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Welcome To Apple Paradise - Phantom Writer

A young man named Matthew has a great business, Great friends, What more could he asked for. Well Matthew is about to get a surprise of his life when his friend brings to his house a strange girl, that was out in the snow. Can he help her home?

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Chapter 8. Day Two Part 1

Chapter 8. Day Two Part 1


(Normal Point Of View)

Matt was up bright and early as he sat by the lake with a cup of hot chocolate in his hand as he watched the fish jump out of the water to eat the bugs as the birds flew around chipping.

Matt heard footsteps and looked behind him to see his Dad walking over wearing some normal clothes.
"Morning, Coffee?" Matt asked holding up a thermos "I made a pot just for you"
He smiled as he took a seat next to Matt "Thanks for allow me to come along"
"Anytime Dad" Matt took a sip of his hot chocolate as he watched the sun slowly get higher into the sky "Please tell me you destroyed that stupid costume?"

"I buried it somewhere out here in the woods" He said taking sip
"Good" Matt looked off at the lake "We'll need to start waking everyone up and get them ready to leave if we want to get to the next camp site by nightfall"

"What's the next camp site?" Sam asked as he looked at his son
"Next campsite is at an old abandoned town"

"Wait? We're going to an old abandoned town?" Sam asked shocked "Is it haunted?"
Matt chuckled "Yeah, It's hunted, I've seen it with my own eyes" Matt stood "Alright, Let's get everyone ready to go"
"HOLD IT! You're going to tell me what you mean about you've seen it!?" Sam said almost shouting
"When we get there i'll tell everyone the story, Okay?" Matt said looking at his dad
"Fine" He said crossing his arms "Let's get everyone up"


It took some time as they got everyone up

Matt walked inside his tent to see Aj still sound asleep. "First time she's slept in" He bent down and kissed her cheek "Wake up sleepy head, You don't want to get left behind now do you?"

She mumbled something that Matt didn't could make out as she rolled over "Come on" Matt said giving her a little shake "Wakie Wakie eggs and cakie"

She mumbled again and this time Matt caught it "Matt stop kissin' me there" She rolled over again and Matt face heated up as his eyes went wide "What in he world is she dreaming about!?" Matt thought as he moved a strand of hair away from her face as he gave her a light shake again "Come one wake up. I know you're having a good dream but you need to get up"

Aj opened her eyes to see Matt standing there "What time is it?" She asked slowly getting up
"Almost nine"
Aj's eyes went wide "Why didn't you wake me up sooner!?" Aj said slugging him in the arm as she moved around the tent looking for her bag with clothes

"I was letting you sleep in" Mat said as he watched her dig in her bag "Breakfast is ready and were now waking everyone up. We'll be needing to get going if we want to make it to the next campsite before nightfall" Matt made his way towards the exit of the tent "I'll let you get dress"
"Thanks" Aj said as she watched Matt leave


Matt notice Sarah was talking with Frank
"No you listen here! you're going to go to that lake and get me some water so i can take shower!" Sarah almost yelled
Matt just chuckled to himself as he saw Frank walk to the lake with a bucket as he fected her some water "He'll never learn" Matt watched as the rest of the teen's ate and talking to each other

"Okay everyone" Matt said making sure all eyes were on him "Once breakfast is done we will need to get moving, We need to be at the next campsite before nightfall"
"Why?" Dani asked

"Yeah, Why?" Betty butted in
"Because the horses won't go through the town at night" Matt notice this got them wondering what he meant
"What town?" Sarah asked walking up behind Matt
"It's an old gold mining town. There's a dark history to the town" Matt said still looking at the group "Now before you ask, Why the horses won't cross, I'll inform you all once we get there"

This made the group pig out as they quickly rushed to pack their things
Mat chuckled as he watched them rush


Hours passed and Matt was happy to see the old mining town just in view, This is when Matt stopped the wagon's "Alright, Everyone start setting up camp!" Matt yelled a he jumped off his wagon
"Why are we stopping' here?" Aj asked

