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Welcome To Apple Paradise - Phantom Writer

A young man named Matthew has a great business, Great friends, What more could he asked for. Well Matthew is about to get a surprise of his life when his friend brings to his house a strange girl, that was out in the snow. Can he help her home?

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Chapter 14. When One Door closes.

Chapter 14. When One Door closes.
Normal (P.O.V)

"NO! THE SPELL INSIDE THIS BOOK IS TORN OUT!" She yelled as she panicked

"What's wrong Twilight?" Spike asked waking up from his nap.

"The spell that i'm looking for is missing! Somepony tore out the spell!" She couldn't believe the spell was missing. She slammed her head down into the book "How am i going to bring her home with a that spell now?"

"Maybe i could be some help?" Twilight looked up to see Princess Luna standing there.

"P-Princess Luna!? W-What brings you by?" She asked shocked to see Luna there.

"I've come to bring you this." She used her magic to pull out a letter and placed it in front of her.

"W-What's this?" Twilight asked looking at the letter with her name on it.

"This letter has been care for a year now. The letter i received told me not to give it to you till this day" She said.

Twilight looked puzzled "W-Wait... You've had this letter for a year now?"

She nodded. "Yes, I've had this since I've returned."

"What did you letter say?" Twilight asked.

"I cannot tell you. The letter i received is only meant for my eyes. Just as this letter is meant for you." Luna said as she notice Spike looking at the letter "I'll leave you two be with this letter. If you need me i shall be in my room going over some papers." Luna said as she left the two with the letter.

Twilight looked at the letter "Well? Are you going to open it?" Spike asked looking at Twilight.

Twilight used her magic to open the letter.

"Dear Princess Twilight Sparkle.

My name is Matthew. I'm a friend of Applejack. I know you must be wondering why you are getting a letter from me. Well, I've written to you because i know the spell you'll need to bring her back home from my world. In the bottom of this letter is the spell used to bring her home. Please do not tell how you have gotten this spell, Just tell her a friend helped you find it and send it to you. Now i'm not so good a writing down spells so i ripped out the spell and placed it inside the letter.

Good luck in bring her home

Sign Matt

P.S. Princess Celestia has a mirror that leads to a world that you haven't been to just yet, Use the spell and that mirror alone with the crystal heart and you will be able to bring Applejack home." Twilight read out load as she reread the letter then looked inside the envelope and notice the torn out spell.

"H-How did he know this was the spell to bring her home? And why would he tare out this spell out of this book!?" She used her magic to fix the book "And Celestia gave that mirror to Candace... Unless she has another mirror." She looked at Spike. "Spike, Pack our bags. We're going to Canterlot!"

Spike nodded as he rushed off to their bags ready.

Matt and Aj sat by a fire as they cuddled under a blanket.

"Why did we have ta come out here again?" Aj asked.

"We came out here because tomorrow is going to be a lunar eclipse and that's when the portal to your world should be open." Matt said as he held her tights in his arms trying to get warm.

She cuddled in to him as they sat by the fire. "Ya think it's gonna work?" She asked looking up at him.

"It might." He said looking down at her. "We'll find out tomorrow."

"Are ya going ta come with me?" She asked.

He lowered his head down and kissed the top of her forehead "I've left all my papers saying i've left and i might not return. Amber will be returning back sometime tomorrow or Monday so I've got everything set." He said with a smile.

She smiled as they both sat by the fire and relaxed.

Twilight Sparkle sat in front of the Princess of the sun.

"I'm surprise you showed up here Twilight." Celeatia said taking a sip of her tea "I thought you would be still in those books looking for that spell."

"I manged to find the spell have many months of searching." Twilight said taking a sip of her tea.

"That is good news." Celestia said with a smile "Yet. I fell something else is wrong."

Twilight nodded "It would seem in order for me to use this spell i need a mirror. A mirror that you have." Twilight said looking at her.

Celestia lowered her tea cup "Is this mirror the same one you passed through?"

"I'm afraid the letter didn't say. All i know is you have a mirror that will help bring Applejack home."

Celestia looked at her with a puzzled look "Letter? What letter did you find?" She asked.

Twilight pulled out the letter and placed it on the table "Your sister gave me the letter, She said it has been with her since she had returned."

Celestia used her magic to open the letter and read it. After she read the letter she placed it back down onto the table "Twilight. What i'm about to show you is something only me and Luna have seen." Celestia said standing up. Twilight followed her out of the room.

They came to a door. Celestia used her magic to open the door and Twilight eyes went wide.

Inside Twilight saw a room full of mirrors "I thought there was only one mirror?" Twilight asked in awe.

"There are many mirrors. These mirror's just like the one Cadance has but... With some twists." Celestia said walking up to the mirror in front of them "Each mirror holds a gate way to other dimension and different times." Celestia looked back at Twilight "This mirror is the only mirror i believe your friend is in. This world is different then the world you visited."

"What do you mean?" Twilight asked looking at Celestia.

"This is strange, These humans are different then those of the world you visited. The humans here don't resemble the ponies of this world." She said to Twilight.

