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Twillight Sparkle’s awesome adventure - Yonasomun

Twillight Sparkle has an awesome adventure .

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The evil streiks back

Chapter II – The evil strikes back

Celesia was sitting on her I throne n Ponyland Castle, drinking blood out of a skull. (Don’t worry it’s not a pony skull.). While she was just thinking about all the gloriously evil things she could do, a guard stumbled into the room.

“Queen Celesia, I bring you bad news.” said the breathless guard.

The Queen raised herself from the throne, spread her large pinkie wings and looked at the guard with cold red eyes.

“Is that so? In that case you must die. BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!” said Celesia and then she killed the guard and drank his blood.

“Please sister, why must you kill everybody who brings you bad news? That’s so cruel.” said a dark blue smaller pony that was chained to a wall.

“Because I’M EVIL! BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!” said Celesia.

“But..” said the blue sister.

“No but’s. You now shut up Lulamoon” said Celesia and then she shoot lightings out of her eyes.

The lightings hit Lulamoon and caused great pain. So Lulamoon started to cry, but that was ok because she was in pain and Celesia laughed. Then another guard entered the room stormed into the room.

“Queen Celesia, I bring you…” he said, but then he saw the dead corpse of the previous guard and stopped.

Unfortunately Celesia had already noticed him. She stopped the blood drinking and laughing and looked at the guard.

“Do you bring me bad news?” asked Celesia, happy to kill another guard.

“NO, NO. I bring you GOOD news.” said the sweating and stinking guard.

“What good news?” asked Celesia.

“Several guards were killed in a very bloody way and…” said the guard but was interrupted by Celesia.

“Yes those are good news. BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!” said Celesia and started to laugh.

“No that is horrible because that means that ponies are death.” said Lulamoon but then Celesia hit her with another lighting.

“However, there is more good news. Your daughter Twillight finally realized that you’re evil and now she and Doctor Vhooves trying to find the secret weapon to stop you.” said the guard.

Celesia nodded her head in approval. It was sad that her daughter now knows that she was evil and she had to kill her. On the other hand she always wanted to kill her, so this was actually a good thing

“And the best of all is that we captured on of her friends.” said the guard.

“Which one?” asked Celesia.

“The lesbian.” said the guard.

“You foal! Why did you capture Liara? She’s just a background pony so Twillight will not care if I kill her.” screamed Celesia and started to kill the guard.

“No we captured the other lesbian called Rainbow Dash. The one who’s part of the harmony elements.” said the almost death guard.

“Oh that are very good news so I’m not killing you.” said Celesia and stopped killing the guard.

“Thanks my Queen.” said the guard and left the room and lived happily even after.

In the next scene Rainbow Dash was brought into the throne room. Large chains were all over her body and two guards actually had to drag her into the room. She didn’t look happy.

“Rainbooooowwwwwwwww Daaaaaassssssshhhhhhhh! Nooooooooooo!” screamed Lulamoon and tried to cry again but couldn’t because there were no tears left. Celesia was that evil.

“Mmpphhmppfffff.” said Rainbow Dash because there was a towel in her mouth.

“Ah welcome in Ponyland Castle my little Dashie. Let’s remove that towel so that everybody can hear your lovely voice. Shall we?” said Celesia and used her god-like powers to remove that towel from her mouth.

“You c******* p********* I’m going to c ******* end you if Twillight isn’t faster.” said Rainbow Dash.

“My, my what a bad language.” said Celesia.

“And what are you going to do about it Queen Meanie?” said Rainbow Dash.

(Queen Meanie! Got it? That’s what Pinkie Pie said as the black fog pony appeared in that one episode it’s a nod to that episode. That makes it funny, even if this is a sad, sad story.)

“I’ll cut off your wings. BWAHAHAHAHAHAH! BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!” said Celesia.

Suddenly all color was removed from Rainbow Dash face.

“No not my wings. I need them to fly and one day I want to join the Shadowbolts.” screamed Dash.

“And why should I care about a pathetic little lesbian?” asked Celesia while she looked at the sobbing Rainbow Dash.

“No please sister, have mercy. She doesn’t deserve this.” said Lulamoon, still on the wall.

But Celesia ignored her sisters pleading and the cries of Dash and ordered her guards to throw her into the dungeon so that her wings could be removed tomorrow during a public execution. Now she only needed to take care of her daughter and that telephone box traveling astronaut. And she had the right stallion for that job…


Meanwhile in Ponyvile Twillight’s friends were worried about her nothing showing up to her own birthday party – except for Rainbow Dash who was already in the Ponyland Castle prison.

“Nowa whera isa Twillighta? Sha was neva lad befoa.” said Applejack in her accent I’m not using again because it sounds silly.

“Indeed Darling. I just hope that her mother didn’t throw her into the dungeon. That would be soooooo horribly horrible.” said Rarity who was carrying three shopping bags around.

“I’m Pinkie Pie and I’m doing random stuff.” said Pinkie and painted the ceiling green.

“Who?” said Angel the animal assistant of Fluttershy and not Owlowiscious because he's death and retconed.

“Twillight Sparkle, the purple pony who lives in this house. Oh I’m sure you remember her, right? But if not that’s ok. It was a busy week for you poor little creature with all the researches Twillight did.” said the annoying yellow pony named Fluttershy and just showed again how stupid she is.

Because she totally failed to understand that Angel didn’t asked “Who?”. He’s just an bunny and bunnies making “Who” sounds all the time. Everybody knows that except for Fluttershy and now you all should laugh about her.

