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Tired of the Daily Routine - Feedbacker

When you're a ruler of a major country, you don't have much time for yourself.

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"So, how'd it go?"

Luna's bright voice had no effect on Celestia, who remained inexpressive as she entered the castle.

"Did... She...?"

Luna's voice slowly trailed off as her sister walked by her without speaking, walking up the stairs.

Luna perked an eyebrow. This was not something that she had expected. While she didn't know Twilight very well, her awkward student-teacher crush on Luna's sister had been extremely obvious. Almost pathetically so. That unicorn had worshiped Celestia. She could tell from what few letters she had read, and a few dreams she had gotten a glance of. As much as she was embarrassed to admit it, some part of Luna had wanted Twilight and her sister to be together. So why hadn't she said yes?

Maybe Luna had misread the student's interaction with her teacher. Maybe it really was a platonic interaction, or maybe Celestia really was a mother figure. But she didn't think so. She might not have been the best at reading ponies, but she had an almost unnatural talent for determining crushes. Maybe it had something to do with how romantic most considered the night sky. Either way, Luna was positive that, at one point, Twilight wanted to be in a relationship with her sister.

So what had changed?

First off, she needed to know how the reaction was. Ignoring the voice in her brain that told her to stay out of other ponies' business (something she had considerable practice at), Luna trotted after her sister at a slightly faster place. She had caught up with her by the time she crested the stairs.

"Sister, I really must insist you inform me of what has happened. I must know everything."

Celestia's reply was almost inaudible. "I don't want to talk about it."

Luna, undeterred, pressed on. "But you must! At least tell me what she said!"

Celestia slowly turned to face her.

"She needs time... To think."

"And then?"

"She- She ran."

Luna remained silent as Celestia turned around, walked into her bedroom, and closed the door.

Luna's wheels turned as she walked back down the stairs. Twilight needed time to think. That could mean a lot of things. It could mean that she legitimately just needed time to think, but nopony actually ever said that honestly, so that was basically off the table. She could be concerned that Celestia's request was really more of a demand, which would mean that she was currently contemplating if being a forced concubine was better than dying. But that didn't make any sense - Twilight, in all honesty, knew her sister better then she herself did, and that would be the last thing from her mind. Maybe Twilight had honestly just said it in the way everypony else did - A code-phrase for "Hell no, but I'm too much of a coward to say that to your face." But even that seemed unlikely.

She had also ran, which pointed to a something slightly more dramatic. Then again, Twilight's emotions around Celestia were always on overdrive...

Luna found herself outside of the castle, pacing the courtyard. How long had they been at breakfast? The sun was already going down from the top of the sky-

Oh, that reminds me, she thought, her horn lighting up. Within a few seconds, the moon was safe at the edge of the sky. Normally, she would be out at a Jazzclub or in somepony's dream at this hour, but she was too busy thinking about-

Luna nearly slapped herself. Dreams. Of course. That was the ticket. All she had to do was invade Twilight's dream and talk to her about Celestia. It would be simple, if a bit... Unethical. But all's fair in love and war, right?

Then again... She might see it as an act of aggression. God-princess of the night, come to take revenge for breaking her sister's heart by tormenting her in a dream... Twilight had always been kind to Luna, but it would probably still be a bad idea to enter her dreams tonight.

Or, at least, it would be bad for her to know...

* * *

Luna took another deep breath as she plunged into the dream. The purple unicorn hadn't gone to bed at her usual hour that night, which meant that Luna had spent the past several hours bouncing back and fourth between the dreams of various ponies. Nothing really interesting had happened in any of them - They were just the usual. Of course, any other pony would be deeply embarrassed by "the usual," but Luna had gotten more than used to it. If anything, she had been the cause of much worse during her time in exile, when she had resorted to giving ponies nightmares in the place of eternal night - But she didn't like to think about that horrible time, and besides, doing so could potentially trap her in a nightmare, which would be extremely dangerous for Twilight. That is, if this was Twilight...

Luna saw rather quickly that no, it was not. There was no reason for Twilight to be dreaming of a cottage full of Griffons, especially since Luna could sense they were the dreamer's family. So, Twilight was still awake - And it had to be at least midnight right now. Luna was beginning to get rather concerned, which was not helped by being within the distorted world of a dream.

