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Spike De Lis - That Drunk Pony

Spike and Rarity go to Canterlot on a long weekend vacation both with plans, but things don't always go as planned.

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Chapter 3: The Second Day Part II

Chapter 3: The Second Day Part II

Spike walks around Canterlot and calm down. I mean Rarity was probably just too busy. Spike felt he messed up somewhere. Maybe he shouldn’t have taken the bet. She was really against him doing the bet after all. Spike continued to walk around town near the shops district.

Spike then noticed that there was a certain pony trailing him from behind. He entered a clothing shop and hid behind some of the suits. He watched the entrance to see if anypony suspicious was following him. Sure enough he saw Fleur walk through the door.

Spike thought to himself, ‘Oh no. Not her again. She is just going to get me into more trouble with Rarity.’ Spike then tried to sneak out a back way, but there was only one way in and out and Fleur was right next to it. It will take all of his cunning and sneakiness to get past her.

Spike took one step forward and tripped over one of the pony mannequin’s feet causing him to tumble into a basket which held a bunch of fabrics. He continued to tumble into other mannequins and even past a few ponies. He was then headed to the door, which was closed, but the door opened just as Spike was about to crash into it and left out the shop.

Spike ended up crashing into some barrels that were stacked next to a cart. Spike was so dizzy, that when he got up, he walked and talked like some crazy drunk pony. He grabbed onto something, until the dizziness stopped. Once he regained himself, he was glad he escaped Fleur. What Spike didn’t realize was that the thing he held on to stop the dizziness was Fleur herself.

Spike looked up and saw her chuckling at him. He put his head down in defeat, then questioned her, “Why are you following me?”

She answered while smiling, “Well, I thought you might need a friend.” Her smile then turned into a slightly more calm face, but you could still tell she was happy, “Since you looked so down. I am sorry for embarrassing you in front of your marefriend.”

Spike blushed and turned away to hide it, “I told you she isn’t my marefriend.”

“But you want her to be.” Fleur replied

Spike paused for a moment, “Yeah... I do, but it’s like all I ever do is mess up around her. I won’t even be able to complete my list before we leave this place at this rate.”

Fleur gave a confused look, “A list? What list?”

Spike realized he just gave away some key information right there. All he thought was, ‘Oh horse manure.’ He then decided to tell her. She looked like the persistent type, especially after following him around Canterlot for a long time. “The list was a checklist I made for each day I was in Canterlot so I could woo Rarity. I already told you about how the first night we were supposed to have fun at the party, but --”

Spike reached into his pocket and didn’t find his list. He went into a state of panic, “Oh no. I can’t find the list!” His mind had visions of somepony random pony finding it who knew Rarity and giving it to her. Then a worse nightmare came into his head. What if Fancy found it? Then the scariest one of them all hit him. What if Prince Blueblood found it?

He felt the inner mechanisms of his brain stop. “My life and love life are over! What now!? I guess leaving Equestria is the only option I have left... I better write a goodbye letter to Celestia and get prepared to say my goodbyes to all my friends in Ponyville.”

After Spike said that, Fleur gave him a good bonk on the head. He rubbed his forehead and questioned, “What did you do THAT for!?”

Fleur got serious, “Spike! This isn’t the end of the world for you. Don’t you see it’s wrong to just run away from your problems and so what if she doesn’t like you or you get humiliated! Move on with your life. You will meet someone who likes you someday and dragons live for a LONG time. Hell you may already have met them and not even know. Besides, would you really leave all your friends and family behind over one rejection?”

Spike was being lectured by a pony who he just met last night... and she was right. As much as Spike hated to admit it, she was right in practically every way. Spike then calmed down once again, “I’m sorry. You are right about everything. Besides Twilight would hunt me down if I tried to run away from home for such a dumb reason.”

Fleur then asked an odd question, “Who is this Twilight?”

Spike just answered normally, “Oh, Twilight is my guardian. She acts too much like a mother even though we are so close in age. I mean it’s nice most of the time, but it gets excessive sometimes. Like when I found out she was stalking me along with Rarity and Rainbow Dash when I told them I wanted to go to the dragon migration alone...”

Fleur asked another odd question, “Rainbow Dash? Is that a stallion?”

Spike chuckled at that thought, “No no. Rainbow Dash is a mare. She is probably the number one fan of the wonderbolts. She kind of helped me with my decision for the bet.”

She asked one last question, “Don’t you have any male friends?”

