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I only use this account to keep track of, favorite and comment on others' stories. I can also proofread, if you'd like that. Big fan of OctaScratch. Twilight Sparkle best pony.


FimFiction has helped me re-ignite my passion for reading. There's nothing better than a cup of tea and a nice story.

When it comes to the work of fans, I am strict. Bad grammar, punctuation and character personality are the main reasons why I stop reading a story. Typos are, of course, not a problem, as long as they aren't abundant.

My favorite ponies are Vinyl Scratch and Octavia, as you might already have guessed.

The most frequently read genre is romance, I'd say. That doesn't mean my interests are restricted.

I'm open to all genres, as long as they are an interesting read.

Have a nice day!

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2263187 I sure did :)

Thanks for adding Vinyl Scratch Drink Tea to your library!

Did you make that bookshelf just for that story?

1563948 Hey! I loved the story, and I am excited to see the next parts come out! I will most definetly be keeping track of this story :)

Thank you for faving Tell me Why I hope you enjoyed it, and welcome around

Welcome to FimFiction.net!
I don't do anything important here, I just want to say hello to a new user!

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