• Published 19th Feb 2013
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Spike De Lis - That Drunk Pony

Spike and Rarity go to Canterlot on a long weekend vacation both with plans, but things don't always go as planned.

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Chapter 1: The Beginning

Spike De Lis

By: That Drunk Pony

Chapter 1: The first Day

It was a beautiful morning in Ponyville. The birds were singing, the ponies were just waking up, and the sun had already begun to rise over the horizon. Everything was peaceful. “AHHHHH”… Well almost everything was peaceful.

Twilight came running up the stairs of the library all flustered asking, “Spike! What’s wrong!?” She found Spike sweating and rushing around the house back and forth.

“Today is the day I go with Rarity to Canterlot and I’m not properly packed yet!” Spike said in a rush. He was zooming all over the library gathering some random things into a small case. He grabbed things like two suits, a few gems, a book, cologne, and other items for romance.

Twilight was already doubtful of letting the dragon go in the first place, but both Rarity and Spike insisted on it. She wanted to convince him to stay to avoid getting a broken heart. “Say Spike. Are you sure about going?”

Spike stopped what he was doing and turned to Twilight. “I have never been surer in my life.” Spike said in the most serious tone ever. He then pulled out a list and presented it to Twilight. “This is my ‘Spike wins Rarity’s heart’ plan.” The list he presented was a chore list.

“Um… are you going to do her chores?” Twilight asked. Spike looked at the list and realized the accident. He switched the lists so Twilight could see the proper list.

1. First Day: Escort Rarity to the party in Canterlot at night.
2. Second Day: Go to the races and then help Rarity with shopping for fabrics.
3. Third Day: Go to the Canterlot Carnival
4. Final Day: Confess my love at the end of the Garden Party by the fountain when the full moon is out.

“It’s a perfect plan to win her heart.” Spike proudly said.

“But there is no detail and what if something happens?” Twilight asked and tried to reason with Spike, but it went unnoticed as Spike resumed his packing. “Alright Spike, but if anything happens, go to the Princess.”

“Okay Twilight!” Spike says as he rushes out the door to Rarity’s place.

“Please be okay Spike.”

Spike hurried past the few ponies who easily recognized Spike. He quickly waved to anypony who said “Hi” or anything close to it. Spike had jumped through hoops, slid under some ponies who were carrying glass, dodged a bunch of water balloons, and even did one round of hopscotch. He jumped on a trampoline and landed perfectly in front of Rarity’s house. Nothing was going to stop him from meeting his beloved. He went to open the door and skillfully dodged it as it opened. Unfortunately he dodged it into some rose bushes.

Spike tried to hold in the pain as he saw his beloved come out of the house in some fancy hat. He walked out of the bushes plucking off thorns and whatever else was stuck in him as he went to confront Rarity.

Rarity noticed Spike dusting himself off. “Spike! You’re here early! Now I won’t have to pick you up.”

“I didn’t want to make my lady wait.” Spike had plucked the last of his thorns.

“Well Spike, I only have a little more packing to do so once we finish, we can go to the station.”

“Sounds good to me.” Spike floated behind Rarity into the Boutique.

“Alright Spike. I need …” One hour of packing later. “Okay! I think that is enough. I don’t want to pack too much.” Spike looked at the many bags she had bunched up and put into a cart. He was surprised she called it ‘little’. Just imagine what too many looked like. “Alright Spikey. Let’s go to the station.”

“Say Rarity. How about you go to the station first and get our tickets. I will meet you there.”

“Are you sure Spike?” Spike nodded to assure her that it was fine. “Well okay then.” Rarity went ahead, but was a little worried about leaving him behind. Spike however, was glad she was gone so he wouldn’t look like such a weakling by barely being able to move the cart.

Spike pulled the cart to the station slowly, but he was determined to prove himself to his beloved that he was no wimp. Ponies around looked a little worried for him since he was trying so hard to pull this massive cart. Some ponies even tried to offer assistance out of pity, but Spike wasn’t having that. He continued to pull it with all his might.