Spike thought about it for a second, “Nope, I guess not. I mean I guess Snips and Snails could be considered friends, but we don’t really talk. Same with another stallion called Big Mac. We rarely talk to each other. A stallion of few words. The ponies I consider good friends are all mares. There is Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Scootaloo, Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and of course Rarity.”

Spike continued to talk about all of his friends, but at this point Fleur was more focused on her own thoughts. ‘Why does Spike only have mare friends? That would explain why he knows how to treat a mare.’ She then continued to listen to Spike as he revealed something else that is more promising.

“Oh I am also friend’s with all the Princess’s from Canterlot.” Fleur thought he was joking and decided to humor him. “Yeah Princess Celestia apparently raised me when I was younger after Twilight hatched me and taught me many things for proper etiquette, dancing, writing, even drawing and how to play some musical instruments. I have no idea why she would make me learn that stuff, but I know it.”

Fleur then gave him a challenge, “Oh really Spike? Well then how about we go and test your skills?”

Before Spike made a choice, he was already levitated onto her back forced to come with her. Not that he was rejecting it anyways. He needed something to get his mind off of things. They entered a famous music shop where all the popular musicians go for instruments and even to record sounds in the studio upstairs.

To rent out a studio room, it costs a lot of bits and a long time reservation since they have the best of the best equipment, but once Fleur came in and flashed a black card to the owner, she cleared out the store sending mares like Octavia and Vinyl right out of the store like nothing.

Once the store was cleared, Fleur took off her disguise and gave her request. “I want to use the studio upstairs. You can continue business down here though.”

The store owner didn’t hesitate, “Ok. I will just cross out all the names and you can use whatever you want.” Spike was surprised at how easy it was for her to do that. He didn’t realize how much power she had until that moment. They went upstairs into the studio. It looked so professional.

Fleur then asked, “So Spike. What do you play?”

Spike responded after a second of wondering, “Oh I can play many things like the piano, saxophone, violin, guitar, harp, drums...”

Fleur stopped him there before he recited every instrument. “Well why don’t you try with the piano. I love good piano music.”

Spike then sat down and put on an oversized top hat on that was next to the piano.

Fleur was expecting a little childish song, but what she got was one of the most famous masterpieces ever written in Equestria by Hoofwig van Beethoven.

When he got halfway through the song, she told him to stop. She was already getting tears from the outstanding performance. “That was amazing Spike. Well I won’t ever doubt your talents again.” Spike smiled at the compliment. He didn’t realize she also meant that she didn’t believe him fully earlier.

In any other case, she was more willing to believe he knew the Princess, but she still had her doubts. She then asked Spike if he wanted to go somewhere to eat. “It’s about lunch time so how about going over to Pony Joe’s place for a quick bite.”

Spike suggested something else. “How about joining me for a royal banquet?”

She didn’t really know what he meant by that, but it sure sounded fancy. He is getting really generous with those bits he got. They headed out the store, but they left something very important behind. Fleur’s disguise!

As they headed down the shops headed to the castle, they saw many interesting things. When they were just a few blocks away, Spike saw a gem that really caught his eye. An amethyst center surrounded by white gold and sapphire bits in the form of a necklace and a tiara to match it. It costs about 5500 bits though which is over half his money. Still Rarity would love it and maybe she can even make a dress to match the set.

Fleur saw that he liked the set, but she was more interested in another piece. A simple gold and emerald set with amethyst all around the center. When she turned to Spike, he had already bought the other set and was ready to leave. Before she could even react, a few ponies came up to her out of nowhere.

She only now realized her disguise was gone. Spike was eyeballing the jewelry too much to really notice, but he was snagged up by Fleur and was confused until he saw the mob that was slowly getting larger.

“What’s going on!?” Spike yelled.

Fleur replied with each breath, “They... are... the... paparazzi!”

Spike then thought to himself, ‘Right she is probably some super famous pony... wait I have been hanging out with a famous pony?’

Fleur then asked Spike a quick question, “Spike, where is the restaurant?” Her horn began to shine.

Spike replied quickly, “The castle!”

They were covered in a veil of light and vanished. Teleported right in front of the castle where the guard was ready to meet them with arms ready. Once the guards saw Spike, however, they lowered their weapons.

“Oh its just you Spike. Having fun with a celebrity?” The veteran guard asked.

There was one guard still with his weapon raised, but the veteran guard told him to put it away. Spike then asked, “Um, excuse me sir, but can I invite my guest over for lunch. She and I are famished and well also need to hide from her crazy fans.”

The veteran guard just laughed it off and let them pass. Whatever doubts Fleur had was gone. He definitely knew the Princess and was even well known around here. She didn’t realize how much power he had until that moment. When they got inside, she was led to the dining area, while a butler came around and asked, “Hello Sir Spike. I take it this is your guest?”

