• Published 19th Feb 2013
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Spike De Lis - That Drunk Pony

Spike and Rarity go to Canterlot on a long weekend vacation both with plans, but things don't always go as planned.

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Chapter 2: The Races

Chapter 2: The Races

Today was a beautiful day, the sun rose over the horizon to start a new day for the residents of Canterlot and the rest of Equestria. The sunlight breached past the windows beyond the drapes and into Spike’s face. It abruptly woke him up, but he didn’t feel the least bit tired. In fact, he welcomed the light and stretched his hands in the air. He then walked to the window and opened it, letting the gentle breeze carry the smells breakfast into his nose.

He could smell all the food of a royal banquet and in turn his stomach replied with a loud grumble. He then proceeded to do his morning rituals. Since he didn’t have to wake up so early like he normally does with Twilight on weekdays to do early chores, he was even more relaxed than usual.

During the middle of his shower, he heard a servant call his name for breakfast. He could not wait for the feast. It has been awhile since he has eaten at the castle, and all the chefs are well known individuals. Almost everyone of her servants were famous in some level. Even the janitor was famous for some odd reason. The life of a ruler is beyond a luxurious life.

Spike finished his shower and quickly got ready for the food. Spike then noticed a dark room with a single light on. It was Luna’s bedroom. He was a little scared to see what was going on since he heard sounds of somepony crying. He peered into the room and saw Luna wrapped up in a blanket watching a T.V. show where a dragon made a bet against a pony and for some reason the entire country has gotten involved. The two seemed to began to develop feelings, but tried to deny them. It was starting to reach a climax as both sides of the betters had began to fight like two hobo ponies fighting over a sandwich. The scene they were on was where the dragon and pony had escaped on a mountainside cliff and they were cuddling to stay warm for the night. Luna just couldn’t help crying.

Spike then shook his head when he saw the dragon closely resembled him. He headed for the stairs, but a fear struck him. What about Rarity? Will she be there? Will she be upset at him for kind of leaving her behind at the party? He tried to deny his fears by faking his reassurance. “I am sure she was too busy having fun at the party to even notice I was gone.” That thought also made him feel a little sad, but it was better to be slightly ignored than to be hated he thought.

When Spike finally reached the dining room, he immediately saw Rarity already sitting down with Celestia. They seemed to be talking, but he was a little too far to make anything out. The first thing Spike noticed was that she looked a little off. She didn’t seem too rested. Maybe something happened at the party... or maybe she was worried about him not being there... or worse.

Spike then came out and made his appearance. The first thing he got was Celestia’s smile and then a death stare from Rarity. Spike only thought to himself, ‘Yeah she is mad at me.’ He then proceeded to his seat. It was such a large rectangular table easily to hold a whole barracks of stallions. They only used the edge of the table. Spike felt that Rarity would rather have sat on opposite sides of the table by its most lengthy side than directly across the shorter side.

Once Spike sat, it grew eerily quiet. There was only drinks ready at the table, while the food was being prepared, so Spike couldn’t even hide his shame by eating. All he could do was sit there, look down at the floor, and hope Rarity wasn’t too upset at him. He occasionally tried to look up, but looked back down before even meeting her eyes.

Celestia was worried about the awkward silence between the three so she tried to spark a conversation. “So how was the party last night?”

Spike began by saying, “It didn’t exactly go as planned.”

Rarity then quickly added, “Well Princess, it went well. There was lots of fireworks, music, and dancing.” You could tell she was really emphasizing the dancing in a slightly displeased tone.

Spike felt a little hurt by it, but denied that she meant it for him. Celestia first replied to Rarity, “Well I am glad you had some fun.” then asked Spike, “Why do you sound so displeased?”

Spike answered truthfully by saying, “Well I kind of got side tracked and met a new friend at the party. She was a lot more fun than I expected out of a luxurious pony such as herself. I kind of got lost though in the fun and was escorted around with her.” Spike started to get a little too excited talking about Fleur. “She even took me to a secret spot that had a great view of Canterlot. I guess it wouldn’t matter for you Princess since you overlook the city on a daily basis and you can fly. Still it was great!”

Spike then saw Rarity’s face. It was not a happy one. The look gave him a sub-zero chill down his spine. He was lucky the food just came out, otherwise he would have to suffer her deathly stare. Rarity finished early and headed up to her room. Spike felt like such an idiot and decided he had to apologize to her. He excused himself from the table and headed for her room.

Just after he opened the door he realized his mistake of barging in and probably walking in on her changing. Luckily for him she just finished changing. He began to wonder where she was going, but first he needed to apologize.

“Rarity.” She turned to look and see a dragon already on his knees. “I am sorry for being a bad escort yesterday. I can’t express how sorry I am, but please give me a second chance. I promise not to get side tracked.” He then pulled two tickets from his pocket, “Look! I even got us two tickets for the races today. I’ll even help with anything after the races like help carry your things while you shop.”

