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Twillight Sparkle’s awesome adventure - Yonasomun

Twillight Sparkle has an awesome adventure .

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In Evarfre Forest nobody hears your scream

CHAPTER FIVE – In Evarfre Forest nobody hears your scream

Autor note: Hai everybody! It’s me the autor of story Yonsonun. Yes I named after the OC, because he’s made after me. Well I’m no vampire or Saijin or Admiral but I wish I was so that I could live in Ponyland and punch Fluttershy all the day.

I write this because I amazed by the rating. It’s not easy to get two stars on this site because everybody is criticly. There are stories with over 1.000 comments, everybody likes and still gives five stars. So that means my story is better than all their stories.

*laughter’s and points with fingers at them* You guys need cooler characters and good plots like mine story. But don’t steal Awesome because he’s mine! But I like to give you all advices about how to write such a great story. If you are interested just sent my 20 $ and I help make your story as Awesome as mine.

As for my voters, keep up the voting. Two stars are good but I want One.

But enough of that blabla and onward with the story since you all missing Awesome and Twillight and the others.

Chapter Five – In Evarfre Forst nobody hears your scream

The Tyrant now has reached Ponyvile which was empty because everyone left for Evarfre Forest. But the Tyrant didn’t bother and moved toward the library.

“Sparkle!” said the Tyrant.

And then suddenly out of nowhere a Spaceship crash into Ponyvile and caused and huge explosion that destroyed the whole town and blew the Tyrant so high in the sky that he flew into the sun and burned to death.



Made the explosion.

And as it was over the door of the blue telephone box who was a spaceship open and out of it jumped Twillight Sparklier the alicorn.

She looked around in the huge crater that was once Ponyvile but now there was nothing left of the town.
“There’s nothing left of the town.” said Twillight Sparklier.

Then she thought about her next steps. She needed to stop her evil mother but she need help to do so because she’s a powerful alicorn and evil. Maybe she should recuse Rainbow Dash but then she remember that Dash probably would’ve escaped by now because she was lesbian and could seduce guards with hot lesbian sex.

So her other option was to look for other allies.

“My other option is to look for other allies” said Twillight Sparklier and spread her wings because she could fly now. And then she flow into the sky looking for other allies.


“I haaaaattttttttttteeeeeeeeeeee walking. I wanted to go home and watch shopping TV.” Cried Rarity.

“I want to cuddle an elephant for my birthday.” said Pinkie.

“Don’t worry Rarity. It’s only one more minute.” said Applejack.

“But I caaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnn’ttttttttttt any longer. It’s just to dashing.” Screamd Rartiy.

“If it’s really that hard to walk five minutes, I could carry you.” said Applejack.

“It’s glad that you finally admitted your love to Rartiy.” said ADMIRAL Awesome.

“My… what?” asked Applejack.

“Oh don’t deny it. You’re made in love with Rartiy since the moment you offered to carry her.” said Awesome.

Applejack wanted to deny it but then she realized that he was true. She cried and hugged Rariy.

“Oh Rartiy I love you.” Screamed Applejack.

“Oh Applejack I love you.” Screamed Rartiy.

“But what will your friends think about our secret relation. Will the accept us?” asked Rarity.

“I’m 20% cool with it.” said Rainbow Dash

“Jumping is fun.” said Pinkie.

“It’s… nice. But are you sure you love each other?” asked Fluttershy who always wanted to ruin other Ponies happiness and never get’s laid by anypony for this.

“Of course we do. The last one minute was an eye opener. And ADMIRAL Awesome said we are in love and he is always right.” said Applejack.

“Man I wish I had a lesbian girl friend.” said Rainbow Dash.

“But you love Pinkie aren’t you?” asked Awesome.

“YES YOU ARE RIGHT I LOVE YOU PINKIE!” screamed Rainbow Dash who couldn’t harbor her feeling that much longer.

“Nails make ouchies if you sit on them.” said Pinkie and licked stone with her tongue.

“I’m glad that you like me to. But what will our friends think about our secret relation. Will the accept us?” asked Rainbow Dash.

“Of course. Oh this is so beatifuly I’m crying now.” said Rarity and cried again.

“Sure. I you are still my best buddy. Right after Awesome her.” said Applejack.

“Oh I’m so happy Pinkie.” screamed Dash.

“Pirateninjas.” Screamed Pinkie and then they kissed.

“So now that we solved all the love tension we can stop the Queen. And look we are at the border of the forest.” said Awesome.

And the were in fact and the border of the Forest and there was a large pile of disarmed mines right next to the path as well as the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

“Oh you are still alive. I didn’t expect that” said ADMIRAL Awesome in a nice way.

