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hay i love reading fanfiction and my favorite charecter is Twilight!!

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A new pony has moved to ponyville. He has just enough passion as Twilight about spells and and magic and books. Twilight decided that it might be fun if they worked on a potion together. When they do something goes horribly wrong. Will they be able to fix the mess?

Chapters (3)

Twilight decided to spent some time with her brother and Cadence, but keeps bumping into a sertain pony named, Flash Sentry. Twilight tries to pay much attention to it but, she starts falling slowly in love with him. Will she take a chance with him.
If your hate Flashlight then just don't read.

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Twilight was in her library when she trips and falls, hitting the self. All the books fell on her and hit her head. She can't remember anything now. Now she tries to remember everything with the help of some ponies that clam to be her friends. Will her memory come back? Or will she have to live without remembering anything for good?

Chapters (3)
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