Rarity turned back to the mirror and continued brushing her mane. She then replied, “That’s nice Spike, but I was invited by Fancy Pants to his private booth. It has a very nice view of the race.”

Spike then looked down and spoke in a lower voice, “Oh...” The pause felt like it lasted minutes when in reality it was just a few seconds, before Rarity spoke again.

“Well Spike, I am allowed to bring guests...” Rarity just couldn’t stay mad at the dragon for one little mistake. He had been nearly flawless in helping her. She can give him a second chance. Spike got really excited and sprang up into the air in joy. Rarity couldn’t help having a smirk on her face, but to keep her pressure on Spike she gave him one rule. “On the condition that you behave yourself and don’t abandon me like you did last time.”

Spike’s leaped then dropped as he remembered how bad that was. “Of course Lady Rarity. I will be the best escort ever and make up for my previous mistake.”

“Alright then Spike. Let’s get ready to go.” Rarity needed him to go before he discovered her smile on her face. Spike then sprang off to his room to get ready.

After Spike was dressed, they both got in the carriage provided by Celestia once again and headed to the races. Celestia was going to be there later so she couldn’t ride with them, but Spike wasn’t really complaining. He felt good about today. He was finally going to take her to the races and maybe even impress her with all the studying he did with Rainbow Dash on the wonderbolts. He already liked the wonderbolts, but Rainbow Dash was even better than the experts on the sports channel.

When they both arrived, they were greeted by an unpleasant surprise. “Hello there Rarity.” The white stallion then looked at Spike. “Is this your bodyguard?”

Rarity then asked, “Why are you even here Blueblood? I thought you were afraid of getting dirty.” Spike never seen Rarity snap so wildly before. This guy must have screwed up really bad.

“Oh Rarity, you don’t have to be so cruel. I have changed, I promise.” Blueblood tried to convince her.

Normally Spike would have intervened, but it seems Rarity had this, “Yeah, I will believe that when you are no longer afraid of dirt.” Rarity then pulled Spike to get away from him.

Spike had to know, “What was that about Rarity?”

“Let us say that he was a mistake.”

Spike hopes he won’t make a mistake like he did.

Rarity and Spike then were at the staircase to the booth, when they were stopped by the guard. The guard had a stern look about him. He asked the two while looking at his list, “Name?”

Rarity had responded, “Rarity and this is my guest.”

The guard then let the two through. Spike didn’t know if guest was a good or bad thing. At least she didn’t call him a bodyguard or something. Then it would seem like he was just a lowly servant. As they entered the booth, the first to greet them was none other than Fancy himself. Spike looked around and noticed Fleur wasn’t around.

“Hello there Rarity! So good to see you and your little friend again.” Fancy was pretty excited to see the two of them. Maybe Spike made a better impression than he thought or he was just being courteous. Yeah it was probably the second thing.

Just then the Prince came from behind them. Rarity thought to herself, ‘Why is he stalking me?’ Just as she was about to lash at him when she saw him, Fancy had greeted him as well, “Oh Prince Blueblood, it is good to see you as well. Glad you could make it.”

Rarity was upset that he was there, but she didn’t want to make an unnecessary scene. Instead she walked over and got herself a glass of wine from a passing waiter. It was going to be a long day. Might as well loosen up a little.

After a little chatting, between Fancy, Rarity, a few other notable ponies, and even the Prince, Spike was feeling a little left out. When he was about to just go downstairs and get a better look at the races, Blueblood had stopped him by calling the little dragon out.

“Hey you, dragon. Care to have a little wager? We are having a wagers for the race that is about to start. Don’t be chicken.”

Rarity commented, “Oh real mature Prince.”

Spike took the challenge. “Alright. I’ll put some bits in.”

Rarity then looked surprised at Spike. “Spike! You don’t have to do this!”

Spike just ignored her comment. “I am going to bet on Lightning Streak. 200 bits!” Spike thought to himself, ‘Man if Fleetfoot wasn’t injured I would have chosen her in a heartbeat.’

Many of the other ponies began to chuckle at his decision. Most were betting on others such as Fire Streak or Misty Fly as they have a reputation for being not only two of the faster ponies, but two of the most competitive out there in the team. No one had even tried to bet on the newcomer Lightning streak.

The Prince chuckled his response, “Well then. Good luck! It’s a 50:1 bet.”

Spike then proceeded downstairs to get a better view while the upper group can continue to laugh. He couldn’t wait to see their faces after the races though. Not many know that Lightning Streak had been under heavy training by the best of the wonderbolts. It was scary thinking out Rainbow Dash even got that info.

When he arrived at the front, he was blocked his vision by two hooves. He had the first thought of Rarity, but she wouldn’t do something like this. He then heard the mysterious pony speak softly into his ear. “Guess who?”