Spike just nodded. The butler continued, “What will you be having this afternoon?”

Fleur had no idea what to choose. There was no menu or anything so she just said, “Whatever he is having I guess.”

Spike requested a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It may sound childish, but how they make it is with royal jelly which is to die for and hoof made peanut butter. It’s the natural taste that makes it taste better and then on sweet bread. It is the PB and J that ponies would fight for.

Luckily it is quick to make so it arrived in no time. Once they each took a bite, their taste buds went on a journey. That was one of the best meals of their lives, which is sad since it is just PB and J.

After the meal Fleur became curious to see the rest of the castle. Spike had the idea of showing Fleur some of Rarity’s creations. She had brought a “few” dresses with her for any occasion. Fleur liked the idea and decided to follow him around the castle.

They eventually walked through many interesting rooms that Fleur was amazed at since she only has ever been to the foyer and the places where they had parties. She never explored around the castle and was shocked. She even saw Luna, who was now asleep. They finally reached Rarity’s room in one of the towers.

They found that a lot of her dresses were already on display. Fleur was really impressed with all the dresses. They looked amazing. She was ready to put in an order for a few just on first looks. Spike was chuckling as he watched her act like a little filly.

Just then she tripped on one of Rarity’s bags. They both yelled, “Ahh!” then only the sound of a crashing mannequin was heard after along with two bodies. When they opened their eyes, they were in a very awkward position with Fleur being on top of Spike. If Spike was lucky her whole body didn’t land on him or he may have been knocked out.

They both stared at each others eyes for what felt like a few mins when in reality was like 10 seconds. They then heard a noise from outside the door. Spike immediately recognized Rarity’s voice and heard her talking to some other pony.

“Thank you for helping me on such short notice.” Rarity said beyond the door. Spike only could make out a few words, but he was more worried about the position he was currently in. The door knob twisted and clicked open. Rarity walked in the room and was shocked at what she saw.

Just then the butler walked in after Rarity carrying a few items with his magic. “Oh pardon me, but where do you want these?”

Rarity then turned her attention to the butler, “Oh just leave them off to the side over there. Once again thank you, that will be all.”

“Then I shall take my leave.” The butler bowed and exited the room.

Rarity then turned her attention to the two in her room. Spike was sweating bullets, while Fleur was a bit more calm, but was still a little off from her usual self. Fleur was standing next to Rarity’s ponnequins as if she were admiring them. Spike was trying to put back the fallen ponnequin and dress that was on it.

Rarity wanted to apologize to Spike, but didn’t know how to go about this situation with Fleur there. She also wanted to know what happened to the dress, but that was only a minor question compared to why Fleur and Spike were in her room. The room was silent until Rarity finally spoke.

“Um, hello Spike...” She sounded a little hurt, but tried her best to force a smile. “And who is this?”

Spike wanted to answer, but there was no sound coming out of him. Fleur took it upon herself to answer. “Oh I am a friend of Spike. We met before at the party last night.”

“Oh right. You were with Fancy. Why are you both in my room?” Rarity was definitely not pleased with the intrusion. Especially with her specifically being alone with Spike.

Spike still couldn’t speak, so Fleur continued to answer. “Spike told me how you were a fantastic fashion designer and I really wanted to get to see your work. His compliments on you and your dresses were spot on. I was kind of hoping I could order some myself.”

Once Spike saw Rarity sighed from relief, he did the same. Thank Celestia that Fleur diffused the ticking time bomb that was sure to explode if he tried to explain things. “Oh! Is that all? Well I would be glad to take your orders.” Rarity was a bit happier, but there was still one more thing she had to get off her chest. “Oh. Before I take your orders, I need to speak with Spike in private.”

Spike was once again scared. He turned to Fleur who nodded and exited out the door. She wasn’t going to bail him out this time. Rarity then grabbed his attention, “Spike.” He turned to face Rarity slowly waiting for something bad to happen. “I want to apologize for earlier today.” Spike now just felt a mental slap to the face. He doesn’t even know why she is apologizing for. “I am sorry for ignoring you like I did. Even after my little speech about leaving others, I made the mistake this time. Can you ever forgive me?”

Spike was surprised that was actually bothering her. “Of course I forgive you.” Spike and Rarity then shared a hug, but was interrupted by Fleur.