By the time Spike reached the station, Spike was ready to go to bed again. He was completely out of air, but he made it. He had conquered the test of strength. Rarity then came walking with a smile that instantly lifted Spike’s tired state. The sparkles that shone around her and her natural radiance, brightened his day.

“Spike! I got the tickets. The train should be here any minute.” The train arrived right after she said that. “Come on Spike!” Spike was happy when some other ponies who worked at the station took the baggage. Now all Spike had to do was relax on the train and have fun with his beloved.

Spike and Rarity both boarded the train and soon enough they were off to Canterlot. Both Spike and Rarity were really excited about the trip. Spike tried to stay awake, but the toll that the cart put and with Spike staying up so late at night put him out cold. Rarity saw Spike had fallen asleep and just hugged his cute little face.

Spike then began to dream about the first event he had planned. The big party at Fancy Pants’ mansion. Spike was inside the main ballroom where many ponies were having conversations. Spike was in a corner next to the drinks. Out of nowhere the lights then dimmed and a spotlight hit the top of a spiral staircase where a beauty like no other was gracefully waiting.

Spike’s eyes began to widen and he just couldn’t look away from her. Once she reached the bottom of the stairs, a wave of stallions raced up to her and asking for a dance, but she didn’t look at any stallion. She walked up to Spike in the corner and said in the most elegant voice, “Would you like to dance?” The stallions around had dropped their mouths in shock.

Spike trying to act as cool as he could accepted her invitation, “I would be honored to dance with you milady.” Spike and Rarity then danced the night away in the center of the ballroom as the center of attention and Spike was the envy of all the Stallions.

As the party dwindled down and they were playing slow dance music, Rarity drew closer to his face. Spike pulled back a little first, but then drew close himself. Before their lips touched, Rarity said “wake up Spike.”

Spike was confused and then started waking up to reality. He then noticed Rarity was gently shaking him to wake him up. “Good morning Rarity.”

“It’s evening. Also we are about to arrive in Canterlot!” Rarity pointed out as the train was only a few minutes away from the capital city. No matter how many times she sees the city, she reacts just like it was her first time to the city.

Spike then stretched about to get his body ready for the second stage of cart pulling. When the train stopped, Spike and Rarity exited the train and Spike was ready to drag that cart all the way to the castle. On the opposite end of town… Well the cart wasn’t going to pull itself.

Spike got behind the handles and began to push. This time Rarity went with him to make sure he was alright. He did pass out in the train after all. Spike had pushed the cart twice as fast as he did because Rarity was there. Twice as fast however, really wasn’t much of a difference. Around Canterlot it was a much different crowd. Not as many ponies came up to offer help, but a lot of them showed pity to him. He still turned down any help. Even when Rarity insisted on it, but he was too determined to prove himself. Rarity chuckled at Spike’s determination. It was cute to see him to try hard to be a tough guy.

Spike’s determination went all the way through the castle gates, through the castle, and all the way to Rarity’s room in one of the towers where she stayed before. Spike looked as though he were ready to pass on to the next world. The only thing keeping him here was the fact that he had not won the heart of Rarity.

He finally collapsed in the middle of the floor as Rarity walked in the room and began surveying things. The bags then started making noises and then fell down like an avalanche right toward Spike. He tried to dodge, but his legs had no strength. Spike was then snagged by Rarity’s magic and tossed toward her.

“Spikey! Are you alright?” Rarity said as she hugged Spike. Spike wanted to reply, but he just melted by her hug. When she took notice how Spike was, she then set him down. “Spike. I think you should go rest up and get ready for the party. I want you in top condition when we go. I just need to unpack a few things.” She then levitated Spike outside the room with his bag. “Remember to be ready around sunset. The carriage will be here around that time.”

