• Published 13th Mar 2013
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Welcome To Apple Paradise - Phantom Writer

A young man named Matthew has a great business, Great friends, What more could he asked for. Well Matthew is about to get a surprise of his life when his friend brings to his house a strange girl, that was out in the snow. Can he help her home?

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Chapter 2, Dinner. Fight!

Chapter 2, Dinner. Fight!

I waited down stairs for Aj to finish getting dress, I looked at the small mirror. I hated wearing a tux
I fixed my tie, I heard a noise from the stairs, I looked and saw Aj standing on top of the stairs, Her hair was braided, She was wearing a beautiful green dress. I felt the air leave my lungs as i watched her slowly walk down the stairs

"Do i look good?" She asked with a smile
The air slowly returned to my lungs "You look beautiful" I could feel my heart raced as her smile grew
A knock came to the door, I turned around and opened the door to see Amber and Jack standing there "Ready to go!?" Amber said in her cheery voice

"Were ready" I said as me and Aj followed Amber and Jack to their car
I opened the back door for Aj letting her into the car first. I walked around the car to my side of the car and we were off to whatever fancy restaurant her father booked for us to eat at
Amber and Aj were chatting it up while me and Jack stayed quite
I was happy to finally to be able to get out of the car, Don't get me wrong, I love Amber like a sister but when she get's to talking you never hear the end of it, I made a joke to Jack once about it, I said the military should have just sent her over to Iraq, They would have given up

I opened the door up for Aj letting her out of the car, We made our way into the restaurant
"Hello, Welcome to Le Orangerie" The girl said behind her little stand "Do you have a reservation?"
"Yes, It's under Murray" Amber said with her big old smile
"A table for four as requested" She said, She grabbed some menu's under the little stand and had us follow her
We sat down at the table as we looked over out menu's
"Your waiter will be here shortly" The girl said with a smile as she walked away

I looked over the menu and couldn't belive the price of food here, I'm just glad tonight i was getting a free meal, Normaly i would cook dinner for me and Aj, Mac and cheese with whatever vegies Aj wanted to eat. Since Aj moved in i have been put onto a very all vegie diet, And how i wish i could sink my teeth into a juice steak right now
"Go ahead and order somethin with meat" Aj whispered to me "You only have tonight to eat it"
I raised the menu to hid my face as i looked to Aj "Are you serious?" I asked in a whipser
"Yes, I figure since you have been being so nice to me since i have been here, I'll be nice and let you eat... Meat"
I could tell she was trying to be nice and not be gross out about the whole eating animals thing

I check over the menu at all of the meat they had "You should stick to the veggies" Said a tiny little voice "You should order something that doesn't have meat in it" For some strange reason i agreed with the voice as the waiter came walking over

"Can i take your order?" Asked our waiter
"Yes, Can i have a steak, medium steak" Said Jack
"Do you want mashed or a whole patato?"
"Whole" Jack said
"And what do you want to drink?"
"Will have a bottle of your best wine" Jack said
"I'll need to see your I.D"
Jack showed his I.D and the guy gave it back to him "Will have your bottle sent to you as soon as we can" he then looked to Amber "And for you miss?"
"I'll have the Filet Mignon" Amber said handing him her menu
"And for you sir?"

My stomach said steak but my mouth said " I'll have your Gourmet Vegetarian Soup" I handed off my menu, My stomach was screaming at me for not ordering it a steak
I felt Aj staring at me, I didn't mind "And for you miss?"
Aj handed off her menu and said "I'll have what he's having" She said pointing to me

The waiter walked away from us as i sat there "I was going to wait till after dinner for this but" Amber said looking like she was going to explode if she didn't say what was on her mind "Matt, Will you do me the honor of being my maid of honor?"
I was taking a sip of my water when she asked me this, Two things came to my mind when she asked one "Do i look like a chick?" and two "Do i need to wear a dress?" I wanted to spit out my water but i forced it down as i looked at them with a shocked look on my face

"Don't you normally have a girl be ya maid of honor?"
"Yes, But because me and Matt has been friends for so long, I want him to be my maid of honor" Amber said
"I would gladly accept but i don't think i'm cut out to be a maid of honor" I said
"But you have too! I need you to be my maid of honor!"

I knew she wasn't going to drop this, So i did what most guys would do "Alright, I'll be your maid of honor" I knew this was going to come back and bite me in the butt
"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK!" Amber did a high pitch squeal as she jumped up and down in her chair
Jack had her calm down with a glass of wine "Oh and Aj, I want you to be one of my bridesmaids"
Aj smiled "I'll be happy to"
I took a sip of my wine as i listen to Amber's wedding plans, Aj was listening to her about the wedding plans while i tried to think of ways to get out of being a maid of honor

Our dinner was ready and we eat, I enjoyed the soup and the wine, After we got done eating, Amber still kept talking about wedding. Soon Amber dragged us all to a dance club

I sat by the bar watching Jack and Amber dance while Aj went off to use the rest room
"Hello handsome" Said older women that sat down next to me "Wanna dance?"
I looked at the women as i looked back at the soda i was drinking "I'm good, Thanks for asking"
She let out a huff as she went on to the next guy, Amber notice i wasn't dancing and walked over to me "Why aren't you dancing?"
"I don't dance, You know that"
Before Amber could say anything she saw me get up and made mad dash towards the bathroom
At first she was confused on what is going on when she Aj was backed up towards the wall with two guys trying to make there moves on her
I walked up to the to the two men

