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Welcome To Apple Paradise - Phantom Writer

A young man named Matthew has a great business, Great friends, What more could he asked for. Well Matthew is about to get a surprise of his life when his friend brings to his house a strange girl, that was out in the snow. Can he help her home?

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Chapter 7. Day 1

Chapter 7, Day 1

(Normal Point Of View)

Matt was busy working on his wagan's for an upcoming camping trip, All the teenanger's were going on it while the adults stayed at the house.

Applejack was petting the horses Sam, Applejack notice three girls talking to themselves not paying attention to who they were walking by.

"Matt is hot! He's everything i'm looking for in a guy" Said the redhead girl. Applejack glared at her "I'm thinking about breaking up with Frank and asking Matt out"

"I thought he was dating that one girl... Aj?" The blue hair girl said
"Once he see's me he'll dump her for me" She said with a grin "This camping trip will be my chance"
Applejack went to go yelled at them but Sam pulled on her shirt. She looked at Sam glaring at her
She then notice Matt walking out if the barn and making his way towards her, She had a smile on her face as he walked up to her and kissed the side of her cheek "How's my two favorite girls doing today?" He asked

She chuckled as Sam nipt at his shirt "We're doing good" Aj said with a smile as she blushed
"That's good, I fixed up the wagan's, All we have to do now is start loading up and setting up the horses" He said patting Sam's head. "This camping trips going to be fun"

Aj notice the girl was standing by the gate watching the two, She glared at her "What's wrong?" Matt asked looking at her
"She's what's wrong"

Matt looked over at the girl "Sarah? What's wrong with her?"
"She's planning on stealing you from me" Aj said looking back at Matt
Matt chuckled "She'll need a love potion to get me to even to get me to even date her" He said looking back at Aj
"They make those here!?" She said going wide eye

Matt couldn't help but chuckle "No, They don't make those. Well i can't say they don't, People try to but they never work" He looked back over at Sarah "If she's planning on trying to break us up i'll tell Frank before we leave so he knows" He looked back at Aj and gave her a light kiss on the lips "I have to go get something ready"
She smiled as he left her alone with Sam.

Later That Day.

Matt had everything loaded in the wagan's and was hitching up the horses.
"Hey Matt!" Frank yelled running towards him "I thought we were riding the horses to the camp site?" He asked
Matt rolled his eyes as he hooked up Sam to his wagan "Not everyone here knows how to ride a horse"
"So!? If they can't ride they can walk!" Frank said

"Frank, If we were on your ranch you can do that, But you're on my farm and were doing it my way" Matt said walking towards the back of the barn getting loading up some sleeping bags and tents.

"Fine, Just let me ride a horse" Franks said. Matt looked to see him unhitching Sam and his eyes went wide.
"FRANK NO!" Matt yelled dropping the tent and rushing towards him. Frank jumped onto Sam's back and Sam bucked him right off making him crash into the wagon.

Frank moaned as he laid there as Sam huffed as she walked away "Frank..... You okay?"
"You need to get rid of that horse" Frank said slowly getting up.

"She doesn't like stranger's just jumping onto her back" Matt said looking over at Sam who was still standing there "Sam be nice to the man, He's not too bright"

Sam just stood there, If Matt knew it she was glaring at Frank.
Frank got up out of the wagon as he glared at Sam "You should give her up"
Matt patted Sam's side "Give her up is like you giving up your gun's, Not going to happen"
Frank walked passed Sam "I'm going to get my stuff together" He said leaving.

He chuckled as he started hooking up Sam again to the wagon "Sometimes i wish you could talk, It would be a lot easier for you to tell people to get away from you" He patted her back as he made his way towards the back as he picked up the tent he dropped and placed it inside the wagon.

When everything was loaded inside the wagon's, Matt brought the horses out with the wagon's. He saw a fight taking place outside with only a few teen's screaming "Fight! Fight! Fight!"
Matt rushed over to see Aj on top of Sarah with on the ground trying to fight.
Matt pulled Aj off Sarah as Sarah was being held back by some other girls

"LET ME AT HER MATT! LET ME AT HER!" Aj yelled trying to break free from Matt's grip
"Calm down Aj" Matt said still holding on to her
Sarah was wiping away some blood from her face.