"You've been there before haven't you?" She asked.

Celestia nodded "Yes, Only during a eclipse."

"So you just make an eclipse and i'll use the spell to bring her back."

"It won't be as supple as that Twilight." Celestia said looking back at her "The eclipse has to be on the other side in order to enter the mirror."

"How would we know when there is an eclipse?" Twilight asked.

"I've lost track of when they have eclipse. But i know that letter you received has something to do with the eclipse. Matthew knew what day to send this letter which means the eclipse would be in three nights from now."

"Wait... How do you figure that out?" Twilight asked confused.

"He sent the letter to my sister, The letter says i had a mirror that will help with your spell. If i'm right he sent it to my sister because she raises the moon. The date for it was sent three days ago and it will take three days for you to return with the mirror." Celestia said.

"Make sense but how would he know?"

"I do not know how he knew about this, But i do know he knows. We must hurry and get you on the next train to The Crystal Empire along with this mirror." She said as they both walked out of the room.

Twilight placed the mirror near the crystal heart as she made sure she had everything she would need.

"Aright. I have to wait for tonight. Then i'll open the portal." Twilight said out loud as she looked at the mirror in front of her "Hope she's alright."
Aj looked at the crystal in front of her.

"It's 9:28. The lunar eclipse will happen around 9:30." Matt said placing his bag down.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" She asked looking at Matt.

"I've made up my mind Applejack." He said placing his hand on her cheek "Mary has her husband, Star is working with some girl name Lauren Faust on some kind of show. Still have no clue what that is. And i have you. It maybe hard but maybe i can plan on coming back and visiting now that we know when these eclipse happen." He said with a smile.

She smiled as she felt his lips touch hers as they kissed.

Matt felt something push him and looked to see Sam "Sam, What are you doing in here? I thought i told you to go home?" He said looking at her.

Sam stood there looking at Matt. There was bright light coming from the portal as it began to shine.

Before Matt could tell her to leave the crystal began to glow brighter as purple light came out of the portal and wrapped around Applejack "MATT! HELP!" She yelled as it began to drag her into the portal. Matt rushed over to her grabbing her hands "I'VE GOT YOU!" He yelled as he felt the purple light pull him towards the portal.

Matt felt Sam bite hard on his belt as she tried to pull back. Yet she couldn't keep hr footing as she felt herself being pulled. There was a yank and they all went flying into the portal.

Sam saw Matt's bag and grabbed it with her teeth as she swirling around inside the portal.

Matt vision began to blur as he saw Applejack trying to grab onto him.
Twilight watched as her friend Applejack landed on the ground. She was happy to see the mare again. She notice she was out cold then she saw another pony come out of the portal as it landed near Aj.

Twilight looked at the sleeping pony. She had a white mane with a blue coat."Oh... This isn't good." Twilight said.

The pony eyes opened and Twilight stepped back as she stood on her hoofs "Wow, Talk about headaches." The pony said looking down at the sleeping pony in front of her.

Twilight didn't know what to say. The pony looked over at Twilight "Um... Hi." She said with a nerves smile "I don't know what's going on here but it can say i didn't do anything to her" She said pointing to the sleeping Applejack.

"I-I know you didn't do anything to her." Twilight said looking at her. "Um... I'm Twilight... And you are?"

"I'm Sam... That's strange. I can talk." She placed a hoof to her mouth "Well, Won't Matt be ticked pink when he hears me talk."

"Did she just say Matt? Could this Matt be the same one who wrote to Luna and me?" Twilight thought as she looked at the mare "This Matt. Is he the one who knew about the eclipse?"

"Yeah, He was bring Aj to The Valley Of Color and i followed them inside and we got sucked into this big crystal thingy." She said "Speaking of Matt. Has anyone seen him?"

"I'm afraid Matt didn't make it through. Just you and Aj." Twilight said to Sam.

"I saw him get dragged in." She bent down and picked up his bag with her teeth and placed it in front of her "I have his bag here and i know he'll be wanting it."

Twilight walked up to Sam "I don't know where Matt is but if he came through the portal with you two then he must be lost. I'll explain to you everything that has happened. Okay?"

She nodded as Twilight used her magic to pick up Applejack and she carried her into the castle and into the medical wing. Sam followed her.
Applejack slowly awoke to see she was inside a hospital.

She saw Twilight sitting next to her bed with a book in front of her. Applejack couldn't believe it. She was home. "Hey Twi." She said with a smile.

Twilight looked up from her book and saw her sleeping friend wake up "YOUR AWAKE!" She yelled jumping up and pulling her into a hug.

Applejack hugged back "H-How long have i've been out?" She asked as Twilight pulled away.

"About three hours." Twilight said with tears in her eyes. "I'm so sorry about that happened."

"It's alright Twi. If it wasn't for ya i wouldn't have met Matt... Wait... Did Matt make it through the portal alright?" She asked looking around. She notice something missing as she looked down and notice the rings around her neck to be gone "Where's the rings ah was wearing?"

