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"There is a superhero in all of us. We just need the courage to put on the cape." - Superman (Profile Icon art credit - https://www.instagram.com/aranchovy


This story is a sequel to The Adventures of Spider-Man Season 1

After a few stressful months, Peter has now found his place as the new Defender of Equestria. With his new friends now aware of his dual identity as Spider-Man, Peter now feels more at home. Not only that, but it appears as if love might be in the air

But the threats aren't over yet, as old foes return once more to push our heroes to their limit. And will force Peter to show more of his hidden nature.

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Alright now I have to binge read season 1 in preparation for this:rainbowlaugh:

Good start👍.

Good luck!

You good at your work.

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