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This story is a sequel to Wet Behind The Ears

It is a special day in Maretime Bay, but the Crystal Brighthouse is empty. Bluegill Brine has slept in, and now her friends are away. Brine is free to wander the town and enjoy the weather. The strange, beautiful weather.

A birthday gift for my friend Casketbase77. Cover art is by Ahobo.

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The desert has long attracted thieves, raiders, and opportunists, each eager to plunder the riches of bygone ages. Time and time again, these outsiders need guides to find their treasures.

Sandstone Shine is one such guide. A young Saddle Arabian stallion, this time guiding a curious pony from across the sea. A crystal pony mare named Sapphire Oasis.

This story is a gift for my good friend Ahobobo, who did the cover art for it. It is part of my Long Dead Gods AU, but isn't connected to Vesperal Breeze's storyline within the same AU. The OCs were designed and written by me and exist in my AU, but belong to him.

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This story is a sequel to Available at the Library

This story is a direct sequel to Available at the Library, that short story should be read first. Narcotics and self harm tags are for one scene near the end that can be skimmed over.

Sleep. A fleeting goal in the hot nights of Summer, out of reach, fitful when it does come. The university is closed, the library is near empty. Wiser ponies retreat to cottages on the mountain, or away from Canterlot altogether. Those that remain in the magic city lie in bed, and dream of strange things shimmering in the heat.

Floating in the dreamscape, those strange things watch and begin to file their teeth in anticipation of the coming hunting season.

EDIT: Grammar update on the advice of EqD.

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It's the early days of Summer in Canterlot City. The university semester is nearing its end, papers are submitted and are being graded, and ponies are enjoying fresh coffee, long days full of sun, and warm nights, restless nights after stressful examinations, ripe for nightmares before the excitement of summer banishes them for a season.

Some dreams refuse to leave the mind upon waking.

EDIT: Cleaned up some grammar and fixed some italics.

EDIT 2: More grammar changes on the advice of EqD.

EDIT 3: Yet more grammatical changes, and some minor detail shifts to improve flow and reduce confusion.

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