“Yes but we sadly didn’t get any Cutie Mark.” said Berry Punch.

“And the white one lost a leg.” said Scotalo.

Then the white one appeared and her left back leg was missing and probably blown up.

“It don’t hurt.” said the white CMC.

“Oh my goodness.” Screamed Fluttershy and rushed past Awesome to look after the wound because she can’t she blood like Awesome who had no problem with that which is why he’s an Admiral and the other stuff.
“So now we can go in the forest.” said Awesome.

“But what about the dangers and the evil enchantress and the monsters and the gay snake?” asked Trixie.

“Good point. Somebody should scout the area. Hey want you to be CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS EVARFRE SCOUTS?” asked Awesome.

“I still feel dizzy in the head.” said the white one.

“You are always dizzy in the head that’s why you are dictionary. And now go into the forst.” said Awesome.

And the CMC’s would’ve gone scouting the forest if t weren’t for Fluttershy who went bitch.

“Oh No Mister! You’re not sending these little fillies into the Evarfre Forest. If you are such a great and awesome guy why don’t YOU go into that forest instead of ordering everybody around?” said Fluttershy.
“Because scouting is boring. I want to smash people.” Said AMDIRAL Awesome and showed again how much better than Fluttershy he is.

“Ooohhh so much drama.” screamed Rarity.

“I guess you both have a point Awesome and Fluttershy. So maybe I should go scouting.” said Applejack

“No you are a main character. It’s better to send in a unimportant background pony.” Said Awesome and pointed at a pony.

“You go into the forst scouting.” said Awesome.
“Great!” said the unimportant background pony and rushed into the forest.

Everybody waited a bit.

“AAAAARRRRRHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGG!” screamed to unimportant background pony from inside the forest and then was silent.

“The title is wrong. We can hear you screaming if you’re inside the Evarfre forest.” said Pinkie.

“Don’t worry, we have more background ponies.” said Awesome.

“AAAARRRRRRGGHHHHHHHHH SWEET CELE… Oh wait she’s evil…. SWEET LULAMOON IT HURTS. ARGHHHHHHH…” screamed another unimportant background pony from inside the forest.

“Looks like we’re running out of unimportant background ponies.” said Applejack.

“Don’t worry then we send in the less popular background ponies.” said Awesome who is a brilliant strategist.

“Oh let me go please.” said Rainbow Dash.

“But you are a main character and if you die I would be sad.” said Awesome.

“Oh please. I want to do something important.” said Rainbow Dash.

“But you are already doing something important by being lesbian.” said Awesome.

“Oh come on! Is “begin lesbian” the only thing I’m good for in this story? What’s about my amazing flight skills or the fact that I can pull of a Sonic Rainboom? Isn’t that more important than my sexual orientation?” asked Rainbow Dash.

Everybody stared at her.

“What’s a Sonic Rainboom , darling?” asked Rarity.

A frustrated loud came out of Dash mouth and then she dashes into the forest

“What’s wrong with her?” asked Applejack.

“It’s probably a lesbian thing.” said ADMIRAL Awesome.


So now Dash was in the forest because she wanted “character development” despite Awesomes advice against it. It was very dark, gloomy and woody in the forest but Dash wasn’t afraid cause she’s Rainbow Dash (and a lesbian).

“I’m going to have some awesome character development when I save the day and scout the forest for evil monsters.” said Dash to herself.

But while she was so confident she didn’t realize how close to the water she came and suddenly without warning a gay snake jumped out of the water a grabed Dash

“Oh nooooooo!” screamed Dash.

“Oh Yesssssssssss!” said the gay snake in an evil gay voice.

Dash tried to fly away and kicked the snake in the face but she couldn’t because the grabing had broken her wing.

“Help me! I don’t want character development anymore.” screamed Dash.

“Oh it’s to laaaaaaaate. And you ruined my pretty face you will so so much pay for it.” said the gay snake.

“I’m not afraid of you do your worst.” said Dash.

“Oh that’s what I’m planning to do. I’ll turn you gay.” Said the gay snake and laughed in an evil gay way.

Dash eyes width in terror as the snake squeed her and started to make her gay.

“Noooooooooooooo!” screamed Dash and tried to struggle free but it was hopeless. She could really feel how she became gayer from minute to minute. Soon she would be a gay to and do evil stuff. It was hopeless and so she started to cry. But this time no turtle could save her.

“Aaaahhhhh don’t fight it. You know you want to be gay.” said the snake.

But then he stopped talking because two lasers hit the snake in the chest and made her scream and drop Dash.