Matt dragged Aj off into his office, He shut the door and place Aj on a chair as he went for a first aid kit "Mind telling me what happened out there?" He asked bending down and looking at the cuts on her face as he cleaned the blood from her face
"She was calling me names" Aj said trying to not look into his eyes

"And you attacked her because she called you some names? Mind telling me these names?" He asked
"Words that had to do with B and S"

Matt stopped "She called you those words?" He asked shocked.
"Yes, I told her to stop but she wouldn't so..... I punched her in the face and the next thing i know we're fighting on the ground" Aj said as she looked down to the ground.

He placed a hand on her chin raising her head up to look at him "What you did was wrong, But what she did was worst than what you did"

She had a smile on her face as she felt Matt kiss her cheek "So you're not mad that i got into a fight? Are you?"
He chuckled "She had it coming to her, But next time come get me so i can handle it" He place the band aid on her cheek "There, Good as new" He gave her a light kiss on the lips as he helped her onto her feet "Let's get everyone ready to go shall we?"

She giggled as they both left.


Matt made Sarah and her friend ride in the third wagon.

Aj sat in the first wagon with Matt as they started to make there way down the path.
Matt heard a noise and notice his Dad coming down the road riding a horse. "Wait for me!"
Matt almost laughed as he saw his Dad dressed up in a cowboy suit "Dad what are you wearing?"
"The guy at the store said this is what cowboy's wear" He said tipping his hat

"Dad, Cowboy's would never be caught dead wearing that" Matt couldn't believe what he was looking at, His father looked like Marty Mcfly when Doc dress in those stupid cowboy clothes. Matt couldn't believe it. "Dad, Please tell me you have packed regular cloths"

"I did, I just thought i would have a little fun" He said with a smile
"Stay close and don't stray away from the path" Matt said as he watched his Dad get in front of them as they made his way down the path.


They stopped by a lake to set up camp for the night.

"Why are we stopping here? I thought were were heading somewhere awesome?" Frank said jumping down out of the wagon
"Were stopping here for the night, It's a three day trip to where i'm taking you" Matt said jumping down off the wagon "Everyone find a spot you want and start putting your tent's together, I'm going to get dinner ready" Matt pulled out the some pots and pans as he started getting a fire pit ready.

He notice Sarah walking towards the lake "You might not want to go swimming"
"And why not?" She asked taking off her shirt and shorts as she jumped in
Matt placed his hand to his face as he heard her scream "I tried to warn you"
She came out running with leeches on her "AHAAA GET THEM OFF GET THEM OFF!" She yelled as Frank came running over and helped get them off

Aj sat a box down in front of Matt "What happened to Sarah?"
"leeches" Was all Matt said as he started cooking.
Aj sat down next to him "What's the name of the lake?"
"The lake is named leeches field" He said as he flipped a burger "I know you don't like meat so i brought us something good"


When dinner was done everyone started getting ready for bed. Yet Matt and Aj sat by the lake with a small fire going as they talked

Sarah watched as she notice to kid's walk up towards them
"Hey Dani, Hey Betty" Matt said as they sat down "Want some s'mores?"
"Hey!" Dani said with a smile "I love s'mores!" She took it and took a bite

Betty just stayed quiet "You want one Betty?" Matt asked holding one out a s'more
She took it and took a bite, What Matt saw almost made him laugh as she had a big grin on her face "This is good!"
"Glad you like it!" Matt said with a smile "You guy's couldn't sleep?"

"Yeah, Betty saw you two hanging over here and thought we should bug you" Dani said taking a stick and placing a marshmallow on the end and started roasting it

"You guy's came to bug us? Good to know i have such a loving family" Matt said with a smile.
"Well, You're welcome to come bug us anytime" Aj said with a smile.
After about an hour of talking they made their way back to their tents and got ready for bed.

Aj notice the two sleeping bags were connected. She looked at Matt as he pulled off his shirt and placing his hat down on the side of the tent. He looked over at Aj and noticed her staring "Like what you see?" He asked with a smile.
"Maybe" She said pulling him close as she kissed him as they got into their sleeping bags and got ready for a good night sleep.


Sarah walked along the wagon's as she looked for something.

Sam notice this as she was snacking on some grass for a late night snack and she walked over to her.
Sarah tried to get rid of her but it fail as Sam knocked her down, Sarah landed on a board that just so happen to be on a rock, Sam walked over while Sarah tried to figure out what just happened. Sam raised her front legs and slammed them down onto the board making Sarah fly into the air and land in the lake.

Everyone was awoken by the sound of Sarah screaming.
After Frank took care of Sarah everyone tried to get some sleep.


To Be Continued

Author's Note:

Hope you all enjoy this chapter :)

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