After a few minutes of idly watching the griffon's dream, Luna exited, preparing to dive into another one. Her body remained in a trance-like state while she did so, leaving her mind perceiving a blank white expanse. Luna shifted on her hooves, preparing to enter Twilight's dream again. If she still wasn't asleep, Luna's magic would automatically re-route her into some other dream, to prevent her from getting stuck in limbo. It was a mostly automatic process, but that didn't make it any less annoying.

Luna glanced around as the dreamscape slowly materialized in front of her. She was in a long hallway, unlit except for strange shards of color and light that didn't follow the normal rules of physics. The air around her was tense and acidic, and her head felt foggy. She was in a nightmare.

Her horn lit up, preparing her for whatever might come. Nightmares were, of course, no trouble for her - She was the goddess of the night, after all - But she didn't take any chances. She would have preferred to leave the dream instead of venturing inwards, but she had to make sure it wasn't Twilight's. Once she confirmed that, she could get out and go someplace more pleasant.

Luna slowly paced forward, checking behind her occasionally. Eventually, she came to a door, which she opened, revealing another long hallway.

Where does that hallway lead to? she asked herself, stepping into it. Three hundred yards later, there was still no sign of the dreamer. Normally it didn't take nearly as long-

Luna heard a scream from the other end. A familiar scream.

Twilight's scream.

Luna broke into a gallop. She could extract a lot of valuable information from a nightmare. More than from a regular dream, in all honesty. She was lucky Twilight happened to be having one.

As she suppressed the guilt that came with that thought, Luna came upon another door. She could barely see the silhouettes of around eight ponies through it, which formed a circle.

Twilight's friends surrounding her, obviously, Luna guessed, stepping lightly again in hopes she had not been heard galloping. But what of the others? Family?

Luna's horn glowed again, cloaking her in darkness as she stepped into the room. She glanced upwards, but she couldn't make out the ceiling.

I can probably fly in here.

Luna spread her wings.

Am I right, or am I wrong?

She flapped twice, her powerful wings lifting her a good four yards. Within a few seconds, she had a bird's-eye view of the scenario. Now to see what was going on.

"I- I just don't- I didn't want to-" Twilight was in the middle of the circle, crying.

"A mare?"

Luna arched an eyebrow. She had heard that voice somewhere...

"Your father and I are just-" The speaker didn't continue, apparently unable to form words. She settled on making a few sounds of indignation instead. Luna decided that was Twilight's mother.

"After all this time, you didn't tell us? Your best friends, and you didn't tell us about her?"

Luna recognized that one. Fluttershy. It wasn't like her to be this loud.


The other pegasus - Rainbow Dash, Luna recalled - Didn't let her get a word in edgewise. "All these years, and you weren't her 'Student' at all!"

"No, tha-"

A new unicorn stepped forward. He was male. Luna had a vague memory of seeing him, but she couldn't remember where from.

"Your mother and I are just- Just-" Twilight's Father's voice shook with rage. "We let you go to that school, and she just- She- She turns you gay?"

Luna perked an eyebrow as she continued watching.

"It's- It's not- I've crushed on her, but she never-"

"And you, I just- I can't-" Fluttershy was yelling again. "You never told us? Your best friends? Not only about her and you, but about the whole- The whole Lesbian thing?"

"I- I was afraid you'd-"

"And you'll never give me and your father grandchildren!"

"Darling, I simply cannot believe you!"

"But- But- It's- I'm the same as I ever was!" Twilight exclaimed, tears streaming down her cheeks. Luna could feel the air in the room getting thinner, a sign that her dream was close to ending. The words of the ponies started swirling together, losing any indication of who they were from as the dream collapsed and the figures advanced on Twilight.

"How could you do this?"

"Don't you know yer kind are going to be the death of us? Good god, even the Goddesses are doing it now! I don't know much, but I do know that Fillyfoolin' only leads to underpopulation!"

"Thanks for being honest about it to us!"

"I can't believe you!"

"I hate you!"

"My god," Twilight screamed above the din, "What have I done?"

Luna barely had time to register this before she was flung from the dream.

