• Published 13th Mar 2013
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Welcome To Apple Paradise - Phantom Writer

A young man named Matthew has a great business, Great friends, What more could he asked for. Well Matthew is about to get a surprise of his life when his friend brings to his house a strange girl, that was out in the snow. Can he help her home?

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Welcome To My World. Wanna Go Out Tonight?

Chapter 1 Welcome To My World. Wanna Go Out Tonight?
Matt is 19
Applejack is 19
Amber is 20

After a long day of working in the barn with the horses i finally got to relax, I had a cup of hot chocolate in my hands as i had the fire place going, The snow outside was blowing and it was cold out
Then my door flung open and i fell to the ground knocking my hot chocolate over
"MATT! I NEED YOUR HELP" I got up off the ground to see Amber standing there in the door way
"What going on?" I asked
"I found a girl out in the snow!" She said
"Then you should get her to the hospital!" I said getting up off the floor
"Do you have any idea how far the nearest hospital is?" She asked me "It's four hours away!"
"Go upstairs and go get some blankets" I said grabbing my coat and rushing outside

When i got outside i saw the girl in the back seat of Amber's car, She was covered in a small blanket i picked up the girl and carried her inside

Amber had some pillows and blankets on the floor next to the fire place for her, I laid her down and made sure she was all wrapped up in the blankets

"Here's that bag you wanted" she handing me the bag
"Thanks" I took the bag and pulled out a stethoscope, I placed it on the ground and pulled out a thermometer, I placed it in to her mouth then i used my stethoscope to check her heart beat
"Well?" Amber asked

"Her heart beat is normal" I said, I took the thermometer out of her mouth "She's not running a fever" I put my stuff back into the bag "Was she naked when you found her?"
"No, She had this on her" Amber handed me the stetson hat
"She was wearing a hat?" I asked taking the hat
"Yeah, That's all she had on" She watched me place the hat down next to the girl "What's the plan now?"

"I don't know yet" I said standing up looking at the snow outside blowing
"Oh no! How am i going to get home to my fiance now?"
"I got a snow plow for my truck, I can get you home with that"
"What about her?"
"She'll be fine here, It won't take me long to get you home"
Amber smiled as she walked out of my house to her car
I went to my garage and started up my truck and left, Amber followed me as i drove off
After getting Amber home i pulled up into the garage and got out of my truck

As i walked into the house i notice the girl was missing from the fire place
"Okay, Where did she go?" That was the last thing i said before i felt something hit the back of my head as i fell to the ground with a Thud

When i awoke i was tied to a chair "W-What's going on here?" I asked trying to wiggle my hands free
"What did ah do to me?" Asked the girl Amber saved, She was holding the blankets to her body trying to hid her body
I was puzzled "I didn't do anything to you"

"You did do somethin' ta me" She said glaring at me "Why do i look like this?"
I looked her up and down once more "Do you mean why are you naked? My friend Amber found outside in the snow, You were out cold naked, She brought you here to me since i was the closet place with warmth" I said "I have some cloths you can wear, If you let me go i can get them for you"
"How can i trust ya?" She asked
"You can't trust me" I said "But i give you my word, I'm only trying to help you"
She looked me over as i just sat there, I didn't know if she would let me go

"Alright then, I'll let ya go" She untied me from the chair, I rubbed my wrists as i got up out of the chair
"If you follow me, I have some old cloths you can wear" I said walking towards the stairs
She followed me as i went up the stairs. I opened the door to my room and pulled open my closet door getting out an old pair of jogger's and a old red shirt
"You can wear these" I said giving them to her
"Thank you" She smiled
"The bathroom is over there if you want to get dress" I said closing my closet door, She closed the door to the bath room as i just stood there waiting for this mystery girl to get out of my bathroom

The door opened up and she walked out, She had a small smile on her face as stood there "Do i look good?"
"You look great" I said
Her smile grew "Um, I'm Applejack by the way"
"I'm Matthew" I said walking up to her "It's nice to meet you Applejack"
"It's nice to meet you too, Matthew" She grabbed my hand and gave a squeeze
"Dang, She has a tight grip" I thought to myself "Let me be the first to welcome you to Apple Paradise" I said
"Apple Paradise? Where is that at?"
"Were located in Illinois, I'm the owner of this lovely apple orchard" I said "Where have i heard the name Applejack before.... Wait... Is she named after the cereal?" I thought to myself I notice her smile fad "What's wrong?"

"I'm not home anymore" She sat down on my bed, She looked like she was about to cry
"If you tell me where you live, I'll be glad to take you home" I said taking a seat next to her
"I don't think you'll be able to take me home" She looked to be as she took off her hat pulling out a picture. She handed me the picture and i looked over it

The picture showed six colorful ponies, the five ponies seem to be surrounding this purple.. Unicorn? Well i took notice that the one orange mare looked like the girl next to me, Her hair matched the orange pony and so did the freckles and the hat
"Are you trying to say this is you?" I asked pointing to the orange pony
She nodded her head as i looked the photo over again
I would have called her crazy but the picture was way to real to be a fake

It took about an hour for Applejack to tell me her story and how she might have gotten here
Her friend Twilight was testing out a new spell and Applejack was the test pony. I would have called her crazy for many reasons yet, Those emerald eyes kept telling me she was telling the truth

"Till we can find away to get you get you home, Your more then welcome to stay here" I said with a smile
"Thank you so much" She said with a smile
"Your going to need some better cloths" I said "Tomorrow i'll take you out shopping"
"Ya don't have ta do that" She said
"But i want to" I stood up "I'll show you to your room"
She followed me to her room, I opened the door "Your bath room is over there, There is some towels and wash rags if you want to take a shower or bath, If you need anything, I'll be in my room"

