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Twillight Sparkle’s awesome adventure - Yonasomun

Twillight Sparkle has an awesome adventure .

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Lots of stuff happens

Part IV – Lots of stuff happens

It now rained and the Tyrant was very wet but he still was walking.

“Sparkle!” said the Tyrant.


The lesbian Rainbow Dash opened her eyes and felt cold stone in her back. First she had no idea where she was but then she remembered that Queen Celesia had thrown her in the Ponyland castle dungeon and wanted to cut off her wings.

So Dash decided to do something and so she did something and screamed a bit but nobody seemed to ignore her.

“Looks like I need a clever escape plan.” said Rainbow Dash.

“No clever escape plan vill let you escape Fraeulein Dash.” said a person right new to Dash she hadn’t notice before.

Dash turned around to see the person right next to her and her breath freeze.

It was a griphon with a spikey helmet and a monocle. A griphon she already knows from her past times.

“King Gilda of the griphon? What are you doing here? Why aren’t you chained to a wall like me and wearing a weapon?” asked Rainbow Dash.

“Zat is because ve griphon are vorking vith Queen Selesia to enslave all pony.” said King Gilda for the griphon.

“WHAT?” screamed Dash who couldn’t believe her ears because she never thought that the evil Queen was working with the evil Griphons.

“Zat is correct Fraeulein Dash. Ve made a pact vith ze Queen. Ve are her guards and kill all pony rebels and in exchange ve and rule over all ze ponies.” said Gilda.

“But I thought we friends.” said Dash.

“Ve vere once friends, but you didn’t love me. Zat made me sad and I feel nozing for you anymore.” said King Gilda.

“But I couldn’t love you because I’m lesbian because of hair.” said Dash.

“Zen our talking is over.” said King Glda and left. And then he placed two grim looking griphon guards next to Dash she that she wouldn’t do anything like escaping.

Dash wanted to cry but couldn’t because she was lesbian. So she just screamed in anger and frustration and stuff.

“Zhut up!” screamd one of the griphon guards.

“Make me shut up!” screamed Dash back.

“Abgasferordnung!” said the griphon and punched Dash in the rainbow symbol on her side.
That was painful and so Dash screamed.

“Hey you Dash, you want to escape?” said a guy that was chained to a walk next to Dash.

“Sure thing.” said Dash and looked at that guy.

The guy looked like Twillight only as a guy and with a beard and fancy cloth stuff.

“Hey you are Starwirl the vizard, right?” asked Dash.

“Yes I’m. I didn’t like the evil stuff of the queen and said no. So she threw me into prison and made the griphon breaking my legs.” Said Starwirl the vizard.

“That sounds bad.” said Dash.

“Yes it’s bad. But together we can escape and tell the others that Celesia is evil and then we stop her.” said Starwirl.

“Nein talking!” said one of the griphon guards.


Meanwhile in Ponyvile: A dead elite elite guard who wasn’t dead rises his hands and used his weapon to shoot Fluttershy. But then he missed and was whole dead and the bullet killed Owlowiscious instead.

“No!” screamed everybody and Admiral Awesome, too.

So now Owlowiscious is death and didn’t appear in the story at all and instead it was Angel who talked the whole time. And now it’s Fluttershy’s vault that the owl is dead.
Meanwhile in space the ship with Twillight and Doctor Voohves was attacked by space sharks.

“The ship is attacked by space sharks.” said Twillight who was stumbling through the ship like in those old star tirak movies.

“Quick we must fire the death rays.” said Doctor Whoovesss.

“Ok.” said Twilligh and ran to the death rays.

However then a space shark breached the hull of the ship and tried to grab Twillight with his sharp mouth but Twillight dodged. Very sadly the space shark was now standing between her and the death ray button.

“Doctor the shark is now standing between me and the death ray button!” sceamed Twillight.

Then Doctor Whuves wanted to say something but another space shark appeared and ate him into two halves.

“I don’t want to go.” said Doctor Whooves and then the astronaut was death.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” screamd Twillight sexily and felt how her anger rised.

Then more spaces sharks breached through the hull and so Twillight ran away and hide in the broom closet. The shark, who aren’t stupid, followed Twillight to the broom chamber and since they as smart as the lizard in that movie on the island with that guy who got eaten by a T-Rix they could open the door.

Twillight was horrified as the door slowly opend and a shark peeked in.

“I’m horrified.” said Twillight.

And then a shark jumped in and killed her and Twillight was death.


Or is she?



Five seconds before the shark jumped in Twillight noticed a hatch on the ground with a ladder leading up.

“There’s a hatch on the ground with a ladder leading up. Now I can escape.” Said Twillight and climbed down just in the moment one of the sharks jumped in, but he couldn’t kill her because she was already down the hatch.


So Twillight climbed down the hatch and reached the reactor core of the ship that was bigger in the inside than the outside. And then Twillight had an idea.

She jumped into the reactor core with a loud scream. As expected the power that powered the space ship hurted her body. But then some changes happened. She could feel how her body grow and her eyes started glowing withy liked in the show when she kills somebody with that color death ray.

Now the space sharkes jumped into the room and saw how Twillight transformed. Suddenly wings sprouted out of her back as her horn became larger and her hair went wild and started to sparkle. The sharks were totally surprised by that until Twillight suddenly stand before them.


Like everyone in this story the sharks attacked anyway because they didn’t know better. The stood no chance since Twillight was now far more powerful and soon the sharks were death. After the deed was done Twillight crawled over to the death Doctor and cried.

“You were a brave hero and I’ll never forget you doctor. I’ll carry one, find the artifact, become the chosen mare and stop my evil mother Celesia for doing more evil stuff.” said Twillight and closed his eyes while he smiled happily.

Then she walked over to the commando bridge and punched the navigation consol.

“D-E-S-T-I-N-A-T-I-O-N?” said the robotic voice of the navigation consol.

“Equestria. Near the artifact.” Said Twillight determent to finish the mission.

“P-I-L-O-T?” asked the robotic voice

“Twillight Sp…” said Twillight but stopped. She realized that she was now indeed an alicorn, too and more powerful than ever So she need an new name to show that change and to honor the doctor, too.

“Twillight Sparklier!” said Twillight Sparklier.