• Published 23rd Jan 2012
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Twillight Sparkle’s awesome adventure - Yonasomun

Twillight Sparkle has an awesome adventure .

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The tyrant was still walking through the countryside on his mission to find Twillight Sparkle.

“Sparkle!” said the Tyrant.


Fire, explosions and bullets were everywhere. And he was in the middle looking at the enemies very angrily. The enemies tried to killed him but couldn’t because he was that good. He dogded all their bullets, jumped over a barbwire fence and kill some of them.

“Who are you?” screamed one of the enemies in a funny foreign accent.

“I’m Admiral Awesome Yonasomun Armageddon, leader of the U. S. Army Saijin Brigade.” said Awesome Yonasomun Armageddon, leader of the U. S. Army Saijin Brigade.

“Then I will kill you!” screamed the enemy, but couldn’t do it because Awesome ripped out his heart. And then he kill several more. But he didn’t stop because there were still more enemies.

So ran did a bit more running until and enemy tank stand in his way. “Prepare to die!” said the Tank but Awesome just hit it with his fist so long until it was only a small metal cube. Then he ran a bit more.

Some enemies still tried to shoot him but couldn’t because he dodged all the bullets. So he ran into the enemy camp and killed that guy from the TV that nobody likes and destroyed their whole camp.

“What an awesome job I have done!” said Awesome and made a cool pose.

“But now I should go back to my tent and sleep a bit before killing more enemies.” said Awesome and so he move back to the Amarican camp.
He entered his tent but was already expected by the President of Amarican.

“Hello Mr. President. Beautiful weather isn’t it?” asked Awesome.

“Indeed. But that’s not why I’m in your tent I have an important mission for you Awesome Yoasoun Armageddon.” said P. Resident the President of Amarican.

“Whatever it is President P. Resident considers it done. Because that’s what I’m doing.” said Awesome.

“That’ good to know. Because the enemy leader boss is in a base nearby. And he has an evil weapon that will do bad things to people if you don’t stop him.” said President P. Resident.

“Enemy leader boss is nearby? That is good news Mr. President. I always wanted to kill him.” said Awesome.

“Maybe you shouldn’t go alone. Enemy leader boss has many guards, not even the of the Saijin Brigade could make it past the defense.” said one of those guys with black suits, black pants, black sunglasses, black shoes and the funny things the ear who looks like those guys from Matrix and always standing next to the president.

“You think I can’t handle this?” asked awesome and punched the black wearing dude in the face who was totally shocked and didn’t expect that.

“I’m shocked and didn’t expect that.” said the black wearing dude.

“I’m not only an admiral and a Saijin, I’m also a vampire who can walk in the sunlight. Enemy leader boss and his many guards will not stop me from saving the world.” Screamed Awesome and punched the black wearing dude again to make sure that he would understand.

“Please don’t punch my black wearing dudes Admiral even if you’re awesome and I agree that you will save the world from enemy leader boss all alone.” said President P. Resident.

(Got it? P. Resident = President. Just remove the dot and put the P before the R of the name. It’s funny.)

“Thanks for your word of confidence.” said Awesome.

“Just be careful. Because those weapons are evil and if he uses them it would make many people sad and death.” said the Amarican president.

“Don’t worry. I’ll do the right thing.” said Awesome and dashed off right to the secret base of enemy leader boss.

“Is it a bird?” asked one of enemy leader bosses guards.

“Is it a plan?” asked another one of enemy leader bosses guards.

“No it’s Awesome Yoasoun Armageddon.” said again another guard.

“The we must kill him.” said the first guard and then they tried to do so.

So the fired their guns but didn’t know that Admiral Awesome could dodge all their bullets. So he dodged all their bullets and then he killed them. And then he killed some more guards. And then he entered the secret base. And then he killed some more guards. And then he used a lift into the secret underground base under the secret base. And there he killed some more guards and some cyborgs and evil scientist, too. And then he walked to the villain of enemy leader boss. And their he killed some more guards and finally stand before enemy leader boss.

He was a very evil looking man with a funny uniform and had only one eye, one hand, one ear and one nose and right behind him was a large bad weapon.

“I expected you Awesome my old nemesis.” said enemy leader boss with his evil voice.

“I expected you too.” said Awesome.
Enemy leader boss looked surprise. “Why did you expect me her?” he asked.

“Because this is your secret lair.” Screamed Awesome and punched him very hart

Enemy leader boss crushed into the weapon and thus the Countdown started.

“Oh no. No we’re all going to die.” Said enemy leader boss.

“No before you die.” Said Awesome and then they fought.

Enemy leader boss grabbed as large mace that was poisoned with acid and made out of very strong steel while Awesome used his Saijin Katamaranu. So the both fought very tensely. Then enemy leader boss hit Awesome in the arm.

“Ha your death now.” said enemy leader boss.

Enemy leader boss was now very confident that he could kill Awesome and then he would be a big hero and enemy leader bosses followers would make him king of the world.

