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Hey, guys! Name's Cookie Script, and my passions are reading, writing, cooking, and baking! I got into MLP a few years ago and I have been working on ideas for stories since then!


This story is a sequel to Sunset's Ranger Vision

The attack that started with the Power Rangers has spread out into other worlds... A single young man is determined to stop this war at all costs, fighting against a darker version of his father to save all worlds... a group of brave young women and multicolored horses with extra appendages join in to save their worlds...

Continuing on from "Sunset's Ranger Vision", The Humane Seven and the Equestrian Seven are in for a pretty big doozy when JJ Oliver, a Power Ranger who is also called the Ranger Prince, comes to their worlds. His mission? Help the other Power Rangers stop the menace known as Lord Drakkon from taking over the multiverse. But he won't be able to do it alone. Calling on some new powers and old foes now redeemed, the girls and their pony counterparts will have to assist JJ in fighting Drakkon while Sunset and Sci-Twi call on some old forms they thought they'd never need again. but will it be enough to stop Drakkon in his tracks? And what will happen to JJ once he starts developing feelings for one or maybe two of the Humane Seven?

Takes place after Rollercoaster of Friendship.

I do not own Equestria Girls or Power Rangers, as this is a fanmade story. All rights go to Hasbro.

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This has...potential. Will track, carefully

Okay, first, no chapter should be shorter than 1,000 words. Second, it does not take that long to produce 950 words

Excuse me?! I have seen other stories that have less than 1,000 words in one chapter alone here. Also, I have been known to be a quick writer if necessary. But I do admit that there are some places that need a little more exposition in this chapter. But please bear with me, I'm getting back into the groove of this slowly.

Sorry. I'm a little sensitive about being critiqued badly. But yeah,I still need to try and get back into this, so I promise I won't be as bad. And yeah, honestly I HAVE seen some of the Fimfic stories with less than 1,000 words in one chapter. Granted, not many of them, but it's still possible.

There's a thing called IRL stuff. Calm yourself dude, even professional writers like Tatsurou who has written many 1000 minimal chapters for all their beloved stories has IRL stuff to deal with, we used to get chapters daily in a schedule each week but after awhile the schedule changed so it's not often we see updates. Least you can do is be patient.

Spike had flown in as Starlight was reading the dissertation, frowning as he set a tray of tea down for the group and he asked, "So basically like Sunset using the amulet for good on one hoof and Sci-Twi using it for the wrong reasons on the other hoof?"

Is that a good way to explain it?

Sci-Twi nodded and pulled up a news report as she answered Sunset's question, "Someone found a crashed pod near the baseball field. No one seemed to be inside it, but it was clear that someone or something was there."

That thing don’t have a cloaking device or something? Also, I thought it crashed on sunset’s roof.

Rainbow scoffed lightly. "You girls think you all heard something weird? I practically saw something in the sky last night when I was stargazing. Rainbow colored blur, heading at about Mach 7 through the air. It had to be that pod."

Are you sure your not describing yourself, rainbow?

The girls looked around to see a handsome young man looking at them with a smile. His shaggy brown hair fell into his face perfectly, his blue eyes sparkled like aquamarines, and his fashion sense was impeccable as well; he wore a black leather jacket, a tye dye shirt in a basic white with multiple colors spread out in a bunch of large dots, blue jeans that were slightly worn out at the knees, white socks that ducked under his jeans slightly, and red tennis shoes that looked shined to perfection.

Is this who I think it is?

"Thanks," he grinned back, extending a hand to her. "I'm JJ Oliver."

What’s up, man. It’s been awhile.

Sunset held her head as she replied, "The moment I touched JJ, I... I saw exactly what he had seen and what I've been seeing in my visions. So many people dismembered and stabbed or shot..." She shuddered and groaned. "It was awful."

Hey, that’s the life of a ranger.

Rainbow groaned in exasperation. "Whatever is going on, we can handle it!"

Rainbow, shut up.

Fluttershy nodded in agreement. "We've fought multiple things including two demon friends." Her eyes widened slightly before she looked at Sci-Twi and Sunset. "No offense, of course."

Fluttershy, you too.

Applejack munched on an apple as she looked at the girls, speaking through a bit of juice in her mouth, "Ah reckon we should keep an eye on that JJ feller. Ah trust him enough, but he's hiding some things." She swallowed the bite of the apple and kept speaking, "Like what's his past like? Who's his family? What powers does he have?"

If they’re allowed to do that, he gets to do the same.

Outside, terrorizing the young students, a group of soldiers stormed out, looking similar to the Red, Blue, and Yellow Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers walked out of a ship and marched in unison, looking similar to an army.

Come on, he bought a whole army for one ranger? Don’t get me wrong it’s smart, but at least give your son a fighting chance, even if he is from a different dimension and your both on different sides.

