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Welcome To Apple Paradise - Phantom Writer

A young man named Matthew has a great business, Great friends, What more could he asked for. Well Matthew is about to get a surprise of his life when his friend brings to his house a strange girl, that was out in the snow. Can he help her home?

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Chapter 10 Day Two Part 3

Chapter 10. Day Two Part 3
Normal (P.O.V)

Applejack and Dani found what made the screaming noise. They saw Sarah and Frank and a man wearing a bowtie standing there with a strange glowing green stick

"What's with the screaming?" Dani asked

"He scared us!" Frank said pointing to the man

"You're the one that fell out of the hole and scared yourself" He said looking at everyone "Wait..." He walked up to Aj "You're not from around here are you?" He asked giving her strange looks

"Whatcha talkin' about?" She tried to lie. She was failing big time

The man aimed his little stick and the green light came to life as he ran it up and down then he looked at it "Hmm, I'm right! You aren't from around here!" He looked back at her "What universe are you from?" He asked getting excited

Aj blinked a few times "Ah have no clue whatcha talking about"

"Oh don't lie to me! The sonic never lies" He said with a smile "Come one. Tell me where you came from"

Everyone was looking at her and the man as she tried to come up with a lie. "I'm the element of Honesty! I shouldn't be lying!"

They kept looking at her as sweat slowly

There was a loud scream which helped get everyone off Aj

They all took off running towards the scream

What they saw was Betty being dragged by a dark figure

The man rushed over to the figure using his sonic stick on the figure making it scream as it faded away. He bent down and used his stick on her "She seems to be fine. But her mind is in some kind of deep sleep"

"What does that mean?" Dani asked worried about her cousin

"Whatever that thing was. It wants her in a very deep sleep" He said looking at his stick

"Who are ya?" Aj asked

"I'm The Doctor!" He said with a smile "Now, What is a bunch of teens doing down here in these old mines?"

"My boyfriend is down here somewhere and i'm trying to find him" Aj said looking at the Doctor

"Well my dear, If he's down here. He's dead" He said getting surprised

Aj got angry "He's not dead! He's alive!"

The Doctor just stood there "Listen, Whatever is bring people down here are using them for food or fuel for something" He said as he looked down the mine shaft. He looked back at him "If he is alive he'll be somewhere down there"

Aj walked passed him. She's a girl on a mission

The Doctor looked at the other three teens in the mine "You three should be alright. Take her back to your camp and keep a close eye on her" He said catching up with Aj

"You know it's not safe going alone right?" He said looking at her

"I can take care of myself" She said keeping her eyes on the path
Matt slowly made his way through the mine. His flashlight shining around the mine

As he walked he noticed the girl standing in front of him again "It's funny. You think you'll be able to leave these mines" She said as he walked passed her

"It's funny how you think i'm staying here" He said back to her as he made his way down another path

She appeared next to him and floated along side him "Your stuck here. Your mine forever"

Matt stopped in his track "Listen. I have someone i wish to see again. I will do whatever it takes to see her again" He could see she had a small smile on her face

"She must mean alot to you?" She said

"Yes. She's my world" He started to move again

"Why does she mean the world to you?" She asked still floating around her

He kept walking "Ever since she came into my life... I can't see living my life without her" He said keeping his eye on the prize
The Doctor followed Aj through the mine

"You never did answer my question" He said looking at her

"I'm still not gonna answer it" She said not looking at him

"Come on. We're alone" He said with a smile

She stopped and looked at him "Yes, I'm from a different universe"

"How did you get here? Ship?" He asked

"My friend... She sent me here by accident. Matt's friend Amber found me and brought me to him and he took care of me" She looked down the tunnel "And i'm not going to let him stay down here by himself" She began to move

"Well, Good to know your not here to eat people" He said chuckling

They finally found themselves looking at a big metal door

"That's strange" The Doctor said as he used his sonic screwdriver on the door

"What is that thing ya usin'?" Aj asked

"It's a sonic screwdriver" He said as the door opened up "Shall we?"

Aj followed him inside

Aj notice how the inside of looked like a spaceship. She had a flashback to movie night with Matt and they were watching Star Wars Return Of The Jedi

"It would seem we found a ship" The Doctor said as he found the control room

"How in tarnation did a ship get down here?" Aj asked

"Might have crashed down here" He was using his sonic screwdriver trying to get the controls to light back up

"And what are ya doing?" She ask looking at him

"I'm trying to get power back to the controls to see if i can access the data files" He said crawling under the controls and pulling out some wires

Aj walked away from him as she looked down the rooms. As she walked she smelt something that smelt bad. She couldn't put her finger on it.

She felt something bump her foot and she looked to see a skull. She jumped back "I guess ah know what that smell is now" She said to herself as she kept walking

She opened the door and looked inside to see lights shinning on Matt who was laying on a table with wires hooked up to his body

She rushed over to him trying to figure out what these wires were doing to him "Come on sugar cube, Wake up" She said shaking him "Come on! Wake up!"
The Doctor got up off the floor and hit a switch and the controls came to life

"And that's how you do it" He said looking over where Aj use to be "And she's gone... Why do people always wonder off on me" He said looking back at the controls and pulling up files

"Oh... This isn't good!" He rushed out of the control room and went looking for Aj
Aj heard a noise behind her

"You must be the girl he loves" Said a female voice

Aj looked to see the girl from the picture standing there "Let him go!"

