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A strange Russian guy writing weird pony fiction. I like writing things related to the culture of ponies. Like my work? Support me on Partreon if you can, link is on my profile page.

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A shy, introverted colt. An uncertain filly. Two teenagers experiencing one of the most complex emotions for the first time. Neither of them knew what to do with their feelings, how to express them, and how to make the first step.

But one of them had to do it sooner or later.

A lovely one-shot for Hearts and Hooves day, showing the first step of teenagers into a bigger world of deeper feelings.

The beautiful cover art was done by Skunkdinner.

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There were many enemies that the Royal Sister defeated, and they ranged from pony-like creatures of shadows to spirits of divine power. Many pages of history were forgotten through time, and who knows how many enemies were defeated during the reign of the Royal Sisters or even before?

One of such long-forgotten enemies was Nicholas the Vampire King. While vampires are usually associated with lunar pegasi, also known as bat ponies, it is not true. Not completely true, at the very least.
Real vampires have long since become a part of ancient folklore. No one has seen them in thousands of years. History became legends, legends became myths, and myths turned into bedtime stories that no one takes seriously anymore.

However... Vampires still live. It is a matter of time before they come back. With the return of their king, how will the history go?

The story takes places after the Luna Eclipsed episode.
The editing for this story is provided by Shadows of Deity. He really helped me make this story more interesting!

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Metal-loving human ends up in Equestria as an alicorn colt, and it so happens that there is no music of metal there. He's not fine with it.

He has to adjust to his new life... And make a plan of how to bring metal to Equestria, even if it means waiting years through his second childhood. He will have to adjust to the new world, new culture, new society. His views will be tested, his opinions will be changed. One way or another, he will have to adapt to the new and strange world.

Nevertheless, metal will be brought to Equestria and for all the world to see!

This story tackles such things as religion, relationships, and sex. The view of Equestria presented in this story is different from what most people expect.

Cover art and the portrait of the character done by a wonderful person. You should check him out on Google+
Editing of some chapters was done by DashItAll

Spoilers in the comments. Beware!
The story was inspired by one of my friends, who happens to be a metalhead and music lover.
The story starts at the first episode of the first season.
If you don't like stories about OC alicorns, please consider reading it, I promise not do disappoint. Well, at least not too much.
Constructive criticism welcome.

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Featured on 11.02.2017. Also, it might've been featured earlier, but I didn't keep track back then.
Reached 666 comments. What's more metal than that?
Featured on 19.02.2017, 20.03.2017.

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Nikolay the Black is a wizard from Earth. And not an illusionist in modern society as we know it, but a wizard in the dangerous Medieval.

We all know Medieval as time when "wizards" and "witches" were executed. This Medieval is no different, but magic is real, as wizards and witches. And Nikolay is one of them. How will he cope with the world of Equus, where magic is very different and more powerful, where friendship and love are not just worlds, where magic is everywhere and in everyone, where all mythological creatures are real and sane?

Cover art was found on my PC. I will be very thankful if any of the readers know whom this art belongs to.
Rated T for some violence and swearing,
Takes place in the fifth season, LOOK OUT FOR SPOILERS!
This character WILL alter the original MLP:FiM, so here's AU tag.
Constructive Criticism welcome!

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