JJ used the distraction Sunset had provided to sneak away into the crowd of kids who had gathered around the others and run to the back of the school, ducking around a corner and looking at his Morpher with a heavy sigh and a mutter, "I really didn't want to do this... but I have no choice. It's Morphin' Time!" A bright light enveloped him as he morphed.

Does it damage him or something?

Everyone looked up to see a white version of the Rangers in front of them, his helmet modeled after a chimera, his bodysuit, gloves, and boots were white, his armor and the diamonds on his gloves and boots in different colors, and the symbol on his chest was that of the Mighty Morphin' animals.

My man looking clean.

Rainbow watched him before she looked at the others. "Come on! We've gotta go help him!"

The Humane Seven nodded and their pendants started glowing brightly, changing the team into their outfits before they took off to help out.

I’ll admit, they got heart, but brain is debatable.

Sci-Twi used her telekinesis to launch various soldiers into other groups of soldiers as Sunset fought alongside JJ, showing some impressive martial artistry herself.

He looked at his flame-haired ally as he asked her, "Been fighting for a while?"

She tossed away a soldier with a grunt and responded, "Ever since I've been here!" She judo flipped another soldier and stomped on his chest.

Not bad

"I think I have a good idea of what might be causing my doozy," she whimpered and pointed upwards, the group following her gaze and gasping as they saw another Ranger come out of the ship, his helmet off to show a man with an older face, long black hair that was turning gray, blackened veins along his face, and eyes that seemed to radiate evil.

Alright, I’m gonna go see if twilight have any extra bedrooms/guest rooms.

The other Humane Six flattened their pony ears as well while Spike let out a frightened whimper.

Even Sunset's eyes were widened as she saw the man in front of her look at her, the normally brave flamette whispering one terrifying word: "Drakkon..."

Yup, they don’t want no smoke.

Sunset gulped a little bit as she backed away, talking to JJ. "Uh... JJ? Ideas?"


Rainbow stepped forward and spoke up, "Hey! Who are you calling useless, you jerk?!"

Rainbow, don’t make it worse.

Rainbow stood proudly and smirked as she retorted, "Yep! I'd do anything for my friends! Even keep them safe from your rule!"

Rainbow, please shut up.

Twilight started to panic slightly. Her friends were getting themselves injured for JJ's sake, but there was only so much they could take!

You got the tracker off, just run.

Thankfully, Sunset had a somewhat clearer mind as she patched Rainbow up with some fabric she had gotten from Bonbon as she spoke to the others, "We gotta get outta here! We need help!"

The only thing that’s gonna do is stop the bleeding.

JJ watched as Pinkie took her turn with attacking Drakkon, the usually bubbly girl seeming more serious than before as he responded to Sunset, "I know what we have to do! There are other dimensions besides this one! If we split up and go to a different dimension each, we might be able to get a few allies!"

But then, wouldn’t he be able to pick them off one by one?

Rainbow sat up in alarm. "But we can't leave the school undefended! There are still others that need help!!" She pointed out the various students and faculty helping everyone to safety.

But he’s not after them. Chances are if you guys leave, then he will too.

She looked it over and gasped in surprise, recognizing it as a dimensional portal creator. "Spike, that's just what we need!" She exclaimed brightly. She stood up and opened a few portals to various worlds before looking at the group and letting out a loud whistle to get their attention.

How did they know what it was?

"This is... all my things are now HORSE THINGS!!!" She exclaimed in a fright.

English Twilight, you’re supposed to be the smart one.

Sunset placed a hoof on her shoulder and explained, "Around here, we call them 'pony things'."

Not helping, sunset.

JJ got up and shook his head to clear it, rubbing his forehead with his hoof - Wait, hoof? He looked at his body and saw that he had become a handsome young stallion, his short scruffy tail the same color as his brown mane, his fur white as snow, his wings multicolored in the original Mighty Morphin' team colors, and the symbol of his power coin as his cutie mark. All he could say to his current condition was, "Well, this is different."

Ok, now that’s cool.

Sunset giggled at his cute remark, a slight red blush on her face as she trotted over to him. "Yep, this is JJ Oliver. He's the Rainbow Ranger I told you and Princess Twilight about," she explained to Starlight.

When did she have time do tell them?

Starlight looked at the trio and cleared her throat to get their attention. "Well, Princess Twilight has already called the rest of the girls to assemble in the main room along with Sunburst, Starswirl, Shining Armor, and the other Princesses," she mentioned.

Y’all gonna need more than that.

Sunset quickly gathered her bag. "No time for pleasantries, everypony. We got work to get to," she reminded them before galloping off to the main room, the other three following behind with JJ flying above the unicorns, albeit with a little difficulty at first.

"Whoa, whoa whoa!" He wobbled in midair and dropped down for a moment before righting himself, groaning slightly as he shouted, "How do ponies FLY with these things?!"

