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I am Eighteen, I am a proud Canadian, and I also I love history!


When the Great Trial ended. Following the firing of Russia's entire nuclear stockpile into Nazi Germany. They quickly retreated to their bunkers to wait out the coming storm. What they did not expect was for a wave of white light to suddenly move them to an entirely different Russia. One where the Equestrians have taken over, following their victory in the conversion war two decades ago. So, what will happen when Yazov and his collages emerge from their bunkers to find that Russia no longer exists?
"When the world fell, it is our time to rise,"
-Dmitry Yazov

Crossover between TCB and HoI4: The New Order
Please note: This has no bearing whatsoever on my personal beliefs. It was simply an idea I wished to turn into a story

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In the year 2027, Equestria appeared in the Pacific Ocean and established relations with the UN. They claimed they had been brought there by accident, and that Discord was responsible. However, relations quickly began to sour after a failed attempt by five of the six elements of harmony to push their values upon humanity. And, ended altogether when Celestia banned trade between Equestria and the rest of the world. Soon after, started the conversion war. Using her magical barrier she tried to wipe them off the face of the earth. But hope for humanity came in the form of many ponies and others who wished to join them. However, when the night came for them to link up, they found that the resistance had been destroyed before they could leave Equestrian waters. In the aftermath, humanity assumed that all was lost...until a mysterious rainbow-maned pegasus crashed and landed near Jerusalem claiming to be on the human side. However, the agent of the Aman (Israeli Military Intelligence Directorate) assigned to her quickly comes to question her motives.

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After the Equestrian invasion and the death of Emperor Amore V at the hooves of the pegasi. His son, Amore VI, seeks to regain his lost territory, but first, he must stabilize his position and restore balance.

However, Pyotr Wrangel, Sergei Mosin, Sergey Markov, Mikhail Drozdovsky, and Maria Bochkareva appear to have other ideas...

Credit to Radical Centrist for the backstory as well as for his permission
Set in an alternate Iron Chancellor universe as per his request
And, everything up to what he has written recently is cannon in this story, but this story is not apart of his plot

I have decided to wait until I have better source material

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