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When you're a ruler of a major country, you don't have much time for yourself.

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Message in the Stars Shocks Citizens!
Residents of Equestria and the world were stunned last night when the stars themselves moved to form a message. Presumed to be the work of Princess Luna, the night sky spelled out "KISS HER" in capital letters for approximately ten minutes last night. What everypony is wondering: Who was the message for?

Speculation so far has a few suspects. The famed musician Hoof Moon was apparently on a date with an unknown mare last night, leading some to believe that Luna's request was direct at him. However, when asked for comment, he claimed (with trademark subtly) that him and his marefriend were "Doing a lot more than kissing" when the message appeared. Others have claimed the message was for any number of normal couples. Some say that it might be directed at a Royal, prehaps the recently wed Princess Cadence. A few even suggest that Celestia may have a lover, asking why Luna would do something so drastic for anypony else, but that premise is, of course, outlandish.

Reception to the move has not all been positive. One resident of Ponyville comments: "It was inappropriate for the Princess to interfere with the lives of so many ponies for something so trivial. Mares get kissed all the time, but does Luna really need to make a star message?" Another questions, "Did Luna think this through? She must have effected thousands of couples. I personally think that Celestia should reprimand her, at the very least."

Others are more cheerful. "I think it's sweet," commented one mare, "It's nice to see the princesses get involved in the daily lives and routines of ponies." Another agreed, saying, "I wish I was the pony that message was for. She must be extremely lucky."

The Canterlot Herald will follow-up on the story as details trickle in.


Celestia stared worriedly down at the newspaper. She didn't blame her sister for the gesture - In fact, she was grateful for it - But she had no idea how to respond to these stories. It didn't help that this newspaper was the first in a stack of twenty at her door, all of which probably pertained to the issue. Her Public Relations Manager only dropped off newspapers that needed her "urgent attention," and she couldn't think of anything else that fit the category.

She slowly flipped through the others, trying to ignore the noise of the shower in the other room. She was correct, all of them were running a cover story about the message in the stars. Wonderful. She had no idea how Luna would-


Speak of the devil. By the time Celestia had the chance to look up, the goddess of the night was only a few paces away from the door to her room.

"I just wanted to apologize for my behavior last night!" Her sibling rambled, "It was inappropriate and unwise and immature and I-"

Celestia cut her off by waving a hoof. "It's alright, Luna. I'm not angry."

"Oh thank Starswirl," Luna said, exhaling. "I was afraid you were... Well, I don't know what, but nothing pleasant."

Celestia shook her head. "No, no, it's fine. I'm not angry. I'm just a bit concerned of how we'll spin this one."

"Oh, well, I do have a few ideas," Luna said, still sounding mildly nervous, "which we could discuss. Here, let's-"

Luna took a step forward, only to be blocked by her sister. "Uh... Celestia, may I come in? We have urgent matters to discuss, after all."

"No, that's- That's fine, Luna," Celestia said, suddenly looking very nervous herself, "We can talk at breakfast. My room is not in its usual state of tidiness right now, and it's not a fitting place to have a meeting."

Luna looked at her sister for a full minute, confused. "If you insist... I suppose I shall go downstairs. I'm sure we can figure out a solution to this matter over a few bowls of cereal."

Luna turned and walked a few paces away, leading Celestia to sigh in relief. That was close.

"Oh, wait a minute," Luna, much to her sister's despair, said. To further her bad luck, Luna also turned around. "I must know - How did the rest of your date go?"

Celestia froze. "Fine. It went - Fine."


"No, really, it was just fine. I really- Really enjoyed it. Now, off to breakfast then, yes?"


"No, really, you should eat. You're hungry. I am too. Let's go to breakfast now, shall w-"

In the background, the noise of the shower suddenly ceased. Luna's face displayed confusion, while Celestia's nervous smile reached suspicious levels of width. A few seconds later, the sound of hooves on tile replaced the noise. Luna only took a few seconds to put the pieces together.

As the noise approached them, Celestia's face slowly turned a deep shade of crimson while Luna's eyes widened to an almost comical level.

"Oh, Celestia," yawned Twilight, drying off her hair with magic as she exited the bathroom, "that was-"

Twilight froze in place as her eyes locked upon the two ponies standing at the doorway, in much the same way as Luna's gaze was fixed on her.

For a few seconds, the room stood perfectly still.

Luna slowly managed to draw herself away from the sight of the unicorn, locking eyes with her sister.

"Did- Did you...?"

No answer.

"I mean, did- And she's- And-"

Still no answer.

"You two..."

Both her sister and Twilight, who was by now in the midst of a blush that rivaled Celestia's, did not respond.

"You two actually-"

Luna blinked.

"On the first date?"

Celestia's face fell slightly, leading her sister to quickly backpedal.

"I mean - Not that I'm judging, y'know, it's your- But I didn't expect you girls to be so-"

Celestia cleared her throat, silencing her sibling.