* * *


Luna gave up subtlety, switching to her Royal Canterlot Voice. She had been doing very well about not slipping into it lately, but she felt the timed called for it.

"I must insist thou open this door for us immediately! We have urgent news to tell thee!"

"Go away!"

"Sister, now!"

"I just- Can't you just leave me alone?"


Luna banged on the door with a hoof again. It hurt quite a bit, but she didn't notice the pain over the urgency of her message.

"Okay, okay!"

Luna heard the sound of hooves on the floor, then the door opened.

"Can't I just be alone-"

"She returns thine-" Luna coughed, snapping herself out of the extremely loud voice. Celestia was, after all, only a few feet in front of her. "She returns your feelings!"

Celestia stared at Luna for a solid thirty seconds before responding.

"You- You honestly-"

Her eyes narrowed.

"You would mock me? Now? After forcing me to embarrass myself, that's not enough, you have to mock me as well?"

Luna rolled her eyes. It seemed like her sister thought the worst of her sometimes. "Of course not! I have confirmed this myself!"

Another thirty seconds.

"Really? How?"

"Last night, I was confused by her reaction," Luna began, ignoring the sting Celestia's tone left, "as she had always seemed like she was very much interested in you - To me, at least. Anyway, last night, I decided to investigate for myself, so-"

"You weren't stupid enough to go to her house and scare her, were you?" Celestia snapped.

"Of course not!" Luna responded, indignant. Luna hadn't seen Celestia like this since - Well, since she had gotten banished. She quickly pushed the thought from her mind. "I merely entered her dream-"

"Oh, even better! Let's scare her while she-"

Luna cut her off, switching back to the Royal Canterlot Voice. "Sister, we are neither children nor morons. Thou shall listen to us speak fully without further comments. We are trying to help thee.

Celestia's voiced remained set in stone, but she shut her mouth.

"I merely observed her dream," Luna continued, switching back to her normal tone of voice, "Without her knowing. I wanted to see what she was feeling. Imagine my surprise when she was in a nightmare - No, do not give me that look, I had no hand in causing that. I'm actually rather hurt you would even consider-"

Luna took a deep breath. "Regardless. In said nightmare, the unicorn was surrounded by her friends and family. They were accusing her of many things - Things that you had expressed concern about to me, in fact. They were screaming. It was rather unpleasant."

Luna pressed on in spite of Celestia's face, which was getting dangerously close to the danger zone of sadness. "But, the important part is- She said she liked you! That she had a crush on you!"

Celestia's face contorted into an expression of confusion. "But- If she does, why did she-"

"She's scared- Scared of what it might mean. But so are you. So if you work through it together..."

Celestia briefly considered this.

"Are you telling the truth?"

"Yes," Luna responded, suppressing the sadness that came with her sister's disbelief. She was quite surprised to find herself in the middle of a hug a few seconds later.

"Thank you for doing this for me. And sorry I treated you poorly."

Luna nodded. "It's fine."

"But... I don't think I will be pursuing this matter further."

"Less fine."

"It's just too... Too complicated. I don't want to hurt her."

Luna rolled her eyes again. "I think being away from you is hurting her. You have to at least try."

"But... I just-"

"No. No no no. You and her are going to meet tomorrow."

"And- And how do you hope to accomplish this?"

"Oh, I can get it done. I have a plan," Luna lied, "that's foolproof. All you need to do is be at dinner at 9:00 tomorrow night."

"If... If you say so. Can I go back inside now? I need some time to think."

"Fair enough," Luna responded. "Think it over. But you cannot back down from this."

Celestia nodded, then closed the door.

As Celestia relished the feeling of the color coming back into the world, Luna walked down the stairs. She had succeeded in her mission - Twilight and her sister now had a possibility of being together again.

Now she had to come up with a brilliant plan to ease Twilight's fears enough to that she would be willing to attend the date. And she had less than an hour to do so.

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea, after all.

Author's Note:

Some dialogue in this might be a bit wonky, and there's probably grammar mistakes. I'm actually not very sure about the quality of this chapter. It would be great if I had somebody to bounce this stuff off of.

Speaking of which. I need a proofreader. If you're interested, feel free to send me a message.