Spike hurried to his old room where he and Twilight used to stay back before Ponyville. Spike goes down memory lane as he remembers all the late nights Twilight was studying and the endless experiments she did. Thinking about it made Spike sleepier than before. He passed out on Twilight’s old bed and began to dream once again.

Spike awoke in happiness. I guess his dream had positive results. Spike however, looked outside and saw that the sun was starting to go down, which meant that he needs to get ready or rather needed to be ready now! “AHHHH!!” was heard all throughout the castle. Spike was in a blur of speed as he took a shower, opened his bag, put on his tux and other ‘necessities’, and before Rarity could get to leave her room, Spike was there waiting for his lady.

When Spike laid eyes on Rarity, he almost passed on to the next life. She wore a dress like no other.

Spike held in his over joyous state to be more refined. “Wow Rarity. You look amazing.”

“Thank you Spike.” Rarity then quickly scanned her escort. “You look pretty well dressed yourself.” Spike could only hide his flustered face. Rarity then looked at the time and saw that the carriage would arrive soon. She trotted past Spike and called him over when she saw that Spike was still mesmerized, “Come on Spike! We want to be fashionably late, not actually late.”

Rarity and Spike entered the carriage that was provided by Celestia herself. Spike tried to avoid staring at Rarity, but he was too obvious. Rarity teased him throughout the whole ride by doing subtle movements that drew his eyes toward her. She then quickly glanced at him and Spike tried his best to hide his blushing face. Rarity was so amused by the little game she was playing that the ride took almost no time to reach Fancy’s Mansion.

When the carriage stopped, one of the Royal Guards pulling the cart opened the door for both of the passengers. Spike stepped out first and then turned to take the hoof of his lady. As Rarity exited the carriage, she caught the eyes of many stallions who were looking at how benevolent she was. She then took Spike’s claw and exited the carriage nice and slowly.

They walked into the party and noticed that they were getting some attention. They didn’t know if it was from Rarity’s dress or that Spike ‘a dragon’ was her escort. Before they could discover the answer, a familiar voice grabbed Rarity’s attention. “Hello Rarity! I’m glad you could make it. It has been quite some time since we last spoke.”

Spike did not recognize the voice, but as he saw his face he instantly knew who it was. Spike then noticed another mare who was trotting next to him. He recognized that it was Fancy Pants, the eccentric billionaire and probably the most famous unicorn in Canterlot and maybe even Equestria, and the other unicorn was another famous figure Fleur De Lis, supermodel and comes from a prominent family as well.

Spike didn’t know what to do in this situation. He was hoping it would be time for Rarity and he to get better acquainted. Rarity however, was happy to see Fancy Pants, but not so much Fleur. Probably a battle of the beauty or something. Rarity returned the greeting, “Why hello Fancy Pants. I am delighted that you invited my friend and I to one of your parties.”

“I hope you enjoy yourself then.” Fancy continues to talk with Rarity for what seemed like ages for Spike. He couldn’t even get into their conversations since they were either too boring or just not his style. There was another thing that got Spike’s attention.

Fleur seemed to want to talk to Spike, but was sort of hiding behind Fancy each glance he gave her. Spike was confused so he asked her, “Is everything alright?”

Fleur was a little shocked, but answered slowly, “Uh… um… well… I just wanted to ask if you were…” Spike was getting a little impatient, but she finally finished what she wanted to say. “I wanted to know if you’re a real dragon.”

She turned her head away in embarrassment, while Spike stood there with a ‘is she serious?’ look. “Yeah? I am a real dragon.” What happened next took Spike off guard even more.

“Oh! A dragon!! And a young one too!!!” Fleur exclaimed as she rushed and hugged him. Spike first thought to himself that this feels like a Deja-vu, but he can’t remember where. *Fluttershy first discovering Spike*

Spike then pushed away from her hug so Rarity wouldn’t see and to address an important matter. “Hey! I’m no young dragon. I am a mature dragon!”