Matt looked up at her "You'll find out" Matt made his way towards the back and started unloading the wagon
Once camp was set up and the moon started to raise as the sun began to set
Matt had a fire going as he sat there just sitting there all calm

Everyone quickly rushed towards him as he looked at them all "Okay, Are you going to tell us why we outside the town?" Matt's dad asked

Matt chuckled "This town was known for it's gold, Back in 1885 a small family moved here and found a mountie just a few miles away from this river bank" Matt through another log on the fire and the fire grew a little higher "So, They hired people to dig into the mountain and a town was built just for the miner's, The town is called, Gold Valley. The town was overwhelmed with gold and the town's people were happy, But that all changed when people started going missing in the mines. Then the people in the town....... Only person left was a man, His mind shattered as he shaked back and forth muttering something about a darkness. He was taken away and the town was abandoned. To this day no one has ever found out what really happened here"

"That's a lame story" Said a kid

"Oh, But the story isn't done yet" Matt said "For you see, Something happened to me here. I was coming up here with Sam" Sam who was eating grass nearby raised her head looking at Matt "I kept hearing about this place so i came, I thought it was all a joke. Yet, When i got here i found this town just sitting here, I slept in the middle of town on a night just like this as Sam ate her grass. I was sound asleep when i started hearing strange noises, Like kids playing and adults talking, I thought people were coming through so i paid them no mind. As the nights went on the noises got stranger, People screaming and crying. I rushed out of tent to find no one was there. I searched around and couldn't find anyone. So i made my way back to my tent to see it folded up along with my stuff in a nice pile" Matt notice them staring at him "I was shocked, So i pulled out my flashlight and looked around the buildings to find anyone who might be messing with me. That's when i saw her, This girl covered in what i pray was ketchup, She was just standing there, I went to speak when she turned around and said 'Leave this place or pay the price!' She then faded away and i notice two men walking into the room with old school guns, I could see right through them as i slowly backed away" The sounds of the birds and bugs were gone and replaced with silence
"They fired at me as i rushed outside to see Sam kicking at these spirits as i jumped onto her back and rode off to this spot. I stopped to look and i saw the girl standing just outside the town looking at me as her eyes began to glow a bright red and she let out this blood curdling scream that sent me and Sam running back home. To this day i haven't stayed in the town, But if you wish to go into the town, Please, Take someone with you, Tell someone you're going in and most of all, If she tells you to run, Run" There was a loud scream that came from the town that made everyone else scream

They looked at Matt who just sat there looking at them "Enter, At your own risk"
Aj looked at the town with shock as she couldn't believe what Matt had told them
"Wait? You're not joking?" Dani asked

Matt just looked at her "Does it look like i'm joking" They notice the other horses staying near the wagon's "There are flashlights in the bags if you want to go to the town, But as i said, Run if she tells you too"
Everyone ran towards the wagon's as they fected there flashlights

Dani ran over to Matt "Can you come into the town with us?" Dani asked
Matt rubbed his neck "Sorry, This scaredy cat isn't going back in that town"
Aj chuckled "Not even if i ask you to come with us?" She asked battering her eyes
"You can handle yourself out there" Matt said standing his ground

"Do you want to sleep alone tonight?" Aj asked glaring at him
Matt lowered his head, He knew he had lost "Fine! I'll go with you three"
Dani smiled as Betty walked over holding a cross "I'm ready"
"Um... Salt would be better to use against ghosts" Matt said tossing her a salt bag
"And you now this how?" Dani asked

"Supernatural" Matt said standing up "Only thing i don't know is how to load salt into shells so i can just shoot them but these will do"
"You really weren't joking" Aj said looking at him
"If this was a joke you would see me laughing at you all" Matt said as the four made their way into town, Matt looked back to see the rest of the teens walking down the path as he notice his dad sitting by the fire as he was going to relax

Matt looked at the town as he knew this was the worst idea he had and yet here he was bring teens into the woods with ghosts "This is the worst idea, In the history of worst idea's" Matt thought as he followed the girls into town


To Be Continued

Author's Note:

I know this is a short chapter. But do not worry, A longer chapter will be coming out soon

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