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Welcome To Apple Paradise - Phantom Writer

A young man named Matthew has a great business, Great friends, What more could he asked for. Well Matthew is about to get a surprise of his life when his friend brings to his house a strange girl, that was out in the snow. Can he help her home?

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Chapter 6. Date. Surprise

Chapter 6. Date. Surprise


Three day's later

I saw Aj talking with a few of my cousin's, She was enjoying herself
"I'm telling you! Guys are pigs!" I could hear my cousin Betty say
"Not all guys are bad" I heard Aj say

"They are all bad! Each one of them!" Betty said crossing her arms "All guys want is one thing!"
"Not all guys" I heard my cousin Dani say "Just look at Matt"
"Matt's only nice to us because he's out cousin"
"He's been nice ta me" Aj said

"He's just being nice because he wants you in bed with him" Betty said "He's just like every other guy out there"
"He's not like that, He's carin' and has been there for me since we met" Aj said, I was glad i was far but not to far away so i can still hear what they were talking about

"He's only being nice so he can get some booty call" Betty said
That's when i heard something that shocked me "If all he wanted was a booty call, Then how come he gave Aj his mother's rings?" I heard Dani say

It was at that moment i heard nothing come from Betty... Me giving Aj my mother's rings really shut her up... Maybe i should do that more often "So does this mean you two are dating?" Dani asked
"I really don't know, I just know he likes me like i like him"
"Has he asked you out on a date?" Betty asked

"He did.. But that was three day's ago and he was helping out with his dad so we haven't had a chance to go out yet"
"Well, Don't i have a surprise for her later on today" I thought to myself
"Maybe you should ask him out" Dani said "Take charge and go on a date with him"
"Ah don't want to force it on him"

"This isn't the 50's anymore, A girl can ask out a guy" Betty said "We don't need a man to ask us out"
"But it's nice having them ask us out, Makes me feel wanted" Dani said with a small blush "Matt might just be wanting to find a nice place for your guy's date"

"He might be just wanting to get out of the date" Betty said
"Thanks for making her think i'm a good guy Betty" I could see Aj was worried "I better fix this"
I stood and walked over to her "Hello Dani, Betty, How's everything going?"
"Everything is going well" Betty said looking away from me
"Do you girls mind if i borrow Aj here for a moment?"
"You ma-" Dani was cut off by Betty

"No, Whatever you have to say to her you can say in front of us" Betty said glaring at me
"What did i do to tick her off?" I asked myself "Aj, I was wondering if you wanted to have dinner with me tonight?"
"Ah would love ta have dinner with ya tonight"

"Make sure your ready by eight, And don't worry about dressing up" I said giving her a light kiss on the cheek and walking away
"Awe, Look how red she's getting" Dani said while Betty rolled her eyes


I stood by the stairs waiting for one Applejack to come down the stairs

I looked at my watch and saw it was now eight o'clock, I saw her come walking down the stairs wearing her normal clothes, She was wearing a new hat and was smiling "I would have thought you would have taken me to a fancy restaurant?"
"I figure you were tired of getting all dressed up" I said with a smile "I figured you would like to have a nice normal dinner without having to get all dressed up"

"Ah was getting tired of all this dress up" She smiled "Now, Where are we going?"
"It's a surprise" I took an old tie and tied it around her eyes
"What are you doing?"

"Like i said, It's a surprise" I took her hand and lead her to the pool house
"Can ya at least tell me where ya takin me?"

"Like i said, It's a surprise" I opened the door and helped her inside, I then took off her tie "How's it look"
I could see tears forming in her eyes "I-Is that ponyville?" She ask looking at me
It took me eight hours to build a small replica ponyville "It is"

"Thank you" She gave me a kiss on the cheek "Ya don't know how much this means to me"
I could feel my cheeks heat up as she kissed my cheek "I'm glad i can make you happy"
"How did you managed to build this?" She asked looking at all of the buildings i painted and built
"I called in a favor and i got to work on building this for you..... I had to go threw all of those stories you told me and i tried to rebuild what i knew of ponyville"

She was trying really hard not to cry "You made a few mistakes on this one and this one, But the rest you got all perfect"
"Well like i said, I tried my best to rebuild the town" I could see her touch the library
"Once we leave i was planning on setting this up back on the farm for you"

She didn't say a word as she walked over to me and kissed me, This wasn't like the other kisses she had given me, This one had passion to it as she wrapped her hands around my neck
She pulled away and smiled "Why did you do all of this?"
"I've notice you have been feeling homesick... So i wanted to do something nice"
"Ya really didn't have ta do all of this"

"I wanted too" I said with a smile "Now, How about we eat?" I said moving her over to the table, She took and seat and smile
"What did ya make?"
"Well.... You know i'm not the greatest cook in the world but" She nodded as i placed the plate down "So i managed to make a vegetarian lasagna along with a very yummy dessert"
"Are you sure you made this?" She asked looking at how delicious it looked
"Yes, I'm sure" I sat down

"Thank again for all this" She said taking a bite of her food "This is really good!"
"I'm glad it tastes good" I said taking a bite out of my food "So, Got anymore stories?"

