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Editing? Check. Art? Check. Writing? Check. Patience? Don't have any. I dislike crossovers.

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Spitfire has been asked out by many ponies before, all of which she denied politely. When Spitfire is asked out by co-worker Soarin, she has no idea how to deny it.

She'll just have to get creative.

Takes place in a universe where they are not Wonderbolts. And Pinkie Pie is supreme leader.

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Luna has lived in the forest castle ever since she was born. There are so many places to explore and hide when you are mad at your sister. Their parents's spell has protected them from evil reaching their minds and their friends. Life has been good as Princess of the Beautiful Night.

But they are not alone in the forest. Blood hungry timber wolves that hunt unsuspecting ponies. With the increase growth of this problem, Luna sets out to find the source. Instead, she comes across a portal to another place. There she finds Nightmare Moon.

A/N: I will probably change the title, cause I hate it, and also, this is not edited. When I will edit each chapter shall be when I remember. Sadly, it's not often. Enjoy! :)

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Cloudchaser and Flitter have a very strange show. It can often put ponies in awkward situations. When you ship ponies, things tend to happen. Break ups, new couples, public humiliation.

What would happen if your sister, who was absent that day, got her name drawn? And what if it was her crush replacing her?

Cloudchaser may just ruin her sister's life. Or fix it.

Note: This is all straight shipping, no female with female or male with male. Sorry if you are disappointed.

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Spike hasn't been very happy lately. After destroying his bed, Twilight decides it's time for a winter vacation at Sunset Lodge.

Things go well, until Twilight gets an emergency letter for help from Celestia. Twilight leaves Spike in the care of her cousin, one he didn't even know she had. Left with this stranger, his vacation takes a strange turn into a battle of romance.

This is not edited, so don't expect it to be perfect. Maybe I'll have someone edit it one day, but I can't get anyone.

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Inkie lived happily with her sister, Blinkie. They both got there cutie marks together. And now that Blinkie has taken an interest into her main skill of sharpshooting, Inkie is not far behind with her own skill of daggers and thieving.

The two incidentally run into Secret Sister Society, a society formed to protect their sisters (other mares) from danger. It is run by twins Heather Tree and Weather Tree. The two admire the Pies and put them in first class, a class to fully enhance their abilities.

But as they are forced to kill ponies and steal the Princesses' files, the two realise that more than their life may be on the line. Their country.

On Hiatus because of some recent facts I have come across.

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Autumn Fire never belonged. Her parents had disowned her, and her aunt hatred her very existence. Foe Autumn Fire, belonging had never been an option.

Spring Rain thought changelings feed on love. Yet it seems she feeds on knowledge. After the love blast, Spring Rain is captured.

The two are combined in an experiment. Both feel for each other. But will anypony else?

Being rewritten.

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