...

Unless I find them worth fighting for.

This Equestria got a hell of a lot of predators, hungry for some political crap. Ya' 'll expect to me go straight in and help the heck out of Equestria without any second thoughts eh?


You know how mercenary works. I'll clean their asses if they pay me well.


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This story is a sequel to Ghost 13: Return

The Equestrian-Diamond War had offically began, the diamond dogs wasn't expecting such firepower from the Equestrian as they're quickly driven back to the border, and the Equestrians were facing the toughest resistance yet. The Diamond dogs would do anything to push the Equestrians back, however, they never expected the return of a demon who used to rule the skies of the battlefield.

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After a thirty-day mission onboard the Lunar Celestial 4 space station, the last crew of the old station is planning for a manual deorbit operation, however due to a the unexpected attack by the space debris, LC-4 remains in orbit and is unable to perform reentry. And this may result in the invasion of the international safe orbit law, the worst, it could end the entire space program.

To prevent LC-4 from becoming large space debris, the crew was ordered to return to LC-4 to repair the damaged systems. However, with limited fuel and oxygen supplies, the crew found their mission objectives doubled. In a negative way.

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(There won't be demons in this story... But the demons are always the ones with their darkest side shown...

This took place before and AFTER Storm King attacks Canterlot)

Rugen Solaris, a lost dragonet that's on a dark path of killing and bloodbath. No one really knew his past, as well as why he became what he is now. His real name may not be known all across the land of Equestria, but what his enemies called him... Petrifies them.


(I used Rengoku as an example cuz I can't find anyone that's Demon Slayer related AND closest to a dragon.)

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My name doesn't matter anymore, it was lost long ago, but now the locals called me Kenjin. This is my story as a wondering swordsman, journeying from Equestria to beyond...

(The Movie starts in about six chapters, which means storm king, skystar, and Silverstream won't appear until then, Main Six unfortunately, won't be the secondary protagonists for this book, but they'll appear for about four chapters though.)

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Gallus's past is complicated, no one really knew the full backstory, and the Griffon never told anyone. That all started when Gallus was returning home from work as a Royal Guard, then, he was told that Silverstream was taken as hostage by the Storm King, who was expected to be dead after the Battle of Canterlot years ago. This drove his darkest, most terrifying side out of the deepest part of his heart.

What has he been hiding all those time?I

Credit to jamescork for the artwork!

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(This is half-based on the Japanese Mythology)

Have you ever wondered who gave Celestia her ability to rise the Sun? Who gave Luna her dream walking ability? Long ago, way before Celestia's reign, her parents; King Cosmos and Queen Galaxia had made contact with those whom they called themselves 'Kami', and they each had magnifcent powers and unreadable potential. The Alicorns made a deal with the Kami, they would give some of their magic away for useful purposes while the Kami would shelter them as well as protection.

Then everything changed when the Eight-Headed Snake, Yamata no Orochi attacked the new land, both King Cosmos and Queen Galaxia were killed in the battle, the Kami were badly injured as well. Finally, Susanoo himself destroyed Yamata and sealed him away. The connection between the ponies and the Kami remained broken since then. However, the Kami granted the passed rulers' children parts of their power...

Thousands of years passed, the new land now known as Equestria were once again, sank into danger. Yamata no Orochi was reanimated by an unknown force and stole the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu's Flames from the center of the Sun; her greatest weapon. Yamata and his minions had now escaped into Equestria, with their limitation being there, Amaterasu send her assistance, a Demi-god she adopted many years ago, known as Black Fox, to retake the Flames of the Sun...

But the question is, can the Demi-god, and Equestria's newest Element welders, be the opponent of the God of destruction itself?

(A Japanese Mythology crossover, first time doing it. ;)

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Spike lived a normal childhood under the care of his mother Twilight, but when Tirek attacked, Spike was declared killed when he tried to defend Twilight and her friends. The entire Equestria went into depression after the teenage drake's honorable 'death'. However, a year later, a mysterious masked creature visited Twilight and her friends. Twilight was expecting many things, Young Six becoming the new barriers, Celestia's retiring... But NOT the return of a certain drake that she thought was dead.


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After serving the Osean Air Force for another three years, Trigger retired. One day, in his personal ex-fighter jet, went for another free flight. It all went downhills when a mysterious massive storm sudden covered his flight route; due to his love of being a daredevil, Trigger; as always, flew right into the storm. Lost in the storm, Trigger struggled to fly out. But when he did flew out, he quickly learned that this isn't his world. Pegasus that can go super sonic? Anthro ponies? Magic?! Nope, definily not in Osea anymore.

Little does he know, a storm is forming, and War is approaching...

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This story is a sequel to The Backstory of Eddie Whirlwind: The First Equestrian A.I Hypersonic Cyber Jet Pony

Two months after he's built and entered service, Eddie was send onto his first patrol mission over the battlefront against the Hydras. However, he was struck by a bolt of lighting caused by the strange magnetic activities of the planet. When Eddie woke up again, he found himself in an alternate Equestria filled with plane ponies, just like him except that they're mostly organic. Eddie must find his way home. Can he find friendship he has been seeking for so long? Can he find his way home? Or most importantly, can he find... Love?

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