"There next to the bed and as for Matt" Twilight rubbed the back of her neck with her hoof "I'm afraid Matt didn't come through the portal."

Her eyes went wide "What do ya mean? Ah saw him get dragged in!"

"He didn't come out, Only one that came out was Sam." Twilight said.

"Sam's here? Where is she at?" Aj asked.

"She's in with Cadance right now. She's showing her around while i watched over you." Twilight said.

"Are ya sure Matt didn't come out of the portal?" She asked worried.

"I'm sure. Matt didn't come through." Aj laid back in the bed as she notice the rings next to her bed as she picked them up and placed it around her neck "Twi. How's my family been doing with out me?" She asked looking at her.

"They have been doing just fine. The girls and i have been helping out. I've sent them a letter to inform them your back home safe and sound."

"Thank you Twilight." She said looking back at her rings.

"Those belong to Matt?" She asked.

"Yes, He gave them to me." She looked back at Twilight "We have ta find him Twi."

"I'm going over every spell and seeing if maybe he was sent back to his world. Don't worry, Will figure out what happened." Twilight said to her.

She smiled "Thank you Twi."
Amber walked into the office and notice the note on the table.

"Dear Amber and Jack.

I've left the farm in your care. The farm belongs to you Amber. I've left with Aj, We are going to find our self's in this world. I've put my things in storage and all you have to do is use the money in my bank account to pay for the rent. I know you never wanted the farm and wanted to do your own thing in life, But i've notice how you have been starting to enjoy working as a manger and Jack told me you were enjoying being the boss. I've signed the papers allowing you full owner ship of the farm.

I do not know when we shall see each other again. But know you are my best friend and i'm proud to have known you. Take care of Jack and stay out of trouble while i'm gone.

Sign Matt

P.S. Please in form Star and Mary i have left. Give them the keys to the storage locker i have gotten just in case they need anything from it. Thank you Amber."

Amber wiped a tear from her eye as she re read the letter. "Bye Matt."
A week went by and Amber sat by the storage locker as she waited for Star to show up.

She saw the car pull up as she got out of the car "Hello Amber!" She said pulling her into a hug "Did you bring the key like i asked?" Star asked.

"Yes, I've got the key." She said handing her the key "I have to get back home, Jack is holding down the fort till i get back."

"Alright dear. I'll stop by before i leave and visit with you" She said with a smile as she watched Amber leave.

She opened the door to the locker and looked inside. She found what she was looking for as she placed the items inside her car,

Mary walked inside the house as she saw Star drinking some coffee.

"I'm home mom." Mary said with a smile as Star hugged her step daughter.

"I'm so glad you could have made it!" She said as Mary sat down.

"When you called me telling about this new show Matt and Aj helped you with i had to come and see how it turned out." Mary said "Has Matt called you?"

"No, I haven't heard from him." Star said feeling her smile fade.

"I'm sure where ever he is right now, He'll see your show." She said with a smile.

Star's watched started going off and her smile came back "It's going to start!" She rushed to the living and turned on the tv as they got ready to watch her first episode to her new show. She watched as the episode began with a book as a voice talked about two sisters ruled the land of Equestira.
Matt felt the wind rush pass him as he slowly came awake as he notice the night sky above him.

"Why is it so windy?" He asked as he looked around. He notice he was falling and began to freak out. "I'M FALLING! THIS ISN'T GOOD!" He yelled as he notice something strange. He felt weird as he notice hoof where his hands use to be and he felt something weird on his back. He turned his head to see a pair of wings on his back as he moved them "I'm a pony with wings... What do they call them?" He looked away trying to think when he notice the ground coming closer to him

"Forget what they call them i need to pull up before i crash!" He thought as he tried to use his wings. He moved them to the side and felt his body slowly lose speed as he tried to pull up. He pulled up slowly but not fast enough as he flew right into the trees crashing and making a loud noise that would wake anyone or anypony up as he it the ground.

Matt was hurting after he came to a halt as he couldn't move.

"HONEY! GET THE FIRST AID GET READY!" Matt heard a males voice running towards him as he felt his mind go into darkness.

Matt slowly awoke to the sound of a voice humming.

Matt slowly opened his eyes to see a light pink mare with what looked like a pie with a flower on her flank. Matt blinked a few times as he notice she was getting a rag wet.

"W-Where am i?" He asked slowly trying to get up but found it his strength was nearly gone as he fell back into bed.

"Don't ya worry now." She said walking over and placing the wet rag on his head "Ya fell out of the sky and hurt ya self." She said looking at him "Ya safe here on Sweet Apple Acres." She said with a smile. Matt's looked at her with a shocked look on his face. "Now, Ya take it easy and rest." She made a huff sound "This little one has been kicking a lot since ya came here." She said a she rubbed the side of her tummy.

Matt eyes grew as he realize he might not be in the same time line as Applejack

"Great Scott!" Matt passed out from shock.
The End?

Author's Note:

Thanks to everyone for the support and i'm happy to say this story is done. But do not worry my fellow reader's. This story is still going just in another fic. It's called Welcome To Sweet Apple Acres. Enjoy

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