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Been a few years, as it seems my interest is staying for now, I'll stick around. I've been writing for almost ten years now, with a specialty in Adventure/thriller.

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Equestria, the land of Magic and friendship. While other lands have to make do with one dungeon core, while also delving into their depths to prevent an outbreak, Equestria hosts hundreds, who work for the benefit of the land, creating gems in the ground to mine, shaping the land as they wish, and making it easier for the ponies to manipulate their surroundings...

However, nobody, except perhaps the princesses, understands exactly what dungeon cores are. Nobody except one desperate researcher, the griffin Xaviar. Inside a gorge in which he had discovered the remains of an inactive core, this adventure was his last... Until he came back as the core. With no guidance except his own knowledge and his proto-magic rich environment, Xaviar will have to resist all the forces that wish to make him theirs.

(The current image is a placeholder, as I'm currently suffering from flu-like symptoms, and thusly in too much pain to spend a few hours on a proper image. will be replaced in a few weeks.)

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1049 After the Sisters, Twilight, now elevated to Queen of Harmony after the nations united through friendship came together in a world government. Soon, the world will achieve sustainable space travel, and Twilight's job is to see her Friendship ambassador, and her little brother Spike, on a mission of friendship through the stars... But everything she passes by reminds her how long it's been since that first day in Ponyville...

(This was written for Bicyclette's Sci-fi Contest.)

(Twilight in image made by Silentmatten)

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Celestia has an important duty, raising and lowering the sun, what most ponies don't know however, is that the sun wants to rise and that Celestia didn't get her cutie mark by lowering the sun with magic...

She got it by being more stubborn.

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Godking Veretus, The lord of the Planes, Jailer of the Abyssal Sea, Overgod of Alvaris, Half-champion, God of Might, Dragons, and Vindication, is not amused at his current predicament. Sent to an alternate sphere by a band of upstart adventures, and stripped of much of his true powers, must now contend with... Cuddly... ponies?

He is not amused at this at all, nor is he entertained at this Sphere's attempts to get rid of him.

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Ever felt like something was wrong? Memories just didn't conform with reality. Worse, with the Elements of harmony choosing new users, a millennium old job was becoming more and more useless.

And why was Celestia trying to speed that process up?

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