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Welcome To Apple Paradise - Phantom Writer

A young man named Matthew has a great business, Great friends, What more could he asked for. Well Matthew is about to get a surprise of his life when his friend brings to his house a strange girl, that was out in the snow. Can he help her home?

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Chapter 11 Day Three

Chapter 11. Day Three
Matt was up bright and early as he looked at the old town. He couldn't believe what had happened last night

Matt notice Sarah and her two friends walking towards his horse Sam "What are they up to?"

"You two hold her while i get onto her back" Sarah said to the girls "Once Matt sees i can ride this horse he'll love me"

"I should stop them" Matt took a sip of his hot chocolate "I'll stop them after this cup of hot chocolate"

The two girls took the rope that was hanging on her side so Sarah could clime on "We got her!' They both said

"Good, Now don't let her buck me off" Sarah climbed onto Sam

"Three... Two... One" Matt took another sip of his hot chocolate as Sam bucked Sarah off her back

Sarah was sent flying into the air along with the two girls "Team Sarah is blasting off again" Matt thought as they all landed into the river "I forgot how strong Sam was"

"What's with all the yelling?" Frank asked getting out if his tent

"Just your girlfriend trying to learn to fly" Was all Matt said as he watched the girls walk out of the cold river "You might want to get them dried off"

Frank rushed towards the three girls as Matt placed his cup down and started loading up the wagons

"YOUR HORSE IS CRAZY!" Sarah yelled at Matt

Matt just chuckled as he gave Sam a apple "Good girl" He whispered to her as she ate the apple
Once everyone was awake they started moving on there marry way

"What was with that strange light that came out of the mountain?" Dani asked

"Might have been someone messing with some giant lights"

"All the way out here?" Betty said

"It's in the middle of no where, They could do whatever they wanted with out scaring people" Matt said as he kept his eyes on the road "Now, How about we drop the light and both of you take a look at the lake"

Aj looked out onto the lake as did Betty and Dani

They saw ducks and swans swimming around "I didn't think swans come up here?"

"That lake is called swan lake"

"Please tell me there isn't any singing" Betty said

Matt chuckled "Oh there is singing! But it's done by the ducks"

Betty rolled her eyes as she sat back and closed her eyes

After about four miles they came to the next camp site

Everyone was in awe. In front of them all was a giant cliff with a beautiful water fall

A tiny rainbow could be seen as the water poured down into the river that went to the lake

"This place is beautiful" Aj said in awe

"It's called The Valley Of Color"

"Why is it called that?" Dani asked

"When the sun hits these cliffs just right the light and water create these rainbows" Matt jumped off the wagon and unhooked Sam from the wagon and let her go do whatever as he moved towards the back to unload the wagon "Now i want everyone to make sure all trash is kept in the wagons, If i find garbed anywhere people will be getting hurt, Understand" He said to everyone

They all nodded as they were unloading their wagons
Applejack's (P.O.V)

Ah watched as Matt jumped off the cliff yellin' "CANNON BALL!" Ah chuckled as he landed in the water getting everyone near him all wet

"He's such a dork" Ah thought to myself as ah watched him swim around in the water

Ah sat in my chair relaxing, Felling the nice ray's of the sun pour on my skin

Ah notice Sarah walking towards the cliff in her bikini

"What's she up to now?" Ah thought

"Oh Matt! Mind if i join you?" Sarah said with a smile

Matt got out of the water and grabbed his towel "It's all yours" He said walking towards me and joining me "Mind if i join you?"

"Sure" Ah said with a smile. Ah closed my eyes as i let the suns rays relax me. I was surprise to feel my body get lifted off the chair and my eyes open ta see Matt picking me up as he laid down with me still in his arms "What do ya think ya doin'?" Ah asked

"I thought we could both relax" He said with a stupid grin

"I gotta love him" Ah relaxed in his arms as ah felt the sun rays

After some time, Sarah was hanging out with her friends and Matt dragged me to the little lake near the cliff and made me go swimmin' with him

"See, Nice and relaxing" He said floating in the water

"Ya such a dork" Ah splashed him

He chuckled "Oh, You want to play that game now do ya?" He ducked under the water

"Matt! Don't ya dar-" Ah felt Him pull me under the water

He had a big grin as he pulled me close and kissed me under water

Ah kissed his back. I notice something shiny in the water as Matt pulled away from me. Ah swam passed him and made my way towards the shinny object

Ah moved the dirt away from the shinny thing, Ah pulled it out of the dirt and brought it back to the surface
Matt wasn't to far behind me "What did you find?"

Ah removed the rest of the dirt and notice it was a necklace "Wait... Is this... It can't be"

Ah felt Matt moved over towards me and looked at the necklace "What's wrong?"

Ah looked at Matt "It's Celestia's cutie mark" Ah said showing him the Princess's cutie mark that was hooked to the necklace

Matt took it and looked at it "Are you sure? It looks like a normal sun necklace"

"It's her's, Ah know it's her's" Ah took it from him

"Well if your sure it's hers then that means she was here at one point and someone knew about her" Matt looked at the cliff "Maybe these cliffs have more hidden in it"

Ah looked at the cliff and notice the rainbow "Maybe"
Normal (P.O.V)


Matt held his flashlight in his hands as he search around the cliff looking for clues to why Celestia might have been here

Aj was by the lake looking around the shore for clues. Matt made his way under the waterfall and notice a cave "Mmm, You can't really see it with the water fall in the way" Matt said out loud as he made his way inside

Matt was in awe as he notice all the cave paintings on the wall "Well... I think i found a clue" Matt made his way towards the walls and notice the pictures were telling a story

