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An AU enthusiest. Always interested in the what-ifs and seeing how folks expand on them.

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Sunset Shimmer was the prized student of Princess Luna. Gifted in magic and devoted to her craft, every waking hour she spent engrossed in her quest to become the best, strongest unicorn in Equestria. For the most part, Sunset could say she'd lived a happy life in Canterlot.

But as the thousandth anniversary of the Summer Sun Celebration dawns, Princess Luna sends her to a small town called Ponyville. Setting hoof in Ponyville will herald a new chapter of Sunset's life, a chapter that will take her the rest of an eternity to explore.

A novelization of season one with Sunset Shimmer taking Twilight's place.

Chapters (4)

Every year, a funeral is held for Celestia’s dearly departed daughter, Aurora. Every year Aurora grapples with the consequences of facing her mother and the public eye once again.

Rated T for themes of death - albeit lightly touched on. Constructive criticism is always encouraged.

Chapters (2)

Rainbow has to take care of her little sister, Skyla, while her parents go off on a trip. Curious to see how Rainbow would treat her sister, her friends follow her every step, and learn just how different Rainbow acts around her sister.

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There was always something special about Rainbow Dash aside from her rainbow mane. As it turns out she has Synesthesia, where when one of her five senses is triggered, another sense involuntarily acts.

Photo is not mine. The link for this photo can be found here.

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Inspired by the story The Masks We Wear by Rokas

Twilight has thought about Rainbow Dash's addiction to fiction. Little does she know there is more to it.

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This story is a sequel to Concert

It's Hearths Warming and Rainbow is alone with thoughts of her mom. Twilight offers to help. What will become of this?

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This story is a sequel to Melody

It's been a few months since the death of Twilight Velvet. Rainbow now has to deal with the Orphanage of Ponyville approaching bankruptcy. She has to host a fundraiser for it but what will it be?

WARNING: Not much plot development because I s*ck at sequals and I was focused more on the 'friends find out Rainbow is a musician' case. I might add side stories for the sake of this NOT going belly up on me.

P.S. I put the Romance tag there for the ending. POTENTIAL TWILIGHT DASH Shipping? Is that what it's called? Meh. Whatever. If you want a Twidash moment just tell yourself it was. If not then don't.

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Twilight receives a letter from the Princess that crushed her world. Rainbow Dash knows a way to help her, but to do it she must reveal a big secret. When Twilight finds out what will her reaction be?

This is another 'secret personality' thing here.

WARNING: If you don't like reading the first fanfics that people create DON'T READ THIS!!! If you don't give a flying feather then unleash thy inner critic.

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