“Aw. That is so cute.” She didn’t even take his comment seriously.

Fancy seemed more interested in talking to Rarity than the dragon of course, but what struck odd was Fleur seemed more interested in talking to Spike. I guess it is rare to see a dragon at a pony social event.

Fleur then grabbed Spike and took him to the middle of the dance floor. He was not expecting this at all. She was normally so refined and well-behaved, but now she was acting like an excited school girl. Spike just went with it, since all of the ponies were already locked on him and Fleur. If she wanted to dance, then he was going to give it all he got.

The floor cleared and they were surrounded by spectators. The light then shone on them and they began to dance. First was classical music, but then it changed to a jazz style. Spike was showing off moves he didn’t even know he knew and was enjoying every moment. The spectators cheered as the two duo changed dance styles once again as the music shifted into another style. This went on for a little while until Fleur and Spike were exhausted so they ended with one finale of Spike catching her while she did some sort of swan dive. I don’t know. I’m not a dancer.

The crowd cheered them on a spectacular performance, but then it dawned on Spike’s head. Where was Rarity and why did he go and dance without her? Spike then frantically searched for her, but she seemingly had disappeared. Spike hit himself on the forehead pretty hard before slowly making his way to the exit. He couldn’t believe that his plans were ruined because he was distracted for just a moment.

Spike sat outside the mansion on the stairs almost crying. Fleur then came out of nowhere and saw Spike looking down. “Is everything alright?”

Spike looked up at her and thought it was Rarity, but it was just his mind playing tricks on him. “Oh. It’s just you.”

“What do you mean ‘just me’?” Fleur said as she raised her eye brow in curiosity.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean anything by that. I was just hoping to… never mind.” Spike really didn’t want to talk about it much, since it wasn’t really helping him feel better.

Fleur may not have been able to get any information out of him, but she still wanted to cheer him up at least. Before Spike could react anymore, she grabbed his claw and put him on her back. She then rode off to who knows. Spike tried to protest, but Fleur wasn’t having any of it.

They finally stopped in a park near the outskirts of the city. She then let Spike off, but motioned for him to follow. Spike really had no other choice. She would probably magically force him to go up anyways. Eventually reaching the top of the stairs, Spike was laying out of breath. He was shocked to see Fleur looking like it was nothing.

“Come on! It is just a little further.” She said as she trotted up to a single bench.

“Yeah. That’s what you said the last 10 time-” But before Spike finished, he saw something really beautiful. The whole city of Canterlot was lit so perfectly. He even saw Ponyville just beyond the city. It was truly something magical. He turned to face Fleur who was also gazing at it, but then started having butterflies in his stomach as he saw her with the city behind her.

When she turned to see Spike’s reaction, as if on cue, a meteor shower glistened behind her. She stared just as well and smiled while he watched. He didn’t even realize how long he was staring. He shook it off and continued to watch the shower rain from the heavens.

After the shower ended, Fleur and Spike slowly made their way back to Fancy’s Mansion, while doing various activities along the way. There were rarely any ponies in the streets because they were either at Fancy’s party or sleeping. They enjoyed the entire walk back. When they returned, the party was over and all of the carriages were gone. Even the one Spike came in. Spike dropped off Fleur and then made his walk to the castle. Normally he would have been moping about Rarity, but he was oddly happy as he walked down the streets to the castle.

When he entered the castle, none of the servants with exception of the night guard were awake. They escorted Spike to his room, but first he took a detour to Rarity’s room. He saw her sleeping peacefully and it kind of put him at ease because he was her escort, but still it was wrong to just have disappeared.

He then went to his room and fell asleep on the bed with a little grin on his face. Before he went to sleep however, he felt a presence was watching him, but he shrugged it off. Maybe it was the Mirror Mare Shining Armor used to tell to scare Twilight and himself. He quickly went to bed in the nice soft bed. “I hope tomorrow goes as planned.”

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