"So the natives of this land would bring there soon to be men who would soon be of age to go on a journey to these caves to speak with a sun goddess about how they could find who they truly were. She would also teach them how to grow crops and how to build homes, She would teach the little kids about friendship. Mmmm. This is strange" Matt looked closely at the paintings "Each one shows her when there is a solar or lunar eclipse... Maybe that's how she was able to open a portal to this world" Matt pulled out his camera as he took some pictures

After he took the pictures he made his way deeper into the cave

He looked around and notice more painting of Celestia as he took more pictures. He made it to the end of the cave and he notice a giant crystal in the caves wall "Well... Aj did say Twilight went to world kinda like ours by using a mirror" He walked over to it as he placed his hand on it but his hand didn't go through "Must be closed" He notice some more paintings around the crystal and he took of them.

After Matt finished taking pictures he made his way back to the entrance

He walked out to see Aj still by the lake. He made his way down to her "You won't believe what i found" He pulled out his camera "Your Princess was here"

Aj looked over the pictures "Where did you find these?" She asked looking at Matt

"I found them inside the cave that is behind the waterfall" He looked at her "I think your princess was teaching the natives here how to grow food and homes and how friendship could be useful"

"Does it say how she got here?"

"Only thing i could find on that was a crystal and i think it can only be open by a solar or lunar eclipse"

"And you don't know when one of those will happen do you?

"No but i can look it up on the computer at home when we get back" He said with a smile. He looked at the necklace
Applejack's (P.O.V)

Matt and I were up bright and early looking over some of the books Matt had brought up here

"Well, I can't find anything on the cave in these history books but i did find a reference to a sun goddess being here" Matt said turning the book around to show me

Ah looked at the book "And she came from the water with grace and kindness, She brought joy to out land drying hard times" Ah looked up at him "And what does this have to do with Celestia?"

"They waterfall has a cave behind it with paintings of Celestia and a crystal that allows her to come to this world, This little reference to her coming out of the water with grace and kindness" He closed the book "Now we just have to wait for an eclipse"

Ah looked at the waterfall "Do ah really want to go back so soon?"

"You okay?" Ah looked back at Matt who was worried about me

"Yeah... I'm fine" Ah lied

"I know your lying" He said as he placed his hand on my hand "If there is something wrong please tell me"

"I hate it when he's so nice like this!" Ah looked into his eyes "It's nothing"

"Alright" He removed his hand from mine "You can tell me when your good and ready, But just know, I'm here for you" He said with a smile

Later that day Matt and I were swimming around the lake to see if we could find anymore necklaces or anything else that might point to Celestia being here

Ah came back up for air as ah notice Sarah walking towards the lake in a bikini.

"Oh hey Aj! Hope you don't mine me swimming with you guys" She said getting into the water

"Celestia help me not to kill her" Ah felt Matt come up behind me "Look what i found"

Ah looked and saw he found some kind of small little metal box "Where did ya find that at?"

"Found it behind some rocks near a small live cave down here" He placed it on the shore "I wonder what's inside it"

"Did you find some pirate treasure?" Sarah swimming over to us

"Pirate were no where near here" He said as he looked at the lock "But it might be treasure that someone was wanting to hide" He pulled out a rock from out of the water as he slammed it onto the lock a few times till it broke "There we go" He opened the box "It's a book" He pulled out the book

"Why would someone put a stupid book into a lake?" Sarah asked getting closer to Matt

Ah didn't like her getting that close to Matt "This book might old some secrets that someone didn't want anyone to read"

"Then maybe you should put it back" She said getting even closer

Ah was bout to yelled at her when Matt placed the book back in the box and got out of the water "I'm going to put the book in the wagon, I'll be back Aj"

Sarah huffed "If you want to keep ya teeth stay away from Matt"

"Just face it, I'm right for him" She said whipping back her hair

Ah was about to jump at her and drown her when ah saw Frank came running and jumped into the water yelling "CANNON BALL!"

He soaked us, Ah giggled Sarah yelled at Frank for getting her wet

Matt came back "Frank! That's not how you do a cannon ball!" He said running and he jumped into the water making a bigger splash then Frank

"WILL YOU TWO STOP THAT!" Sarah yelled "I didn't want to hair wet!"

"Then why did you come swimming?" Ah asked "If you didn't come here to swim then expect your hair to get wet"

She glared at me as she swam away

Ah glared at her as ah felt Matt come up behind me and held onto me tight and kissed my cheek "Don't let her bother you, She's just trying to get on your nerves"

"It's working" Ah said as i felt his nice strong arms hold me tight "Ah could just melt right now"

"How about we just forget about her and enjoy the rest of the day together" Ah turned my head and smiled as i kissed his lips "He just knows how ta cheer me up"

We spent the whole day swimming and hanging out with Dani and Betty and his dad

Ah found myself alone with his dad

"He really loves you" He said out of know where

Ah blushed "Y-Yeah... And i really love him"

He had a smile on his face "You remind me alot of my wife Aj, She was a strong and beautiful women"

My cheeks got even redder "T-Thanks"

Matt came walking over with some water for us as we talked about his farm. Matt had a smile

Later that day when the sun was going down and the moon slowly coming up to single everyone night would soon be coming

Matt started a fire and we all were cooking s'mores. Matt went to go get some more chocolate for everyone and that's when ah heard him yelled "DAD!"

Ah looked to see his dad on the ground and Matt digging around in his bag

"Oh no" Ah rushed towards him as he pulled out a phone "He's not breathing"
To Be Continued

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