Dash rolled off in the grass and was glade. She was saved just time before becoming gay.

“How dare you prevent my evil plans.” said the snake and looked and the disturber It was…


The Slenderman ingored the bitching of the snake and shooted another pair of laser out of his eyes.

“Argghhhh! I’m melting.” Screamed the snake and melted.

The Slenderman move slowly toward Dash in his goofy walking style and Dash was a bit nervous because Slenderman was an ancient evil but he saved her live so he couldn’t back right

“So thanks for saving my live and lesbianess. How can I repay you?” asked Dash.

Slenderman responded by kissing her. It was a good kiss and Dash liked it. But I’m not going to describe it because it’s cheesy. Just look at any of this shipping Fics for a description it’s just the same.

Then as they stopped kissing Dash looked in the eyes of Slenderman in a lovely way.

“I love you but I’m lesbian. We can’t be together.” Said Dash.

“Oh that’s ok because I’m actually a girl. So we can be together and be happy.” Said Slenderman.

And then they were happy and kissed a bit more.


“Slenderdash? NOW that’s a new ship.” said Pinkie Pie.

“I told her that character development is bad because it almost kills you.” said Awesome and he was right.

“I’m whining for no reason.” cried Rarity.

“And that’s why you best pony.” said Awesome.

“Look I’m a bicycle.” said Pinkie while building a space ship.

“Anyway we need to send in another pony to scout the forest. How many background ponies are left?” asked ADMIRAL Awesome but was interrupted by screams from everybody.

“Aaaahhhhhhh!” screamed everybody because there was a large Alicorn in the sky above them who was about to land.

“It’s Celesia she’s going to kill us.” screamed Liara.

“Run for the hills! Run for the hills!” screamed another important background pony.


So everybody was in panic except for ADMIRAL Awesome who waited for Celesia to land so that he could punch her in the face.

But the Applejack noticed that it wasn’t Celesia because she was white and this pony was purple and looked like Twillight with wings and bigger.

“Hey is that you Twillight?” asked Applejack.

The Alicorn landed looked at AJ and smiled.

“Yes it’s me. But I’m no longer Twillight. I’m now Twillight Sparklier.” said Twillight Sparklier the Alicorn.

Then awesome pushed AJ aside and gave Twillight his hand.
“Hello I’m ADMIRAL Awesome Yonasomun Armageddon. I’m leading the New Awesome Lulamoon Empire.” said Awesome.

Twillight took the hand and shaked it.

“I already like you very much.” said Twillight.

“Twillight is that real you?” asked Trixie suddenly.

“Yes it’s me Trixie. Oh how did I miss you honey.” screamd Twillight and the she and her husband hugged. And Rarity stoppd crying for a second and looked at the two before crying agan.

“I thought your evil mother would’ve killed you.” said Trixie.

“Now I escaped together with the astronaut but now he’s death and I’m an Alicorn.” said Twillight and was said for a moment.

“Anyway it’s nice that you are here. Since you are an Alicorn and all that you could scout the Evarfre Forest.” said Applejack.

“Why do you want to scout the forest full of monsters and gays?” asked Twillight Sparklier.

“Because we’re going to set up a resistance base and there’s also Celesia’s secret nuclear weapon arsenal we can use against her.” said Awesome.

“Woah you know a lot. Even more then I.” said Twillight and was impressed

“Yes. Let me show you how awesome I’m.” said ADIRMAL Awesome and the he put a gun in Fluttershy’s hooves.

“Shoot me in the face.” said Awesome.

But since Fluttershy was a coward she just stared at him with her stupid eyes.

“Shut you? But… I never used…” whimpered Fluttershy.

“Shoot me our I break your leg!” Screamed Awesome.

“O… ok if you’re really want it.” said Fluttershy , aimed the guy and closed her eyes. And then she shoot.

The bullet hit ADMIRAL Awesome in the head and fell on the ground and was death.

Everybody looked at the death Awesome in horror.

“Let’s watch Prince Promenade.” said Pinkie Pie while she poked Awesome’s corpse with a stick.

Fluttershy immediately dropped the gun.

“I-I didn’t want to kill hm. Oh sweet Lulamoon !” cried Fluttershy.

Yes now she’s sorry. If she is really that worried about him begin death then she shouldn’t have shoot him in the fire place.

Now she killed THE BEST OC EVER and is definitely worst pony.

So how will the fight against Celesia? Is Twillight Sparklier enough to stop the evil queen? Or is all hope lost because of Awesome death? Can Fluttershy become even worse?

She next time in Twillight Sparkle’s awesome adventure.