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Rainbow Dash, now a wonderbolt, is practicing her flying one night. Her close friend/teammate Soarin sees her alone and decides to accompany her. The two pegasi talk about their interests, they both realize that they have a lot in common. They even went through similar situations during their previous lifetimes.

But, something is bothering Soarin. For the longest time, he has a huge crush on Rainbow Dash, ever since she won the Best Young Fliers Competition two years ago. He's afraid to tell the mare how he feels about her. But Soarin tells himself to stallion up and tell her how he feels. Still, he's too nervous. He realized that confessing his feelings to the mare he really liked was going to be hard for him. But, he tries.
Will he finally tell her about his feelings? Will Rainbow return his affections?

-Rainbow Dash

I do not own the cover art.

Author Note: To make your understanding clear about my writing, I do not always feature romance in the stories I write. Since it's difficult to write about Romance, I'll try my best to make the actions of the characters as sappy as possible (if needed).

Inspired by the song To the Sky by Owl City.

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Three friends notice black trails of smoke during their flight exercise session at Summer Flight Camp. The flying figures appeared to be wearing blue yellow lightning uniforms. The three friends stop and stare at the flying figures flying above them. During their time in the camp's classroom, they learn about the wonderbolt's history and the first founding members of the team.

The First Wonderbolts:
-ThunderShine (co-captain)
-Stormy Flare (member)
-Fire Blaze (member)
-Firefly (appointing general and offical member)
-Purple Dart (member)
-Easy Glider (choreographer and member)
-Wind Rider (founder of wonderbolt academy and member)
-Fair Weather (member)
-Flash (captain)
-Spectrum (member)

Along the lines, the three friends officially meet all the members after school at their 2:00PM airshow. There is an autograph signing, along the way, the three meet Surprise, Fire Streak, and Lightning Streak.

A/N: Thundershine is my wonderbolt OC. Please do not use her for any purposes of yours. If you would like to use her in some way, you must ask me for my approval.

Cover art designed by me.

Dedicated to my deceased mother (Pony Name: Melody Sparks). Rest in peace.
1967 - 2015

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"Please guys, I want to go by hoof instead of the train. I just want to learn how to travel and take care of myself".
"But Twilight, it's dangerous and cold out there. You'll freeze to death when you're out there."
"Don't worry guys, I won't get hurt or anything. I'll be fine".

Twilight knew she had to do this on her own, helping a friend was important. She just couldn't let her down at all, she reassured her that she will get better. Ways of curing her was going to be a new challenge, a challenge that was going to be a risk worth taking. 'I know I can do this, I know I can. Horn, don't fail me now'. She gives everything she got, no matter what the task is, even no matter how difficult it is. She knew she had to do it, she just had to....or else?

Story was inspired by the 2010 movie Marmaduke, it's similar to this story which inspired me to write this in the first place.

~Story in dedication to TurboGamer~

I don't own the cover art, but credit goes to whoever who drew it. And note that this story contains sadness, depression, humor and other genres in this movie inspired story. Enjoy what this story has to offer.

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A mysterious explosion has been made in equestria, no pony knows who caused it. But, it seems it is a major threat. Contacted by Princess Celestia, they rush to the castle to discover the mysterious explosion. The wonderbolts are determined to solve the situation on their own, but are then suggested to have the elements of harmony help them along with some obstacles they have to face on their journey. One or more will lose their life in this explosion, or will they survive? When the time of the battle comes, their is no doubt who will win. The Saddle Arabians or the Equestrians. They've had enough of Equestria's betrayal, which was why they plotted to destroy them, earning them revenge. But what will happen when the fight is over? Will this be the last of them?

A/N: It may contain scary violence, if you are too scared then don't read it.
I have decided to include Romance in this story. The ships that will be featured in my story is: SoarinDash and Flashlight. I hope you will find this as a new addition to my story.

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Spitfire and Soarin have been best friends since they were foals. After being friends for such a long time, Spitfire starts to have feelings for him. Then she finds out that Soarin is in love with someone else. But when Soarin finds out that Thunderlane is in love with Rainbow, an intense fight builds up. The fight is between mare to mare and colt to colt. Arguing got them to never set differences between each other. But would they eventually apologize to each other? After treating each other poorly, they realized they had to set their differences. No wonder they avoided each other.

This story is dedicated to my close friend: Gamer X

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Spitfire, Soarin and Rainbow Dash have been best friends since they were foals. One day, they lose their parents in the same train crash. Now, they only have their relatives to watch over them. As the bond among the three friends grew stronger, there is a little romance behind the scenes. There's teasing and some peer pressure among their new close friends, whom they met as they journeyed through adolescence. At times, the three friends always thought about their dead parents. They would cry to themselves all the time. But, will the new friends they have made change their perspective of losing a loved one?

A/N: Sorry dear readers, I left this story alone on its own for quite a long time. This story will be continued. Just note that I will be rewriting the story in a totally different style. It will be different from the way I use to write it back in 2013. This story was my 2nd story.

~In dedication to my Asian relatives in Hong Kong. Please, stay happy. ^0^~

Cover art edited by me.

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Rainbow Dash's that brashy natured mare everypony knows, she loves to soar the skies and fly freely with no questions asked. During the day of the tryouts, her life is put into a brand new perspective. She finally gets her chance to meet her idols for the third time, it's a dream come true. All that changes once Whirlwind interferes, Rainbow now has another competition to face with: love. Whirlwind finds out Rainbow's secret, she likes Soarin too. The two mares fight for Soarin's heart, but who will the wonderbolt choose? Will Rainbow win Soarin's heart? A pony learns to love in all sorts of ways, but a love triangle breaks Rainbow and Soarin's friendship apart. When Soarin finds out he has feelings for Rainbow, will he stay with Whirlwind? Or will he stay with Rainbow?

This story takes place in Cloudsdale and Ponyville, written from the perspective of a love triangle. Love can be cherished, but can't be bought. A lesson will be learned, an apology is settled.

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Soarin wonders about the memories he had with Dash. For example dancing with her at the Canterlot wedding and the day he first met her. So in this story, it will talk about how he started a relationship with Dash and so on. There are tragedies about his past he never knew about. But Soarin will find out soon enough about his tragic past. Including Rainbow Dash who will too.

Chapters (2)
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