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I don't often write, but when I do it normally involves drama. ;)

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This story is a sequel to Among The Pegasi

This story is a sequel to another fic of mine called, 'Among The Pegasi', so I recommend you go and read that story, before reading this one just so that you will be upto speed on everything that has happened so far.

Weeks after the news of Princess Twilight's relationship with former Cloudsdale resident Rainbow Dash was revealed things have relatively calmed down in Ponyville and its citizens have gotten pretty much used to seeing the cyan pegasus with the Princess now. However the same can't be said about the city above, as the pegasi from Cloudsdale haven't taken as well to the news as the town below them has.

And as Twilight plans to go forward with her idea of bringing the two feuding towns to an agreement, and somehow look to a future where they can all get along a bit better. A mystery pegasus from Cloudsdale comes to the Princess and Rainbow Dash, telling them that they also want there to be nothing but peace between the floating city above and the little town below. But could that be all that they are really after, or are they possibly hiding some other intentions?

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Set a little while after Nightmare moon was defeated, and Princess Luna was brought back

With Nightmare moon defeated, and peace brought back to Equestria once again, Princess Luna is refusing to raise the moon at night. Feeling scared that with having nothing changed from before, history will just wind up repeating itself. Luna is terrified of turning back into the Monster she was, and at the same time questions her role as 'Princess of the night', and what she really means to the ponies of the land. Only this time Celestia chooses to take notice, and lend a caring hoof to her younger sister, which she realizes is something she should have done a long time ago.

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Celestia, Celestia, Celestia, that's all I ever hear, that's all they ever talk about. 'Princess Celestia is so amazing', 'Princess Celestia is so caring and kind', 'Princess Celestia is the best ruler we could ever ask for'. Why don't I ever hear things like that about me? What even am I to them all? Do they even know I exist? I bet not.

Written in first person, from Luna's point of view.
Set a little while before Nightmare moon took over.

Luna is sick. Sick of hearing all about her elder sister all the time, sick of not being given the same treatment as her, sick of being ignored for all she has done, and sick of living in Princess Celestia's shadow. Looking back on her life one night after rising the moon and stars, wondering why all the ponies choose to sleep through her wonderous night, instead of appreciating it and basking in it, just like they all do with the day. Princess Luna is tired of being shunned like this all the time by the ones that are meant to worship her. But really she guesses she should have expected it, after all it's always been the same, ever since she was a little filly. In truth it was never meant to be about her, but maybe one day it just might be.

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Have you ever felt what it's like to have your heart broken by the one you love?
To have your heart forcefully ripped out of your chest, thrown to the hard ground and stood on. Scootaloo knows this feeling all too well, and it may just be the worst thing to ever have happened to her in her young life.

This story is about what happens in the, 'Flight To The Finish' episode, and how a bully's words can hurt more then their actions.

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There was a time that I loved somepony, I thought it was just a silly crush, I would get over it soon, and there was nothing to worry about, but that's not how things turned out. After all this time I thought I was over you, I thought that I had forgotten about how I felt whenever you were near me, but I was wrong, because the truth is...I never have stopped loving you.

Written in the first person (from Rarity's point of view).

During her lifetime in Ponyville Rairty has gone out with many a pony, however after each time she just feels more and more depressed.
After yet another disappointing date out with some stallion that she can't even remember the name of, she returns to her home, and goes back in her mind to think about the one and only pony that she turly did love, yet she could never tell them how she felt, for she feared it only hurt her more.

Chapters (1)
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