She smiled as she told me the time Spike tried to be her assistant and how he tried to bake a pie
I could see the smile on her face as she told me about how she fought off timberwolves
After we ate i got out a special apple cake "Is this apple cake?"
"Yup, Homemade apple cake"

She took a bite and smiled "Ya did really good"
"I'm glad, Didn't want it going to waste" I said as i took a bite of my cake
"Ah think ya been lying to me"
"Lying about what?"

"Ya know how ta cook, Ya just didn't want me ta know"
I chuckled "Yeah, I've been lying to you"
She smiled "So... What's after dinner?"

"I got something planned" I said with a grin, She raised an eyebrow "Oh, Before i forget" I got up and walked over to a stand that had a sheet covering it

"What are you doing?" Aj asked as i waved her over, She stood in front of the sheet
"Take the sheet off and you'll see"

She did as she was told and she yanked the sheet off. What she saw blew her mind "Y-Ya made Sweet Apple Acres!" I could tell she couldn't believe what she was seeing, It was a painting for Sweet Apple Acres, I've been working on this for a few weeks hoping to give to her on her birthday but i thought since tonight is all about her, why not just give it to her now
"You can't have ponyville with out Sweet Apple Acres" I said with a smile "I hope i didn't screw up?"

"You got everything right, From the house to the orchard" I could see the tears falling down her cheeks as she touched the painting

I walked up to her "I'm glad i got it right"
She looked back at me, I took out a rag and wiped the tears off her cheeks "Once we get home i'm going to place this in your room"

"Ah really don't know what ta say"
I gave her a kiss on the lips "You don't need to say anything" I looked her into her eyes and smiled as she wrapped her hands around my neck
"What are we?" She asked
"What do you mean?"

"Are we a couple? Or are we just... Friends with benefits?"
"Well.... We can be a couple if you really want to?"
"Ah would like ta be a couple" I looked deep into her eyes and kissed her
"Will you be my girlfriend?"
She pulled me into a kiss "Guess that means yes" I kissed her back


Morning came sooner than i wanted it to. I looked at Aj as she slept in my arms, Her beautiful face sound asleep
I heard a knock at the door. I slowly snuck away and opened the door to see my dad standing there

"Morning son!" He said with a smile
"Morning, Do you need something?" I asked rubbing my eye
"Your mother wants everyone down stairs in an hour. She has some kind of surprise for everyone"
"I'll wake up Aj, Will be down when we're dressed" I shut the door and walked over to the bed, I sat on the bed and watched her sleep, It's sad i have to wake her, She looked to be having a great dream

I kissed her cheek and whispered into her ear "Applejack, I need you to get up"
Nothing "Come on Aj, I need you up"
Still nothing "I won't kiss you"
Eyes crack open "I'm up!" She said shooting up in bed
I started laughing "Is that how i'm going to get you up in the morning?"
She blushed as i kissed her cheek "Mom wants everyone down stairs so we need to get all cleaned up"
"What does she want?"
"It's a surprise"


After we got our shower's we made our way downstairs and into the dining room
Mom had a smile on her face as she looked at me and Aj
"Okay.... This is getting creepy" I thought as my family all poured into their seats
"I would like to thank everyone for coming down here so early in the morning!" Star said holding up her glass "I have changed next week's plans"

I notice the piece of paper on the table and looked
"I've made new reservations for everyone here and we will be leaving to The United States"
I looked at the paper in horror "We are going to my son's farm, Apple Paradise!"
I saw all my family member's look at me "Why can't she have told me this sooner!"

"We will be leaving first thing monday!" She said with a smile as everyone had their food brought to them
My head started to spin "Today is Friday..... I have three days" This is going to be one crazy week
I could see Aj snickering as she saw me sweating, I mean i ran tours on the farm and everything but having my whole family come to my house was asking for trouble


After breakfast i hunted down mom who was in the pool house looking at all of my work

"Why didn't you tell me you were planning on dragging our whole family back to my farm?"
"Your father doesn't have much time left and he wants to see your farm" She turned towards me "Why didn't you tell me you were building a set?"

"It's not a set, Aj was working on some stories and she wrote down these buildings in them, So i took my time to try and recreate what she had in her head"
"Did you managed to get it right?"

