• Published 7th Dec 2012
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No Less Than Perfect - Sparx

Sappy, lovey dovey, Sparity Romance story

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A Date for Spike

The rest of the night went fantastic. After the two finished their meal, Spike suggested they catch a film. Naturally, Rarity wanted to watch the most recent romance movie. Spike didn't mind, in fact, he quite enjoyed the film. He turned to look at Rarity once on a really emotional scene. She was tearing up a little. Spike looked down at his claws, he was twiddling his thumbs. The dragon took a deep breath and reached a claw over and caressed her hoof. He had taken her by surprise, but it put quite a large smile on her face.

It wasn't long before Spike noticed that the movie was coming to an end. He gave out a light sigh, unwilling for the end of this night to come any closer. But alas, the credits began to roll, and everypony rose from their seats, leaving their popcorn and other snacks for the staff to pick up. Spike stood as well and walked out the front doors with Rarity at his side. He couldn't help but look down at his feet.

"Spike?" Rarity asked him, but gathered no reaction. "Spike? Is something wrong?"

Spike suddenly felt himself snap out of his little trance, and looked up at Rarity with a smile. "Not at all Rarity." Of course, though it was almost over, he had to admit he absolutely loved the time he was able to spend with Rarity tonight. "Well, I guess it's back to the Carousel Boutique then?"

He had expected a simple nod or smile for confirmation, so he was a bit surprised when it didn't come, and she instead tapped a hoof against her chin. "Actually, Spike. If it isn't too much trouble, it seems Luna has made an exceptionally lovely night sky for us tonight. Perhaps we should go through a lovely walk in the park or even a stroll through town. After all, I can NEVER get enough of Canterlot whenever I visit."

Spike absolutely beamed, his large dragon teeth showing from cheek to cheek. He stood as straight as possible with one arm crossed over his chest before giving a deep bow, bringing his free arm around to his back. "But of course m'lady." Hearing Rarity give a girlish giggle at this set his heart soaring with delight.

With another grin, he rose back to his full height, only to be surprised by something cold and wet gently land upon his nose. He and Rarity looked up. Though they were difficult to see, there were definitely a few snow clouds overhead. The flakes fell at a slow, gentle pace. They looked like small diamonds in the sky, the absolute perfect accent for a night on the town with this particular pair. Rarity gave a small coo of delight at the scene, then turned back to Spike, waiting on his word.

The dragon returned the glance and nodded, motioning for Rarity to go first. She obeyed, and the two of them started walking, with no clear direction or destination, just walking in the chilly air of the night, enjoying one another's company.

For the longest time, the two of them didn't speak, and they didn't need to. It was enough to know that the other was there, catching them in their view like a precious treasure. There was an occasional time or two that Spike's claw would brush up against Rarity, reminding the two that they were, in fact, awake and not dreaming. If somepony who had never seen them before witnessed this, they would swear the smiles on their faces were always there, it looked so natural, and almost permanent.

It was getting late, and quite dark. The street lamps were out, and the only illumination the two of them had were the stars and Luna's full moon. When Spike caught a glance of Rarity in the starlight, she seemed to glow, or rather radiate with brilliance. He couldn't help but lock his gaze on her, a dopey grin wide across his face. In the split moment before she turned back to look back at him he looked away and scratched the back of his head. As much as he felt for her, he wasn't especially fond of her little lectures on manners, and he knew staring was considered 'rude'. "It's alright Spike."

He turned back to her. She was gazing quite alluringly into his eyes. "Huh?"

"I said you can stare if you like Spike." She chuckled. "If you would pardon a lady's manners, I've been doing so a bit earlier tonight as well."

The purple Dragon turned to a bright shade of pink for a moment. He couldn't really think of what to say in response to that, so of course, he just returned to his stupid little grin. Rarity let out a giggle. Spike had always been quite obvious with his attraction to her, though his timid actions were positively adorable.

The two of them came to the very center of the town, a fountain of the sisters soaking up the starlight. They decided to take a seat on a nearby bench. The two of them sat there for a long while, gazing at the stars, and occasionally shooting a smile at one another. Rarity could feel the hours starting to tire her a little bit. She rested her head upon Spike's lap. The dragon felt his heart race and his face heat up. He believed that if he had died right now, he'd be happy. But he wasn't dying, not for a long time, and he was going to make the most of this. He let an arm cover her back and neck, gently caressing her chin and sending his heart rate into overdrive. Rarity didn't resist for even a second, she just gave out a content sigh and nuzzled up on Spike's leg.

The dragon smiled wide, he couldn't think that he'd had a moment any more perfect than this one. Just as he was about to speak, he felt a slight gurgle in his stomach. Uh-oh With his free arm, spike hit at his chest a few times. His cheeks bulged and he kept his mouth shut tight, preventing his belch from escaping. Looking down at Rarity, he rubbed his brow in relief. He felt something in his mouth, a scroll. He stuck his tongue out and carefully retrieved the letter with his free claw, using his thumb to break the seal, unwilling to disturb Rarity.

Dearest Spike,
We have noticed thy courting of Rarity, and would like to lend a helping hoof. Should thou desire, we may prepare the stars in a message or pattern that most certainly should win over thy mare's heart. Perhaps a recommendation of where to watch the sunrise? Our sister usually tells us not to meddle in affairs such as these, however, she seems to have taken a deep appreciation in thy efforts to woo the element of generosity. She says it would be a grand step forward for the dragon race as a whole, as there has never been a recorded partnership between a pony and a dragon.
But, we digress. In short, you have the full support of Celestia and ourself in your endeavor.

Princess Luna

Spike blinked his eyes in disbelief a few moments. He looked down at Rarity, who was still snuggling against his leg. He gave another light smile before setting the letter on his knee and producing a quill from inside his bow tie. He quickly scribbled that he would love to see such things, then held the paper to his nose before letting out a small puff of fire, reducing the scroll to tiny sparkling dust to fly through the air.

After a few more moments of resting on the dragon's lap, Rarity roused herself awake. Spike looked her in the eye with a wide smile. "I have a surprise for you Rarity." She looked back at him with a curious look upon her face. He motioned for her to get up and follow him, and she complied. Spike escorted her up to a plaza overlooking the lands of Equestria below, with Ponyville being the center of attention. Rarity looked down on her home, smiling warmly with thoughts of Sweetie Belle and her parents lying comfortably in bed. Spike tapped her on the shoulder and pointed up to the night sky. She looked up and in her amazement, the stars began to dance.

The stars all gathered, forming an outline of two creatures, a dragon, and a unicorn. The figures bowed to one another before holding claw and hoof, and began to dance an elegant waltz. Rarity was awestruck, tears forming in her eyes. "Spike...It's so..." the young dragon placed a claw on her shoulder to draw her attention. While she usually had a sparkle in her eye, the welling tears and the stars above made her brilliant blues look like the night sky as well. It was obvious to both of them now, this wasn't just a date between friends, this was something they had both been waiting a long long time for, and as they met one another's lips, a wave of relief and joy flooded their bodies, replacing anything that was in there before. Some ponies swore they saw the same scene play out in the stars that night.

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