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Hello My real name is Noah, Vicron is the name of my brother's favorite Bionicle M.O.C that I built.

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With Teridax's Plan presumably failed and one of their member fallen, the Makuta fear rescue may never arrive. So when presented with a chance to escape their fate they take it. Now they find themselves in a new land, with new rulers and no knowledge of them.

Faced with the six children of Shadow, the Royal Sisters find themselves with a decision to make, and, puzzled by incomplete tales of a world locked in an eternal war between Light and Dark, not much time to make it.

What would any self respecting Makuta do, but push the advantage?

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Saluti, signori e signore. The circus is in town. Grab the kids and come on down to, Il Carnevale de Artiglio. A madhouse of the strange and entertaining, led by a bipedal creature with a single crimson claw. But beware, everything has its price, and the ringmaster isn't the only one pulling strings.

In light of the new episode, I have put an alternate universe tag on here.

[Inspiration for Kleng came from a character that my friend, Invader created. He hasn't technically released anything with him in it yet, and Kleng doesn't really act like him. But Invader would be angry if I didn't credit him. You can find his stuff here. Invader's Deviantart.]

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There are many questions in the world, there are many answers. Even something as integral as who you are is a question, with more possible answers than there are stars in the sky. Sometimes you just have to take a moment and think on it.

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"Are- Are you blasting me with food?"
"Yeah... this was not thought through at all."

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Many believe they know the story of Discords rise to power. It has been taught in history books and songs for millennia. But all of them have been deceived, by none other than the master of Chaos himself. He is not alone in his deception, the one he protects through his trickery still lives, as does her sister. This story is for all those who wish for the curtain of lies to be peeled back, there are three who know the truth and this is their story. A story of where the act ends and the person begins.

A replacement for my other story Beforeskin, this time it will focus on Celestia and Discord's relationship.
Inspired by the Vocaliod series Daughter of Evil.

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Twilight and friends are called to Canterlot after an incident on the northern coast.
"They came from the blackness."
(Note: there are no cannon sea ponies so all underwater characters are oc's)
Credit for pic goes to Krekka01

P.S. this has nothing to do with my Dimensional Chronicles fic.

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