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I am now writing more. · 12:06am Aug 15th, 2022

Going to have to push back against perfectionism a bit. I am revisiting my first draft for Under the Guidance. Changing stuff up, yes, but overall keeping the first 2 acts the same.

I'm tired of putting it off in fear of not meeting expectations that no one but myself has placed on me.

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I should write more. · 6:13am Apr 25th, 2022

I've got plans to continue Vesperal Breeze's story, for 5 fics in total. That'll conclude the introduction arc to my AU, even if In Search of Sand and Signs sorta jumped the gun on it.

Then...the original story I've wanted to tell since the beginning can finally be told. Its changed so much already from my original vision, and I've taken so much time. I'm worried gen 5 will be over before I finish this AU concept that started back in season 4.

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