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In a time where the government controls everything and there is no escape. A young filly will try and find out about the past and what really happened during The Great Pony war. She will learn of the terrible deeds of the government and of prewar Equestria.


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The age of industry is thriving in Equestria, travel is faster, light is heaper, and Princess Twilight has been crowned princess. But there is a shadowy force under this world of peace

P.S this is a friends of mines stories

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aww, the third set of pony poems.

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This is round 2 of Pony Poems, mainly it's about poems about ponies, so read on and enjoy.

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Is made up of Pony poems I came up with, mainly focusing on there feelings, and how they think of things, their self and some will be on how they think of other ponies.

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