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I love writing, Rainbow Dash is best pony. Apples and Rainbows go together, I believe in magic and unicorns and I love ponies.


All About Me · 1:19am Feb 29th, 2016

Hey everypony :pinkiesmile:

As I've posted my first chapter of 'I Will Make You Mine'
I've thought about posting my first blog and what better then posting a blog all about me.

Name: Lara but most people call me Larissa or just L.

Hobbies: I like writing, reading, listening to music (It's my life) I like to draw sometimes and watch MLP:FIM (like all the time)( My family says I'm obsessed with the show, they're probably right)

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2142322 You're welcome thanks for favouriting my story!

Thank you very much for the watch! :twilightsmile:

Hello there! Welcome to FIMFiction.:pinkiesmile:

If you need any help figuring out how the site works, don't be afraid to ask. I'm always happy to help, and we're all glad that you are here!:twilightsmile:

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