"Luna, it would be great if we could discuss this later."

Luna's shocked mind took a few seconds to process the words. "Oh, yes, right. I- I'll be going now."

With that, she turned and walked away, leaving two extremely embarrassed ponies behind her.

* * *

Luna stared at her Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs, eyes still wide. Normally, she would be eating in a most nu-sophisticated way - Breakfast was, after all, her favorite meal - but she found herself unable to even lift the spoon, much less go through the whole process of getting cereal in her mouth. Her sister - And Twilight - The first -

Luna shook her head. She would get nowhere with thought fragments, and she had to figure out how to deal with the revelation before her sister came downstairs. Maybe she should just ignore it? After all, it was their private business what they did behind closed doors. Still, this was a fairly major change in the dynamic of Celestia's new relationship, and so soon, too. Any number of factors could have lead to this. Maybe it was cause for concern. . .

So ignoring it was off the table, then. Now the only question was how to approach it. She obviously couldn't directly ask. Innuendo would be even more foolish. She would have to give her sister some space. She obviously couldn't ask at this breakfast. By lunch, maybe. After she had some time away from Twilight.

Luna's head perked up slightly. Twilight. She was still, to the best of her knowledge, here. Oh gods. What would the guards think? Servants? Luna had ensured that only ones she could trust were at the dinner, but she hadn't taken such precautions for the morning afterwards. And why would she? She had no idea her sister and Twilight would actually fu-

Luna took a deep breath, trying to calm her mind before she started panicking any more than she was. Okay. So guards. This would be a huge problem. She would have to go upstairs and tell her sister... Well, what would she tell her? "Hey sis, I think it would be really bad if all of Equestria knew that, y'know, you just screwed your student. So maybe it would be a great idea to like, teleport her out of here, or something. Yeah, that would be great. I know it's customary to give the pony you recently 'had coffee' with breakfast afterwards, but if you did that, you would probably cause a national scandal." Yeah, right.

Luna got up, quickly pacing up the stairs. Again, she was going to have to wing this. Just before she reached Celestia's door, she made a mental note to pick up some books on quick planning. This was getting ridiculous.

Luna tapped sharply on the door twice. "Uh, sister - we might have a problem."

Celestia answered a few seconds later, peaking her head out the door.

"Yes?" She asked, gruffly. She was obviously a little angry her little sister had found out about her previous night's activities.

"Well, uh," Luna stuttered, still trying to find the right words, "W- I just recalled that I did not take any precautions for the morning after your date with Twilight, as I had assumed that you- Er - That she would not be around. As such, I cannot ensure the trustworthiness of the palace staff at this time, leading me to believe that it may be prudent for Twilight to leave in an undetectable manner, if you should wish to avoid any issues of publicity."

"She's already gone," Celestia responded, sounding annoyed. "Teleported out. Now, can I please take a shower?"

"Ah- Yes," Luna responded, "Enjoy it."

Luna turned and trotted off. Okay, nevermind lunch. If she did bring this subject up again, she would wait for at least a day.

* * *

Luna cleared her throat. It had been almost a week since Celestia's date, and she figured that tonight as as good of a time as any to talk about it.

"Guards," she said, her voice only slightly louder than usual, "Please leave me and my sister alone. We have matters to discuss."

Celestia gave her a look while the guards shuffled out of the dining room, leaving Celestia and Luna alone at opposite ends of the table.

"So, sister," Luna began, after they were gone, "I just wanted to ask - And you don't have to tell me anything more than you want to - How-"

Celestia, mercifully, cut her off.

"It went well... I think," she muttered, looking extremely uncomfortable, "I mean- It's complicated, okay?"

"Sister," Luna responded, arching an eyebrow, "You can tell me anything."

Celestia shrugged. "I know, but. . . I don't think I really need to. Do I?"

"Well," Luna said, shrugging in return, "It's always best to communicate. I mean, look where it's gotten you!"

"Quite," muttered Celestia, her tone becoming slightly sarcastic, "Look where it has."

A bit of concern spiked in Luna's mind. "You are satisfied with the current situation, yes? I mean - The date was obviously very successful. Surely you are overjoyed?"

"I know I should be, but..." Celestia started, shaking her head, "I- There's problems. I just - Things got out of control."

Luna nodded, encouraging her sister to continue.

"I think," Celestia continued, "That I might have made a mistake. It was just - Such a charged night, all the way through. Emotions were high, we all had so many expectations, and then you requested that we kiss, and we did, and then we just... Did what our bodies wanted..."

Luna watched her sister intently as her voice trailed off.

"I mean - I didn't dislike it," Celestia said, still looking squeamish, "But I don't know if it was wise, to go so far so soon. And we haven't even told anypony else yet. It almost feels... Juvenile."

Celestia was silent for a few seconds. Luna opened her mouth to speak, but Celestia was evidently not finished.

"Even so, I- I think I might love her."