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A Word In Your Ear, If I May? [Behind The Scenes of A Forbidden Doorway, Part One: Why Does It Take So Long?] · 7:59am Apr 28th, 2014

As you probably know, I'm Frostmourne, the writer of A Forbidden Doorway and the now dead Cogs & Needles. I got my name from the legendary sword of the Lich King in World of Warcraft, a Fantasy MMORPG with a few Steampunk influences. And this, this is the start of a series of blog posts in which I talk about how I come up with ideas and different parts of the story. There may be a couple spoilers, but they won't be extremely huge, and how they are going to happen will be kept secret.

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Lol, no, no I could never be Frostmourne. I don't have the ability to write as well as he does. :ajsmug:

I will say though, that it hasn't been just fimfiction that he hasn't been getting on, it's also facebook, skype, and other sites he frequents. School and job hunting really have been sucking the life outta him. :pinkiesad2:

If he wants to get into more detail, that's his job to do so, I'm just here to ensure people that the story isn't dead.

Why am I sure of that, you'd might ask? Well, I commissioned it. :raritywink:

830108 Now I can't tell if you are pulling my leg (For some unknown reason) or actually being serious.

Those are some pretty common problems, and he hasn' even logged in in quite a while (Plus I could never hold onto an idea for that long)

Unless if YOU are Frostmourne...:unsuresweetie:


So, I spoke to Frostmourne a few days ago, seems as though college and classes have worn him out pretty good. :unsuresweetie:

I did ask him about Forbidden Doorway, and it's still on his mind. He hasn't forgotten about his readers or anything. :pinkiesmile:

If all goes well in the next few weeks, expect maybe a blog post and chapter soonish or so, though I can't say when for sure. :twilightblush:

802666 He hasn't even been on for nine weeks now, must be a lot of trouble on his plate.

801481 Well, things have been kinda hectic around here for awhile. Frostmourne has been busy with classes and whatnot, but it's still coming along when he gets free time. Believe me, he wants it out there for you guys. :pinkiehappy:

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