“Oh no. I’m dying and can’t fight back any more. I’ll now drop my weapon and knee before me so that you can kill me.” said Awesome.

And then he droped his sword and kneed before enemy leader boss. Enemy leader boss believed Awesome and so he moved closer them him and lifted his acid-poisoned axe.

“Goodbye Admiral Awesome Yoasoun Armageddon.” said enemy leader boss and prepared to kill him.

But that was wht Awesome had planed, so he quickly pulled a dagger out of his unform and stabed enemy boss leader.

“Arghhhh!” screamed enemy boss leader and was bleeding and felt on the floor. He was now dead because his eyes were open.

Awesome quickly jumped on his feet’s to stupid the countdown of t evil weapon. But it was to late and everything exploded in a big explosion.


Meanwhile in Ponyvle the situation was dire. The Mane Six – minus Twillight Sparkle who was with Doctor Whoowes and Rainbow Dash who was in a prison and Fluttershy who is useless – still fought against the guards.

“We’re running out of ammo.” Screamed Applejack so loud that the enemies could hear her, too.

“And I’m missing my hair dresser appointment.” cried Rarity.

“And I wish that stupid author would give me better dialogues.” said Pinkie while doing some random stuff.

Sure they had killed around 1.000 guards in the shout-out at Twillight’s house but there were still more and now there were even the elite elite guards which are black alicorns with spiky armors, sunglasses and gas masks.

“All right my little ponies. Surrender now and we spare your lives.” said one of the elite elite guards.

“No we don’t surrender to your evil queen Celesia.” screamed Applejack and killed some more guards.

“If you not surrender, we’ll kill this background pony.”said the elite elite guard and placed a gun on the head of a background pony but then Pinkie gave him a headshot.

Then the guards killed the background pony and continued shooting. Fortunately it wasn’t one of the populare background ponies so the death wasn’t that said.
“Wait are we going to dooooooooooo? I don’t want to die in such a dirty place.” screamd Rarity.

“Uumm… maybe we could dig our way out. There are some shovels in the cellar and the ground isn’t that solid.” said Fluttershy. But that was a stupid suggestion because Fluttershy made it.

So they fired a bit more at the guards until another elite elite guard who was hiding behind a pile of death guards screamed over to them.

“Surrender now. We have Twillight’s boyfriend and we’re going to kill him if you not surrender.” Said the elite elite guard.

“Aww horseapples they have Trixie.” said Applejack.

And indeed that had captured Twillight’s boyfriend and one of the elite elite guards had placed a laser on his head.

“Don’t surrender. He’s going to kill me anyway.” screamed Trixe over the battlefield.

“No we don’t.” said that elite elite guard.

“What are we going to do now?” asked Applejack and looked very concerned at her five friends.

“We totally should surrender so that I can still make it to my appointment with the hair dresser.” said Rarity.

“That’s a good argument Rarity. Ok we’re going to surrender.”said Applejack and dropped her gun out of the window.

“I was once in Paris” said Pinkie Pie.

Then the other dropped there guns, too.

“Ok evil guards, we’re coming out now. Don’t shoot.” said Applejack.

“No. We lied. We’re going to shoot you.” said the elite elite guard.

“Oh no they lied.” said Applejack

And then the guard were about to shoot them and Trixie, too. But suddenly a withe light appeared in the middle between them and out of the light dropped human.

He was wearing a badass army uniform with many medals and had blond hair and a badass face. It was….


He opened his eyes and looked around. “Oh I’m in a land fully of magical talking ponies and those ponies in tree over their fighting against the evil ponies of their evil queen.” he immediately realized and thus skipped the boring introduction part so that we are right back into the action.

Awesome immediately pulled out his sword and started killing the surprised elite elite guard and made lots of good puns while doing so.

“Who is this human?” screamed one of the elite elite guards after he was beheaded by Awesome.

“I don’t know, but we should run away quickly and warn the Queen.” Said another elite elite guard who was running away.

And soon they were all die. Happily Awesome put his sword back into the sword belt and looked at the Mane Six minus Twillight and Rainbow Dash and plus Trixie who isn’t a Mane Six but Twillight’s boyfriend.

“Ah thanks for saving our plots Mr. human. You are an awesome person.” said Applejack.

“And I really like your hair.” said Rarity.

“And you are totally not a Self-Insert and a Mary Sue.” added Pinkie Pie.

And then this very populare OC from that other story with ponies appeared and looked at Awesome.

“Hey you are the best OC every (Title drop again!) You are even better than me.” said the populare OC from that other story.

“Yes I know.” said Awesome and was happy.

But then a certain yellow Pegasus with pink mane carefuly approached him.

“Uh hello Mr. human. My name is Fluttershy and… Welcome to Equestria.” said the worst pony.

Of course, Admiral Awesome Yonasomun Armageddon was immediately annoyed by that yellow pony.

“SHUT UP YOU ANNYOING THING!” he screamed and then he punched Fluttershy in the face. And since she is such a pathetic character she started to cried almost immediately and ran away while blood was running out of her nose.

And so the best OC ever had entered Ponyland.