Spike immediately recognized it as Fleur. “Fleur!?”

She then released him and said with a happy face, “Oh you got me. It’s nice you still remember me.” Spike was a little shocked to see her around here although she seems to be in disguise. Not a good one, but at least she doesn’t stand out as much. “So what are you doing all the way here in the front. Well, I guess watching the race, but shouldn’t you be with your marefriend.”

Spike’s face then turned red like an apple. She knew she hit something. “S- She isn’t my marefriend!”

“Then why did you look so down when she was talking to everypony else and not you? Come on, you can tell me.”

The question from Fleur really got to Spike. He went from embarassed to sad again. He then decided to reveal his little plan sheet. “Well, I had planned the few days we were going to be here, but she seems to be already having fun without me. Besides I already messed up day one. I was supposed to escort her and have fun with her at the party, but it went up in smoke when I lost her.”

Fleur couldn’t help, but feel sorry since she was kind of the reason that didn’t go well.

Spike then continued his rant, “She looked pretty angry at me in the morning. I had to plea with her just so we could come here. I had tickets for here already, but she got that special invitation from Fancy. I am lucky she could invite guests or I wouldn’t know what to do. I just wish I could make her happy with me again. I hope these next days I have planned don’t fail me now.”

Fleur then responded, “I am sorry Spike for interfering.”

Spike was a little shocked, but when he saw the look in her eyes, he saw how genuine her apology was. “Oh no! It’s not like I didn’t have fun with you. You really made me happy with all the things we did. I mean we only met yesterday, but I feel we are already great friends.”

Fleur then smiled and proceeded to hug the little guy. Spike was taken back for a sec, but then hugged back. Just then the races had began. Their attention was immediately brought to the track. Spike was a little worried when he saw Soarin take the lead, but he reminded himself that what Fire Streak excelled at was acceleration. Behind him was his rival Misty Fly who was practically on his tail. Lightning Streak was in fourth, but gradually picking up speed.

Lightning Streak had stayed on the outside oddly which actually put him back one place. Spike then started to get worried if he got anything from that training, but then once the straightaway came. He was picking up even more speed than before and slowly, but gradually passing the competition. When it came to the final turn, even though he was on the outside near the railing, he was going so fast he was able to hold his third place status. When they hit the final straightaway, he zoomed past the two rivals and easily passed the finish line. The only problem was when he tried to stop and ate a lot of cloud before he stopped.

“I WON!!!” Spike leaped for joy.

Fleur was confused at his sudden joy. “What did you win?”

“The bet! I won a 50:1 bet with 200 bits! That means I won 1000 bits!!”

“No Spike. You won 10000 bits!!!” Fleur exclaimed.

Spike’s face lit up even more. What was he going to do with all that money? Maybe he can get a meaningful present when Rarity and he go shopping. Get her the most amazing fine-cut jewelry and maybe a few to sate his hunger for special occasions. He just can’t wait to see their faces.

Fleur was really happy for Spike. Sure she comes from a rich family so 10000 bits isn’t too much for her, but to see the dragon smile as he did was good enough for her. “Come on Spike! We need to collect your winnings!”

“Oh yeah! I can’t wait to see the Prince’s face.” Spike and Fleur went back up into the booth and saw that most of the noble ponies upset faces. The Prince tried to have some dignity, but everyone could tell it was eating at him at how he lost. Spike then walked up to the guy and asked, “So Prince Blueblood. Where are my bits?”

The Prince used his magic to carry over a suitcase that opened and had a little card inside. He gave it to Spike. “This card has exactly 10000 bits in it. Just go to any bank to deposit it.”

Spike was confused. How could a little card have 10000 bits? Fleur saw he was confused so she explained how gambling works in Canterlot. All the bits go into one card and the winner gets the card. If they have multiple winners, then it is split at the bank. Spike was happy he won. He was about to run over to Rarity, but then he saw Rarity and Fancy in some conversation.

Fleur saw his reaction and decided to give him a little push before he decided to hide or something. “Rarity come look! Spike won!”, however it backfired.

“Oh that’s nice.” was all Rarity said before continuing her conversation. It seemed they were both in a bit more serious chat. Spike looked down and just decided to leave. She didn’t seem to even care. Spike headed out with Fleur behind him.

When Rarity had finished her conversation on a possible second shop of hers in Canterlot, which she declined mainly because she wanted to have only one unique shop, she noticed Spike leaving the races. She only now realized that she hurt him, but just then she noticed another pony was following behind. She quickly left to talk to Spike, but when she reached the gates, he was gone.

Author's Note:

I would say I am sorry, but I am not. It's much better than the version I was going to give you guys a few weeks ago and now I have a better idea of where I want this story to go. Fun fun fun.

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