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I made this just to feature more stories. Yeah.

Adorable One-shots

  • My Hearth's Warming! It's Hearth's Warming in the Rainbow household! It's a time of family, fun, and presents. How will Dashie react to her father having to work on such a special day? What presents will she get? What adorable shenanigans await her? by NightWolf289 9,256 words · 2,627 views · 219 likes · 6 dislikes
  • All I Needed To Hear A big sister is what Scootaloo really needs right now, seeing as she decided to stay behind in Ponyville when her friends needed her most. Luckily Rainbow Dash comes to comfort her and offer support, finally assuming her role as her big sister. by Surry 3,206 words · 1,241 views · 74 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Evil Belle Sweetie Belle obtains the Alicorn Amulet and tries to be evil for a day. She isn't very good at it. by Akumokagetsu 1,775 words · 16,555 views · 1,828 likes · 24 dislikes
  • The SweetieMash Chronicles The Cutie Mark Crusaders decide they need to expand their numbers, but things quickly go awry when their first target begins sobbing on the spot. Sweetie Belle soon finds herself roped into hanging out with the young colt. by Justice3442 115,461 words · 19,414 views · 2,123 likes · 57 dislikes

Better Twilicorn

  • A Filly's Guide to Not Making Headlines PRINCESS SPARKLE IN CAMELU DUSTUP – Reports emerged Sunday that H.S.H. Princess Twilight Sparkle slammed Griffonstan over Camelu water rights. "I mean, they have plenty. It's not a 'threat to their sovereignty' to ask— by Bradel 8,218 words · 12,640 views · 1,379 likes · 16 dislikes
  • Tea Time with Alicorn Three weeks after Twilight's coronation, Fluttershy sits down for her daily hour of tea, when she receives a spontaneous visit from the least spontaneous mare she knows. Just what is on Twilight's mind? by Glimmerglaze 6,478 words · 4,828 views · 543 likes · 6 dislikes
  • Dear Princess A young filly writes to the newly-crowned Princess Twilight, asking for advice. She's made one small mistake, though, in assuming Twilight feels qualified to give it... by Obselescence 7,965 words · 10,358 views · 1,443 likes · 23 dislikes
  • A Draconequus' Guide to Immortality After suffering an internal crisis at her coronation party, Twilight gains a bit of insight on immortality from the likeliest of unlikely sources. by ArgonMatrix 7,341 words · 17,059 views · 1,771 likes · 24 dislikes

"Mature" Reading

  • Purple Prose, or A Night at the Clopera Twilight Sparkle wakes up to a very unwelcome idea. Now she needs to find a way to clear it out of her mind. Because if she falls asleep before it's gone, the Princess of Dreams will get to see that idea for herself. by Bradel 5,671 words · 11,518 views · 827 likes · 16 dislikes
  • Are You Kidding?! There's PORN of Us?! Guess what Rarity just learned today! by Brony_Fife 3,855 words · 11,360 views · 527 likes · 21 dislikes