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Hey, guys! Name's Cookie Script, and my passions are reading, writing, cooking, and baking! I got into MLP a few years ago and I have been working on ideas for stories since then!

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A normal day in Ponyville has turned into one of chaos. Princess Twilight has gone missing and instead, Midnight Sparkle has somehow emerged from within and given Twilight a new form, that of Koragg the Dark Knight! As if things couldn't get any worse, Chrysalis has returned and is stronger than ever thanks to the Nightmare Force's abilities and a malevolent force known only as 'The Master'. With an enemy on the rise the likes of which no pony has seen before, the Elements of Harmony are useless without Twilight around, right? Not really...

Deep in the Everfree Forest, a mysterious book opens and a young mare and her cousin learn of this powerful threat of acombination, knowing that new champions are needed to save Equestria and their own Mystic Realm. Rarity, the generous fashionista; Applejack, the down to earth honest farmer; Pinkie Pie, the energetic fun-creating party pony; Fluttershy, the gentle and kind animal tamer; Rainbow Dash, the most loyal Wonderbolt you'll ever meet; Starlight Glimmer, student of Twilight Sparkle who had been redeemed for her past sins; Spike, the best assistant Twilight could have asked for and now leader of the new heroes. Together with the two magical cousins, they'll fight to protect their land from darkness and despair using courage, belief, and the light within everypony's magical heart! They are the Pony Rangers Mystic Force!

Takes place after To Change a Changeling and will include some hippogriffs.

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This story is a sequel to Sunset's Ranger Vision

The attack that started with the Power Rangers has spread out into other worlds... A single young man is determined to stop this war at all costs, fighting against a darker version of his father to save all worlds... a group of brave young women and multicolored horses with extra appendages join in to save their worlds...

Continuing on from "Sunset's Ranger Vision", The Humane Seven and the Equestrian Seven are in for a pretty big doozy when JJ Oliver, a Power Ranger who is also called the Ranger Prince, comes to their worlds. His mission? Help the other Power Rangers stop the menace known as Lord Drakkon from taking over the multiverse. But he won't be able to do it alone. Calling on some new powers and old foes now redeemed, the girls and their pony counterparts will have to assist JJ in fighting Drakkon while Sunset and Sci-Twi call on some old forms they thought they'd never need again. but will it be enough to stop Drakkon in his tracks? And what will happen to JJ once he starts developing feelings for one or maybe two of the Humane Seven?

Takes place after Rollercoaster of Friendship.

I do not own Equestria Girls or Power Rangers, as this is a fanmade story. All rights go to Hasbro.

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The vision had been bothering her, worrying her to no end. A vision of pain, suffering. Death. She had woken up countless times in the night, drenched in sweat. She had a terrible feeling about something, but she didn't know what.

Our bacon haired waifu is gonna be in for a rough ride when she learns about the Rangers and the Shattered Grid from her visions. Can Sunset rely on her friends to help her through this? Will Princess Twilight or Sci-Twi be of any assistance while looking into this? And is Pinkie sensing the big doozy coming via her recurring Pinkie Sense like Sunset is through seeing her visions?

Takes place after Legend of Everfree.

I do not own Equestria Girls or Power Rangers, as this is a fanmade story. All rights go to Hasbro.

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