“Hey! Are you two done in there!?” Spike and Rarity both giggled at Fleur’s comment and let her back in. Seems like these are finally going the right way. Rarity began measuring Fleur, while Spike was being a little assistant just like back in Ponyville. The nostalgia of working together again felt like a refreshing breeze to the both of them.

Fleur was happy that both Spike and Rarity made up, but something was secretly nagging at her. Soon it was getting late. Rarity had finished setting up a custom design for Fleur which she enjoyed. Spike decided to take it upon himself to escort Fleur back. As they headed back she noticed Spike had a big grin the whole time.

“You know Fleur, I really have to thank you. You have been like the best friend anyone could have. You got Rarity and I back to being friends, I no longer feel queasy from stress, and now I can commence with my next phase of my plan.” Fleur didn’t notice Spike talking to her until he started waving his hand in front of her face. She was too busy staring at him while he was being happy.

“I’m sorry Spike. I guess I am just a bit distracted.” Fleur made sure she wasn’t staring as much.

“Well you had a long day. It was fun though like when we were being chased by the paparazzi.” Spike chuckled.

“That was like the least favorable thing that happened.” They both giggled for a bit until she continued. “I enjoyed your pianist skills much more.”

“Really? I guess the lessons paid off.”

“I’ll say. You should perform. I bet you would be famous quickly.”

“Now you are just flattering me.”

“No! I really mean it. Maybe sometime you can play me a solo again sometime.”

“Sure.” As Spike finished they arrived at the manor. “Well, I guess this is where we part.”

“You shouldn’t say that. That makes it sound like we are going away forever. It’s more of a see you later.”

“I never thought of it that way. Well goodnight then.”

“Goodnight Spike.” She then entered passed the gates. Before she entered the house, she waved to Spike one more time and he waved back before departing. Spike was almost skipping back happier than before. He didn’t know why, but he just felt even happier. As he left however, a stallion kept a close eye on him from high in the manor until he left his line of sight.

“I cannot believe she denied my offer twice. It is that little reptile’s fault.”

Just then Fleur entered the room, “Fancy. Why do you even care about Rarity?”

“Fleur! You weren’t supposed to reveal my identity!”

She rolled her eyes and replied sarcastically, “Yeah. Like they all didn’t know that already. Anyways why Rarity and Spike?”

“Why not Rarity!? She has an impressive resume of being one of those Elements of Harmony and is good friends with the Princess. Anything to help my status. Who is Spike?”

“The ‘reptile’ you despise.”

“Oh. Him. Well he is probably the main cause of why she won’t accept my offer. She has denied me twice so I guess its time to stop being Mr. Gentlepony and take what is mine.”

“And what about Spike?”

“You can do whatever with him. All you need to do is split them apart. You know one of the reasons I pay you for is to follow orders.”

“Maybe we can just let them both be.” Just as Fleur said this, Fancy’s face was a very unpleasant angry stare. “Right. Well I will see what I can do tomorrow.”

“Excellent.” Fancy began an evil laugh and then went to bed ready for his plan to unfold.

Fleur walked to her room thinking about the events that happened thus far. ‘I don’t want to hurt Spike, but I have to do this. It feels bad having to split them up after I just got them together. Maybe it won’t be all bad. Rarity always did want a prince charming from what I remember. Maybe Fancy would fit that description for her. Maybe I can have Spike...’ She shook her head. ‘Scratch that last part. I just don’t want him to be sad anymore. Yeah that is why I want to have Spike. So he won’t feel down that Rarity is with Fancy.’

She entered her room, sighed, then laid down on her soft bed. ‘I really don’t know what to do. Spike will surely hate me by the end of his vacation for using him like this. Maybe I just need to go rest.’ She then slowly begins to nod off to sleep in hopes that tomorrow, things will become more clear.

Spike finally made it back to his room. He was really tired from today’s events, but it was a great day minus the bad start. He won a bet and more importantly beat Prince Blueblood and making him look like a fool, made up with Rarity, and having the best day with Fleur. He is surprised at how things turned out. He still had the gift he had chosen kept secret from Rarity. He will use it at the right time.

Spike then felt once again that he was being watched. He surveyed the room, but saw nothing. He then went back to his bed and quickly fell asleep. Just then in the shadow of the mirror a pony figure appeared once more with crumpled paper in its pocket. “Goodnight Spike.”

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Question: Should I continue to update this until its done or should I update one of the other stories or should I stop being lazy and update all three one chapter per story? I ask this now because with work being brutal to my physical body and soon school starting, it will get a little more tough. Good news is my main source of inspiration is when i'm at the college so I will probably get much better ideas than what I am currently dishing out in other stories. I already got a few recently for this story alone.
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