"Thank ya again for all this" Aj said looking around the room
"Your welcome" I made my way to the door " G'night, Applejack"
"You can just call me Aj"
"Well G'night, Aj"
"Night, Matthew"
I shut the door letting her do whatever in her new room. I walked into my room shutting the door, I flopped down onto the bed as i closed my eyes after what happened
Three Months Later

It's spring time on Apple Paradise, The apples getting ready for picking and the horses were enjoying this beautiful day
I watched as Aj rode my horse Sam around the farm, She was getting use to ridding
"I can't believe i'm ridding a horse" She said smiling "This is so much fun!"
"I told you that you would like ridding Sam, She's a good horse" I said leaning back onto the fence
"You were right" Aj made rode Sam over to me "Mind helping me down Matt?"

I smiled as i helped Aj down off Sam. I remember the first time i showed Aj the horses i had on the farm, She was shocked to know they don't talk, She manged to warm up to the idea about ridding Sam, She thought it was weird but the more she rode Sam the more she like ridding
Aj got an apple from one of the near by trees and gave it to Sam "Thanks for teaching me to ride"
"Any time Aj" I said taking off the saddle
I notice a red car pulled into the drive as i took out the bit "I see Amber is here"
"Whose the big guy with her?" Aj asked
"That's her father, He lives in Washington D.C" I said taking Sam into the pasture. I closed the gate behind her as i saw them walk up to us

"Matt, You remember my dad right?" Amber asked
"How are you doing James?" I said shaking his hand
"I have been good, Been kept busy" He said
"Dad, This is Aj, Aj this is my father"
"Nice to meet you" Aj said with a smile
"So what brings you guys out here?" I asked
"I was wondering if we could hold the wedding here" Amber asked
Aj looked at me as i smiled "Of course you can have the wedding here"

Amber jumped up and down scream with happiness
"You sure about this?" James asked me
"I'm sure, The wedding not till the fall, So that gives you guy plenty of time to chose where at on my land you wish to hold the wedding"

"Thank you so much Matt!" Amber said pulling me into a hug
"Your welcome" I said hugging back
She pulled away "Come on Daddy! I want to show you where i want to hold the wedding!" She pulled her dad away as i tryed not to laugh
"She must be really happy about this whole wedding" Aj said "Mind filling me in on why she wants to hold the wedding here?"
"She met her fiance on this farm, They were working on the north side of the apple orchard, They became really close and in time he asked her to marry her"

"Ya don't mind that your employ's getting married?"
"Not at all, Amber quit her job her a few months back, She got a job working with the horses here" I said "Her fiance Jack still works on the apple orchard till he can find a better job"
"Did she quit working at the apple orchard because of her engagement?"
"No, She quit because she wanted to work with the animals" I said "I needed someone to take care of them while i work on my business" I looked over at Aj "So, How are you holding up?" I asked her

"I'm hangin' in there" She still had a smile on her face as she looked at me "I'm going to go feed the horses" Aj made her way into the barn
Amber and her dad came walking back over to me as i check the fence for any damage from that nasty storm last night
"We found the spot i want to hold the wedding at!" Amber said with that giant grin
I looked back at the two "That's good to know" I said
"I'll be sending yours and Aj's wedding invitations as soon as i can" Amber then dragged her dad back to the car saying they need to go see about a cake

"I feel sorry for him" I thought to myself as i went back to work fixing the fence
I notice Aj walking out of the barn with a water hose, I couldn't stop staring at her, She wasn't like most girls i know, She was more laid back and more fun, She knew when work needed to be done and when to fool around
I manged to pry my eyes away from her as i went back to work, As i worked i felt something wet and cold it me as i jumped, Aj sprayed me with the hose as i was soaked "WHY DID YOU DO THAT!?" I asked all wet

"You looked like you needed to cool off" She had that big old grin on her face
"What do you mean i needed to cool off?" I asked ringing out my shirt sleeve
"Your face was all red, So i thought you needed to cool off" I could feel my face heat up as i realized that i was blushing at her when i was looking at her earlier
"There ya face go again, It's all red" She then sprayed me again with water
"Will you stop that?" I said again as i stood there all wet

"Nah" She started spraying me again as i tried to run from her, I manged to hid behind a tree, She wouldn't stop, I made a mad dash towards her as i tackle her to ground, She was laughing as i laugh back our faces were just a few inches from each other, We both stop laughing as i looked deep into those emerald eyes of hers, I could see her face start to heat up. I could see her lips start to move closer to mine as i moved closer to her, I was just an inch from kissing her when i heard someone cough

We looked up to see Amber standing next to us. I flew up off Aj as fast as i could, I help Aj up off the ground
"Am i interrupting something?"
"No!" Both of us said
"You sure?"
"Yes!" We both said again
I cleared my throat "What brings you back here so soon?"

She looked at me with a smile on her face "I forgot to ask if you and Aj wanted to go out to dinner with me and Jack tonight?"
I looked at Aj "You want to go out tonight?" I asked
"Um... Sure" I could see she was still trying to get her brain back to working order
"Alright then! Will stop by and pick you two up for tonight!" She happily waked back to her car as i looked back at Aj "I should go change my cloths"
She nodded as she want back to watering the horse's
As i made my way back inside i thought back to what happened "Was she really going to kiss me back there?" I couldn't get that out of my mind as i changed
To Be Continued

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