JJ, just run like everypony else.

Sunset rolled her eyes and muttered to herself, "Oh sweet Celestia, I hope we get the right help..."

Sunset, don’t get smart, because out of everyone he stands the most chance.

Shining Armor started explaining the plan, "Starswirl and I have upgraded the armors of all the guards to be more flexible and sturdy to keep everypony safe when fighting these soldiers so these bullets won't hurt them."

I don’t know if that’ll be enough.

Cadence continued on, "We've also done magical and flight attack and defense sequences multiple times to make sure the guards have them ready for anything. If this Drakkon dares to attack Equestria, he'll be met with the full force of every creature against him."

That’s good.

Princess Twilight jumped down from her throne and went to JJ. "What Cadence means by that is the fact that we've also contacted all the other tribes around Equestria, and they're all ready to help. The dragons, hippogriffs, griffons, Changelings, Yaks - "

On one hand, they’re gonna need all the help they can get, on the other hand, they’re gonna need to get some body bags ready.

"Yeah!" Pinkie Pie bounced over to him and explained, "Yaks are really good at destroying things, and they'll wipe out those nasty old invaders in an instant!" She grinned with a squeaky toy sound.

That’s debatable.

Twilight moved her bangs to see through the chocolate milk that was falling on her like rain as she looked at JJ. "Sorry about that. Discord is one of our allies and as he said, the spirit of Chaos."

Ok, now I have a little bit more faith.

He had the sense to look sheepish as he answered her, "Uh, uh... yes, ma'am." He turned into a mini version of himself and hid in JJ's mane, whispering in his ear: "Whatever you do, don't make Fluttershy angry! "

JJ made a face as he nodded and replied, "Duly noted."

She’s not that scary.

Right then, a shout from above got everyone's attention: "Find that little twerp and his girlfriends, no matter what it takes!"

Nice to know there’s some comedy in this dire situation.

Princess Twilight galloped outside to the hall and saw that Rainbow Dash and JJ were flying like lightning, avoiding shots from the soldiers.

Looks like he learned how to fly.

He couldn't help but smile and nod as he pulled out his Morpher. "Alright then. It's Morphin' Time!" He changed in a bright flash into his Ranger suit, now modified to fit his pony body before he flew down and landed in between Twilight and Celestia, glaring at the soldiers.

I thought he already morphed.

Fluttershy got up, rubbing her head as she looked around curiously. "I'm not sure. It looks like Neighpon, but... different."

What’s neighpon?

Pinkie and Fluttershy jumped back in surprise, unexpecting of the sudden shift, but Spike took it in stride as he responded, "Yeah, I gained the ability after a bit of trouble during the Friendship Games."

That is not information you should just say.

As Spike looked on, he couldn't help but think: "I hope Rarity's doing okay..."

Not the time spike.

Rarity smiled as she saw the cat and cooed, "Aww! Such an adorable feline! Oh, Opalescence would just adore you around her!"

That’s cap.

The quartet made it to a crowded street where Rarity dropped her construct as she and the others kept after Luna, seeing another group of girls and guys up ahead, one of the three blonde girls having a bow in her hair and a white cat with the same crescent moon mark on his forehead.

Does Luna sing?

The green haired girl, Setsuna, looked at the Canterlot High trio. "I've had several visions about odd soldiers in the past, all of them lead by this man with darkened veins on his face and a look of about evil and destruction in his eyes," she shuddered slightly at the memory. "The deaths of these... Rangers... weren't a pleasant vision either."

How does she know they’re called rangers?

Rei shivered as she agreed, "The blood all over the place and the torn limbs? I mean I'm a shrine maiden, and even I think that's gross."

What does that have to do with anything?

Y'know, it's funny you bring that up because I've been thinking about it myself. From what I remember when reading other pony fics, Neighpon is supposed to be the equivalent of Japan by its Japanese wording equivalent "日本 "(Nihon). I mean just look at some of the MLP and Kamen Rider crossovers. There's mentions of Neighponese and Neighpon through them. Then again, substitutions for the human language in MLP-verse was always kinda ridiculous. Saying everypony instead of everyone just seemed stupid. But then again, kids' show. What else would we expect?

Not sure, but it wouldn't surprise me if they did.

Wonder if this will continue?

Where was Equestrian Spike during the 4th chapter by the way?

More than likely, Spike was out getting a small job done when the others were asked to help. I'm planning on including him later though. I just need to figure out how in the heck I can include him.

More than likely, he could have been helping Zecora with ingredients for one of her many potions. I'll probably include him in the next chapter, maybe to help Starlight, Starswirl, and Sunburst with the potion that's needed. And EqG Spike is gonna have a huge role in this too, but I'm not saying what it is. :raritywink:


How soon a new chapter will show up?

I'll try and get a new chapter going ASAP.

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