She just looked at Aj "He's mine now"

Applejack glared at the girl

Matt fell to the ground gripping his head

"You need to use the elements Matthew" Said a female voice inside Matt's head

"W-What are you talking about?" Matt said out loud still gripping his head

"Awaken the elements inside you and help Applejack"

"What elements? And what's happening to Applejack?" Matt asked the voice

"Applejack needs you. Open your eyes and allow the elements to help you and her"

Matt tried to open his eyes but couldn't "I-I can't open them!"

"Just relax and open your eyes" He slowly opened his eyes to see wires hooked to his body and Aj being held by the neck to the wall

That's when Matt felt a strange power come over him and soon he felt the energy flow through his body

Aj felt her element calling to her. Aj felt another strange power coming from Matt

She couldn't couldn't figure out where this power was coming from but she knew she could use her element to stop this girl from killing her

The girl slowly backed off as she watched her body glow bright orange

She aimed her hand towards the girl as the orange light came flying out of her hand and surrounding the girl in an orange light

There was a very bright light as the girl let out a scream

When the light faded Aj fell to the ground out cold as the girl stood there

She looked over at Matt who was back to sleep
Inside Matt's Mind

Matt looked around the white room

"Wait... Wasn't i inside a mine?" Matt asked out loud

"You were" Said a female voice

Matt looked behind him to see the girl from the photo "Where did you put me?"

"I didn't put you anywhere" She said looking at him "My system is rebooting. So your mind is blank"

"What do you mean your rebooting?"

"I'm a computer program created to bring dead planets back to life. They named me Elizabeth"

"Well this planet isn't dead"

"I know. Something happened to my ship causing me to become confused. When my ship landed into the mountain i couldn't get my ship back online and soon my system became corrupted, I soon lost control of myself. Then one day a man found me and tried to control me, He thought i was a God but in reality i was just a computer. The man wouldn't let me be left alone and soon my anger grew and i took it out on the towns people. The people that lived in the town are in stasis pods"

Matt scratched his head "Um... So the town's people are still alive? Why keep them alive?"

"Even with my system corrupted i still couldn't kill them, They still believe they are living in the town"

"Why did you still use the town's people to haunt the town?"

"To keep people like you away, But now. I'm setting you free"


"So you may be with her. She fought for her and you fought for her" She had a small smile on her face

"What about the town's people?"

"I will find a nice place for them to live so they won't have to adapt to your world" She walked up to Matt and placed a hand onto her cheek "Now, Be with her"

Matt felt his mind slowly fade as he felt his body awake

The Doctor came running

"WAIT!... Oh... You must have figured it out" The Doctor notice Aj on the ground asleep and he notice a young man picking up Aj "You must be her boyfriend"

"Yes, And you are?" Matt asked as he held Aj in his arms as he walked up towards Aj

"I'm the Doctor!" He said with a smile "Are you the one that fixed her programing?"

"... Oh yeah i fixed that" Matt said walking passed the Doctor "You might want to get off the ship. She's planning on leaving and you might get stuck aboard her ship"

The Doctor looked at Matt as he walked down the hall

"She's doing what now?"

"She's going to take off and leave this planet, She's taking the town's people to a new planet so they won't have to adapt to this world" Matt said as he kept walking

The Doctor ran up towards Matt "She told you this?"


Matt walked out of the exit of the ship as the Doctor was close behind

The ship started to shake and a bright light started to glow around the ship as Matt and the Doctor took off running as the earth began to shake

They made it just outside of the mine as they saw the ship break out of the ground and the mine closing up as it took off into the sky

"Well, My job here is done" The Doctor said walking away

Matt wanted to ask what he meant by job but pushed it off as he watched the Doctor walk away from him, He looked down at the sleeping girl in his arms as he slowly made his way back to camp

Matt had a hard time trying to explain what happened tonight yet in the end everyone just dropped what happened and got ready for some sleep
Matt sat by the fire as everyone slept.

"You have been doing a good job in watching over Applejack" Said a female voice

Matt jumped onto his feet to see a women standing behind him. Matt looked the girl up and down and notice a few things odd about the girl. The first thing Matt notice was her hair, It was bright and dark blue as he also notice the stars inside her hair

"Um... Who are you?"

"My name is Princess Luna, You may call me Luna" She said with a smile "I've came to speak with you about what has happened here tonight"

"Wait! You're the voice i heard. You told me to use my elements"

"Yes, Your elements helped Applejacks element to be used" Luna said to him

"When you said 'Your element' Do you mean just Applejacks element?"

"No, I meant you're Matthew" She said as three little lights appeared around Matt "These three element have chosen you, Love, Courage, Hope"

"Why did they chose me? What makes me special?"

"Why they have chosen you i do not know why, All i know is they have chosen you for a reason" Luna said as the little lights faded away

"Wait... How are you even here?"

"I'm inside your dream"

"Again with people entering my mind" Matt sat down on the log "So you can enter people's dreams?"

"Yes, That is how i can speak with you"

"So why haven't you tried speaking with Aj?"

"Your letter" She held up a letter "This letter told me not to speak with Aj, Something to do with time and space"

"I don't remember ever writing a letter to you"

"You'll write one just not anytime soon. Now i must be off" She looked over at the tent "Before i go please do not speak of anything i have told you to Applejack, You must keep this a secret till you write this letter" She started to fade "Make sure you keep her safe"

Matt watched as she faded away
Matt jumped up from his sleep due to Aj shaking him awake "What... What's going on?" Matt asked Aj

"You fell asleep outside"

Matt looked at Aj and smiled "Oh, I must have been really tired if i feel asleep out here"

"Let's get you into bed" She helped Matt up as they made their way into the tent to get ready for bed
To Be Continued

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