"Only a few are messed up on" I said walking over to the two i messed up on "She told me i need to refix these two one's"
"What are these meant for?"
"Well.... It's about talking magical talking ponies"
"Is it meant for little girls?"

"I believe so" I said thinking why boys would like this kind of.... Well now that i think about it all those stories Applejack tells me are kinda cool and.... Alright maybe boys might like them

"I know someone who might really enjoy all of this" Star said with a smile "And sorry about not telling you about all of us going to your farm, But i really want your father to see it before he pass away"
"Well if you asked, I would have gladly let everyone go, I'm just angry you didn't just ask"
"I'm sorry... So we all can still go?"
"Yes, Dad can see how great my farm can be"


Monday morning we were all in a rush as we rushed to the airport

Aj watched as i held her hand tight as i kept my eyes closed
Once we landed everyone went to the hotel while me and Aj went back home, Dad tagged along
As we pulled in up to the house i saw Amber out front trying to get Sam back into the fence

"COME ON YOU GET BACK IN THERE NOW!" She yelled trying to pull her inside
I walked over to Sam and smiled "Hey girl, Is Amber being rude?"

I could see Sam's eyes go wide as she playfully nipped at my coat "How come she listens to you?"
"Because i'm the only one she trusts" I lead her to the fence and let her inside
"What are you doing back here any ways?"
"Mom wanted all of us to come back here"
"So does this mean i can stop taking care of this place?"
"Yes, You can stop taking care of ya farm"

"Good to know! I'm going to go see my future husband!" She said with a smile, She kissed my cheek "See you next Monday!" She got into her car a drove off

I opened the gate and let Sam out so she could eat the grass near the apple tree
"Why did you let that horse out?" Dad asked
"Sam's a good horse, She won't run off"
I saw Aj make her way into the house while i walked over to Sam, My dad followed "You can pet her, She won't kick you or bite you"

I saw my dad look at the horse as she looked at him "What's her story?"

"She was an abused animal, They didn't feed her much or water her, They beat her and it took me months to finally get her to trust me" I petted her head "She tried to break out of here, I got tired of fixing the fences so i just let her lose"
Dad looked at me with a shocked look on his face "I found her out there in the apple orgce, She was eating some apples and i walked up to her slowly with an apple, She ate it and walked over to the river that runs through here and let her drink from it" I saw her take an apple from my dad "It took her some time to come back to the barn, I let her sleep outside but soon enough she came walking back into the barn and into her stall. I let her out when i'm working out here or if i'm working on one of the tracker's, She's a good little helper when i'm working, She'll kick my tool box over so i can get the right tools" I started laughing as i saw my dad chuckle

"Guess you managed to find such a great horse" He said letting her eat another apple out of his hands
"She likes when people ride her but from what i learned from her she loves when i ride her bare back"
"You ride her bareback?"

"Yeah, She doesn't really like having a satel on her" I patted her back "She won't buck or kick if i put one on her, She just doesn't really like it on"
"As Aj rode bareback?"

"Not yet, She's still in training"
"Why would she need training for riding bare back?"
"She's never rode a horse before, So i had to teach her the ropes" I then smiled "Hop on"
"What?" He asked looking at me

"You heard me, Hop on, She won't buck you off"
I helped my dad onto Sam, He sat there trying to figure out what to do "See her mane? These will help you make her turn left or right"
"How do i make her go?"
"Just say go"
"She not like normal horses" I said "If you say go she'll go, If you say stop she'll stop, If you say run she'll run"
"Go" She started to walk and my dad smiled "I'm riding a horse!"
I stayed close as i walked next to the two, I smiled as my father was happy to be riding a horse


It started getting dark so i made my way inside and into my room. After i got a shower i walked out in my pj's. I looked at the bed.... It felt strange being home now after sharing a bed with Applejack

I heard a knock at the door "I bet that's Dad asking if he could take Sam out for another ride before he goes back to the hotel" I opened the door to see Aj standing there, She had a blush on her face that made my heart skip a beat "H-Hey Aj"
"Hey.... Do ya mind if ah stay with ya? That storm is scaring me"

"There isn't any thunderstorm.... Oooooh! How stupid can i be!?" I allowed her to come in "Of course! Your welcome in here!"

She placed her pillow on the bed and got herself comfy in bed, I laid down in bed and felt Aj scoot up close to me, I wrapped my arms around her pulling her close and closing my eyes

"No need to thank me, Isn't that what a boyfriend does?" I said with a smiled as i pulled her closer to me
"Ah really mean it" She managed to flip herself around and kiss my lips as she laid her head into my chest and i could hear her snore a little and knew she fell asleep

"Tomorrow is going to be a very long day"

To Be Continued

Author's Note:

Well Chapter 6 is out. Tell me what you ya'll think!

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