"Like i said, I gotta date here with me" She said trying to get pass the guys
"Why don't you ditch your date and come with us? We have beer and a pickup truck"
"She said she has a date, Why don't you two just leave her alone" I said looking at the two
"Why don't you just run alone and leave us alone kid"
Kid! No one calls me a kid "I'm giving you two one warning, If you two do not leave now, You'll feel my wrath"
The two laugh as they turned back to Aj
I tapped the guys shoulder, When he went to say something else about me leaving i punched him in the jaw sending him flying into the wall

"WHY YOU LITTLE!" His buddy came at me swinging his fists, I dodge each one of his attacks, I then found my opening, His rips were wide open, But before i could lay a punch on his rips his friend i punched in the jaw tackled me to the ground
I felt him punch me in the face, He got one good shot to my eye, I then manged to get him off be as i slugged him in the face, I then felt his buddy grab me and put him into a bear hug
His friend wiped the blood from his lips as she stood up onto his feet "I'm going to enjoy this"

My vision was fading as i felt the air leaving my body, This was it, I was going to get my butt kicked in front of Aj
SMASH! I felt the guys grip go as i fell to my knees, I saw him fall to his side "Did i miss anything?" Jack asked holding broken bottle
"Your just in time" I said getting up. I notice the guy was in rage mode, He dashed towards me as he tackled me to the ground
He punched my face pretty good, I punched him in the side making him stop is assault on me, I flipped him onto his side as i assaulted his face with punches
I manged to knock the guy out

Aj watched as i got off the guy and looked to his pal who was out cold "I think we better go" I said to them
Amber grabbed Jack and Aj and i followed them
They dropped me and Aj off at home, We walked inside

"Your an idiot, Ya know that?" Aj asked glaring at me
"Yeah, I know" I said locking the front door
"I'll go get a fist aid kit" Aj said making her way up the stairs as i took of my coat
My body was sore as i looked at my face in the mirror, My left eye was black and blue, I had some small cuts on my lips, I could see my eye begging to swell
"At least this time i didn't get two black eyes" I said with a chuckle, I heard Aj come walking back down the stairs, She had a first aid kit in hand, She told me to sit down in the chair that was near the fire place, I sat down as she opened the first aid kit and started taking care of my face

"Ya going to keep fighting?" She asked out of know where as she wiped the blood off my forehead
"Only if they don't listen" I said with a hiss as she wiped the blood off, I had a nasty cut on my forehead that hurt
"Why did ya fight any way?"
"Those creeps wouldn't leave you alone" I said "They should have backed off"
"I had it under control ya know" She said placing the band aid to my head
"Yeah, Well i couldn't let you take them on alone" I said with a smile
She had a faint a smile "They did a number on ya face"

"I did a better number on there faces if you ask me"
I felt her give my forehead a kiss "Does that feel better?"
I blinked "Kinda" I said "But this one hurts still" I said pointing to the cut on my cheek
She gave it a light kiss "Any where else it hurts?"
I pointed to my lips "Here"
She smiled and kissed my lips, It only been a few seconds but it felt really great
"Better?" She asked with a smile

"There still a little sore" I said trying not to crack a smile
"Well put some ice on them" She stood and made her way towards the stairs "I'm going to change"
"Oh she is a tease!" I thought as she walked away
"Wasn't that cute moment" A female voice said
I looked to see my sister Mary, Standing in the door way that lead to the kitchen
"How long have you been standing there?" I asked my mind still in shock over the kiss
"Only to see you get kissed by a girl" She said with a laugh "Should i go stay at a hotel tonight?"
"No! You can still stay here" I said

She took a seat in the other chair "So, I'm guessing you want to know why i'm here?" I nodded "Mom and Dad have put together and surprise family reunion, They wanted me to fly out here and get you and bring you home"
"Why didn't they just send me a letter? They know i'm busy here with the farm"
"I can see how busy you are" She said looking at the cuts and hinting at Aj kissing me

"Me and Aj went out with Jack and Amber to dinner tonight, Amber thought it would be fun to go out dancing so she took us to a club, I got into a fight with two guys that wouldn't leave Aj alone"
"Aj? What's her full name?"
"It's just Aj" I said

"Well you better pack up your stuff, We're leaving in the morning" She said getting up "And i will not take a no for an answer"
"I can't leave, I have work here to do"
I saw my sister pull out her phone "Who are you calling?"
"Shh" She shhed me! "Hello Amber, It's me Mary, Yes, Can you do me a huge favor? Can you take care of Apple Paradise while my brother comes with me to out parents house for two weeks? You can, Thank you so much! Alright bye" She flipped he phone close "Now, You are free to come with me"

"You really think i'll let Amber take care of this place while i'm gone? Your nutz"
My sister made her way over to the spare bedroom that was near the stairs "I'm going to book us three tickets on the frist flight out of here"
"Why three tickets?"
"One for me, One for you and one for Aj" She shut the door as i sunk deeper into my chair
"Note to self: Kill Mary" I thought to myself
To Be Continued

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