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Welcome To Apple Paradise - Phantom Writer

A young man named Matthew has a great business, Great friends, What more could he asked for. Well Matthew is about to get a surprise of his life when his friend brings to his house a strange girl, that was out in the snow. Can he help her home?

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Chapter 9. Day Two Part 2

Chapter 9. Day Two, Part 2

(Normal Point Of View)

Matt watched as Aj, Dani and Betty walk inside a building and he went to follow when something pulled him towards the side of the building

Matt eyes went wide and he was going to let out a manly scream but notice it was Sarah that pulled him to the side of the building "Sarah? What are you doing?"

"I've been wanting to talk with you" She said sliding her hand down Matt's chest
"Oh" Matt pushed her way "Well if this about you and me, Ain't going to happen"
"You know you want me" She said grabbing his arm "I'm all yours" Matt looked back her
"Listen, I'm with Aj, I love her and you won't change my mind" Matt pulled away his hand as he made his way back towards to Dani, Betty and Aj

Sarah just huffed "You will be mine!" She made her way towards Frank as she took his flashlight
Matt looked around inside and saw the girls going through books
"And where were ya?" Aj asked slamming her book shut as she glared at him

"I thought i saw something moving behind the building, Turns out it was a rabbit" Matt said walking up to her and kissing her
Aj blushed as she kissed back surprised to see him acting so passinot all of a sudden
He pulled away as he looked down at the book "What are you reading?"

She looked back down at the book "It had names and dates of who worked in the mines"
Matt opened the book and flipped through it "Mmm, It weird how this is in here" Matt looked around the bookshelf as he found another book and flipped it open. What he saw when he opened it made him his eyes go wide as Aj looked over his shoulder to see the whole town full of people

"What's the matter Matt?" Aj asked looking at the picture
"The girl in the middle.... That's the girl i saw" Matt said pointing to the girl. Aj got a better look at the girl, She was wearing a white dress and her black hair was kinda short as she was walking to the building they were in "I hate this night" Matt said placing the book back "Alright, I'm never picking up a book again"

Aj just chuckled as she she walked towards the next room with Matt following her
Matt heard a crack he looked up but instead of seeing the ceiling coming down him but he saw it getting smaller as he felt his whole body slam hard into the ground

"MATT!?" He heard Aj yell as he saw her looking down at him "ARE YOU OKAY!?"
Matt found his flashlight and shined it around looking around the room"Yeah i'm fine, My butt broke the fall" Matt looked up at Aj "See if you can find some stairs"

"Will do!" Aj disappeared as Matt looked around the room and notice something strange in front of him
"What is th-"
Applejacks (P.O.V)

Ah found the door to ta stairs. Ah called out to Betty and Dani and they followed me down the stairs
We made our way down the stairs and looked around the basement "Matt! Where ya at?" Ah called out as i looked around. I found the hole he fell through and saw his flashlight on the ground "Matt! This isn't funny!" I yelled. I wasn't goin' to let him scare me

I waited for him to come out of hiding but i didn't hear a word. I bent down and took his flashlight, I looked to see a hole inside the side of the basement and i notice red eyes. I shined my light inside the hole to see the eyes disappeared. Something told me Matt wasn't behind those eyes

Dani and Betty were walkin' up to me as the too notice the hole in the wall "Is that Matt's flashlight?" Dani asked
"Ah found it on the ground pointing to that hole in the wall" Ah said looking at Dani
"I don't think Matt would go inside there without his flashlight" Betty said as she shined her light into the hole "I think we should go and get help"

"You two can go get help, I'm goin' ta go in there and get Matt back" Ah said as i moved towards the hole in the wall
"Betty, Go get help, I'll stay with Aj" I heard Dani say to Betty.

Ah heard a strange noise coming outside somewhere outside. I paid no mind to it
"Alright" I could hear Betty take off running as i made my way inside the hole
"Ya don't have ta come with me" I said to Dani as we moved through the hole
"Matt wouldn't want us to let you go into a strange hole in the wall alone" Dani said as we both reached the end of the hole and came into what looked like a mine shaft

"Ah think we found a mine shaft" Ah said as i jumped down and looked around. I heard Dani jump down
"We should go this way" Dani said pointing down the mineshaft
"Alright" We walked down the mine shaft following the mine cart tracks
We walked for a few miles in the mine and we found ourselves looking down three tunnels
"Which way now?" Dani asked looking down the tunnels

Ah bent down looking at the ground tryin' to find tracks but couldn't find any "Ah don't know" I looked down the tunnel down my right and notice a light flash down there "Down here"
We walked down the right tunnel

We found ourselves towards the end of the tunnel and there was a wooden door
"Maybe we should go back" Dani said gettin' scared

"You can go back, I'm goin' in" Ah said walking towards the door
Ah could could tell Dani wasn't going to go back to alone

I opened the door to see a desk with a candle lite. I thought this was strange as i looked around the room seeing if Matt was close
I walked up to the desk and notice a piece of paper on the desk. I picked it up and read the piece of paper

"I'm the last man alive. I should have known, She would make me suffer worst then the townspeople. After all, I'm the one who found her in. All she wanted was to be left alone and we used her to fill these mines with gold. I thought we could always be able to use her to keep our town alive. I'm a fool for even thinking i could control her. I pray for those who find this letter to run and don't look back, If you see her... Run. If your friends or family go missing don't look for them, You'll never find them or even see them again. I write this as a warning to anyone who comes into these mines. Please, Leave and never return...... I can hear her comin...................."

I couldn't believe what i read. It couldn't be true.. I will find Matt at any cost
We both hear some yelling and we quickly rushed out of the little building and made our way back where we came from
"Please be alright Matt" I thought as we ran
(Matt's P.O.V)

My head was pounding as i slowly opened my eyes. I saw some candles lite as i looked around the room
"You shouldn't have come Matthew" I heard the female voice say

"W-Where am i?" I asked trying to get out of whatever i was being held to
"I gave you a warning to run, I gave you a chance to live. Now" I notice the girl that was in the picture and the girl that told me to run standing there in front of me "You shall forever remain here"

"Y-You can't keep me here! I have friends and family i need to be with!" I yelled as i felt the chains on my arms pull me closer to the wall

"You had your chance to be with them" She came closer to me "You have made your choice. You shall remain here with me"
I fought the chains as i used all of my strength to pull the chains, They slowly began to move as i go to my feet "I'm not going to remain here! I have people that need me! I have someone i care for! I need to be there for!" I closed my eyes as i pulled harder on the chains. as i pulled the chains i saw Aj smiling and i knew i needed to get out of here and get everyone out of this town "I'M NOT GOING TO LET HER DOWN!"

She laughed "You can't break those chains"
The chains started to crack as i pulled harder on the chains
Her eyes began to widen as i pulled "Even if you break those chains, You'll never find your way out! It's a maze"

"I'll find my way out!" The chains snapped and i fell to the ground as she laughed

"Good luck then!" She faded away as i got to my feet
I looked around and found my bag i had as i made my way into the mine "Hold on Applejack, I'm getting out of here"

To Be Continued

Author's Note:

Chapter 9 done. Enjoy

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