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John the brony and yknow

If you are reading this, I can say you're interested about me! :D thanks a lot, drop by one of my fics and comment please, if you may...


Dark Light is a pony that lives in the woods far away from any population, since she moved to her own home, every single day of her life she has been living the same way, a monotone boring way of life that gets her tired of, she's got enough of that, and the only thing she wants is to know her meaning, why is she here? She is more than willing to search for that answer herself, or with help of others.

Local collab of 3 schoolmates and me...

You are free to like or not this fic. . .

Oh, and if you dislike, at least leave a reason in the comments please. . .

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A young pegasus pony named Clever Clogs arrives Ponyville one day with the only idea of finding a job using his 'charm' to get it, but this goes wrong and he ends up having some big trouble that could ruin and even end his life...

Can Clever Clogs overcome these dangerous problems?

Totally random idea I had at 1 A.M.

So please, don't be harsh


This has more chapters, so if you may, add it to the Tracking list, please, ok???:fluttershysad:

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You, a great, famous scientist, after many years of being stuck in Equestria, find a way to return home, the only problem is that there is no way back.

Something, or someone, will try to stop you, even though it will be a benefit to everyone... Except for one pony.

Proofread by this guy.

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While doing your morning walk routine in a grassy field near Ponyville, Rainbow Dash, the pony you've best known since you arrived Equestria, hits you right in the face, but this unexpected accident is going to make your relationship go a step forward.

Inspired by a dream I had.

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