So they were all worried about Twilight and her lack of appearance as suddenly and out of nowhere a pony crushed through the window. It was covered in blood and it was his own blood.

“Oh my god it’s Sheriff Silverstar.” Screamed Applejack.

“Darling that blood totally doesn’t match with your mustache.” said Rarity.

“Look everybody I can stand on only one leg.” said Pinkie.

“We have now time for this Twillight Sparkle is in great danger. The queen wants to kill her; you must go and help her. “ said Sheriff Silverstar and died.

Fluttershy immediately stared to sob because she’s a weakling unlike Lulamoon who’s tears were totally justified.

“What do we do now? I got blood my coat and Celesia is trying to kill Twillight” said Rarity and started to cry and unlike Fluttershy she didn’t look like an idiot.

“We may have bigger problems. The guards are approaching this place.” said Applejack and looked out of the window

“Who?” said Angel not the owl.

“What are we going to doooooooooooooooooo?” screamed Rarity.

“I like volleyballs.” said Pinkie Pie

“I reckon that we try to take out as many as possible before they get us.” said Applejack and grabbed her shotgun.

“That’s a fabulous idea darling. Luckily I just bought this new diamond powered laser.” said Rarity and opened one of her shopping bags. Inside was …


AJ looked into the faces of her friends and gave them a grim nod.

“Alright everyone, it’s time to chew bubble gums and kick plots.” said Applejack.

“Let’s eat some snails.”said Pinkie and grabed her two Uzis.

And then they started shooting the guards. Except for Angel who is just an bunny and Fluttershy who doesn’t own a gun and proved again how useless she is.


An evil looking stallion with a black coat, red eyes, a red mane and black eyes entered the throne room. His Cutie Mark was a cracking skull with bleeding eyes.

“Hail you Queen Celesia, I’m awaiting your orders.” said the cruel colt.

“Hail me. It’s nice to see you again Commander Killemall. I assume your last mission was a success?” asked Celesia.

“Indeed my Queen. We slaughtered every single buffalo between her and Appelsina and made nice, warm socks out of their skins. Soon you should receive the first shipment.” said Commander Killemall.

“Very well. I can’t wait to wear my new socks. But now I’ve another task for you.” said Celesia.

“Whatever you wish my Queen.” said Commander Killemall.
Celesia smiled evilish. “You must find and kill my daughter.”

“But isn’t your daughter the chosen mare? And isn’t the chosen mare far too powerful?” asked Commander Killemall.

“No you foal! She will only become the chosen mare if she finds that artifact. You must kill her before that happens.” said Celesia.

“Even without that power, she’s still very powerful and she’s accompanied by the Doctor with his astronaut powers. This is no easy task.” said Commander Killemall.

This made Celesia very angry. So angry that her face turned red. So was about to kill Killemall but then she remembered that he was her best man and that she would need him to find her daughter. So she couldn’t kill him until later.

“If you succeed you’ll get more gold than you can ever imagine and as a bonus I make sure that you get the hat of Applejack.” said Celesia.

The mention of Applejack put a smile on his face and made his eyes all teary.

“How did you know about my secret desire?” asked Commander Killemall.

“You mean your live-long dream of standing above the dying Applejack, wearing her hat while she is cursing you with her last breath? That was easy.” said Celesia.

“Alright Queen. I’ll do it.” said Killemall. Sure it was very dangerous and there was a 100% chance that he could dye but the reward was totally worth it. Finally he could have his revenge and make Applejack and her family pay.

“Great. Now be so nice and kill some innocent on the way out, will you?” asked Celesia.

“As you wish.” he said and bowed before the Queen before leaving through the same door he entered.

After he was go Celesia turned to her sister. “Now nothing can stop me! BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!” said Celesia.

“He can still die.” said Lulamoon.

“Maybe. But that’s why I have back-up plan.” said Celestia.

Lulamoon gulped. Her evil sister had a back-up plan? She didn’t expect that. Now all hope was lost!

“Allow me to present you my back-up plan.” Said Celesia and pushed a big red buitton on the wall.

With a large “SNIRRKKKKKK” sound a big door opened itself and a huge figure stepped out of the shadows.

Lulamoon gasped and looked at the horrifying creature.

“Yes I’m a tyrant with a Tyrant.” screamed Celesia.

(Woah that is certainly the best pun I’ve ever made and this is only the second chapter!

By the way, that Tyrant looks like the Tyrant from the fifth Resident Avil game. The only difference is that he has a cutie mark in form of a heart. It’s a symbol for his special talent of ripping out hearts. I would give you a better description of the Tyrant but I’m assuming that everybody who’s reading this story already played all Resident Avil games. If you didn’t play those games just search in the Internet.There are lots of pictures of the Tyrant.)

“Sparkle!” said the Tyrant and moved forward.

“Yes. Even if Killemall fails, you will not fail. Now go and kill my own daughter.” said Celesia.

“Sparkle!” said the Tyrant as he walked past a horrified Lulamoon and left the castle.

Everybody who saw the creature on his path immediately fell unconscious or got a heart attack. The creature didn’t notice. It had only one mission.

“Sparkle!” said the Tyrant again.

Celesia watched the creature from the big window in the throne room. “Yes. Yes Yes. BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!”

“Sparkle!” said the Tyrant.

(Don’t worry Killemall is not THE BEST OC EVER He will be revealed in the next even more amazing chapter of this story.)

End of Chapter 2