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Fuel the Eternal Flame | A DOOM MLP Crossover - NotAnEditor

Eons ago, in the trades of Nekravol, the great Khan Maykr sold away large stocks of worlds and planets that were once under their jurisdiction to the Dark Lord of Hell. Amongst these worlds being the peaceful land of Equestria.

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Codex/Slayer's Arsenal

Author's Note:

(You will notice that I made the choice to have the weapon’s first letter of their name be capitilized in-text. This is not a mistake but a way to better highlight what’s going on. The same is done with the demons. Portions of these weapon descriptions are taken from the in-game Codexes. Credit to the dudes at ID for making this awesome lore as well as the fellas from the DOOM Wiki that document it. This chapter is meant for those who have never played the modern DOOM games and are unfamiliar with the current weaponry the Slayer was equipped with during the events of DOOM Eternal and its two DLCs.)

The Praetor Suit’s inventory system is home to many a weapon, large and small. A true swiss army knife of demon purgery. In an explanation of his armory, we will begin with the weapons he considers his main tools and keeps them fully formed and holstered to his armor.

Equipment Launcher
Custom-built to fit the Doom Slayer's Praetor Suit, this shoulder-mounted ordnance system is modified to serve a variety of combat roles. Designed as a universal munitions platform, the Equipment Launcher is capable of altering its armament configuration with the press of a switch, activated by a reflex sensor located on the interior of the Praetor Suit's gauntlet.

In its Flame Belch configuration, the launcher spits out a gout of fire exceeding 1000C, setting even the sturdiest demons aflame. While in its Grenade Launcher configuration, the Launcher fires a traditional UAC-model frag explosive, a projectile-based payload not dissimilar to that of the Ice Bomb, wherein the Launcher fires an EYE-C40 gas canister to flash-freeze nearby targets.

The launcher is equipped with an AI designed to target and notify the Slayer of surrounding enemies. When activated it whirrs and turns in search of threats and is capable of locking onto foes the Slayer wouldn’t notice. Many viewers of the Slayer see it as a mechanical second head, especially to those unfamiliar with humanity.

The Doomblade
A weapon forged with the most swift lethalness in mind, the Doom Blade’s Hell Steel blade is kept so sharp that it is capable of bisecting living cells at a microscopic level. It can slice through several layers of demon bone, flesh and muscle with ease.

The natural armor of the demons would counter the weapon if not for the Slayer’s brutal amount of strength. It is mounted on the Slayer’s left gauntlet and functions via a neurological link, meaning the Slayer simply has to think of the blade extending or retracting for it to do so.

Lucifer’s Bane (Super Shotgun)
The Super Shotgun, or as the denizens of Hell refer to it as, Lucifer’s Bane, is a dual barreled shotgun that fires both shells at once. The ammo it fires is a staggering 6 gauge shell enchanted and engraved by Sentinel Priests to tear through demons like no other weapon can.

A Meathook has been mounted below the barrel in a bayonet like position. The Slayer uses it to easier traverse the battlefield, get closer to his enemies or simply as a secondary blade when ammo gets low. When extended from the weapon, it burns with intense heat enough to scorch the mightiest demons. He keeps this weapon sheathed on his hip, where the armor plating locks it into place.

Hell Breaker (Sentinel Hammer)
Hell Breaker was bestowed to the Doom Slayer by a ghostly projection of Commander Valen near the World Spear of Argent D’nur. It is an energy based warhammer capable of slamming demons into a mess of flesh. Its energies are developed to stun any foes it doesn’t destroy. It remains locked to the Praetor suit’s backplate until removed, the Slayer either using it to slam into demons to kill them instantly or slam into the ground and stun all enemies in the area.

Inventorial Systems
The Slayer’s ginormous arsenal cannot physically be carried by the man, even with his strength it would greatly lower his combat effectiveness. When the Wretch developed the Praetor suit, he implemented a grand piece of technology.

When he wields a non-biological item that has been tagged to his inventory, he can break it down to the weapon’s molecules and store it at a much smaller size. This does not work for biological items however and the tagging system for objects that are not familiar to his usual arsenal often take extended periods to be properly scanned and stored.

Combat Shotgun
Despite a wealth of armament options for the modern combat specialist, this trusty workhorse remains a firm favorite among operatives. When matched against super-heated plasmoids or gauss driven projectiles, the ballistic impact of the Combat Shotgun holds its own. The simplicity of the design ensures the weapon is extremely quick and reliable, yet the vast array of ammunition types make it versatile and flexible. Colloquially known as the "Crowd Appeaser", a locked and loaded Combat Shotgun will pacify even the most riotous of assailants.

Its primary fire is frequently under-used however its weapon mods are where the weapon shines. The Combat Shotgun has two mods, Full Auto which provides a rotary barrel that blasts multiple rounds while providing ammo after each kill, and the Sticky Bomb mod which blasts an that sticks to the surfaces of objects and demons. Both are modifications of the original upper receiver that is designed to be swiftly swapped between the two.

Heavy Machine Gun
A common complaint among users of this punch-packing conventional weapon is the weight, as most of the component parts are forged in Tungstronium, a proprietary alloy developed to withstand the enormous stresses imparted by the optional exploding dart ammunition. However, the additional weight makes the Heavy Cannon an ideal sniper rifle, as swaying and tremors are mitigated by the massive bulk. Trigger management is of the highest priority when using this weapon, as self-inflicted gunshot wounds are common thanks to its no-pull reflex trigger system.

The Slayer almost never utilizes the Micro Missiles mod however the Precision Bolt is where this weapon truly stands. It can be selected by swapping the fire mode of the weapon after the mod has been applied. When fired, it blasts a group of six 7.62x51 rounds towards its target. The addition of a scope enables further precision.

Plasma Rifle
Designed by the UAC's military-tech division, the Plasma Rifle is the standard in energy-based weaponry. Firing a superheated plasma in rapid-short burst intervals, the Plasma Rifle is capable of overloading energy-based shielding and liquefying enemy combatants.

It is a capable tool in close quarters combat and its two mods aid even more in that. The Microwave Beam is the Slayer’s most utilized mod, locking onto enemies and stunning them with a beam of plasma. It is very effective as an offhand weapon while the Slayer attacks the stunned target.

The Heat Blast modification is capable of storing heat built up from the firing of the Plasma Rifle. When full, it fires a blast of plasma heat to everything in front of the weapon. This is handy for staggering an enemy demon and destroying all of their potential armaments.

Paingiver (Rocket Launcher)
Forged from the metal smelting pits of the Golgothan enclave, the Paingiver is a weapon of pure malice devised for a singular purpose - to enact suffering upon the weak. A tool of insidious intent, it was not by mortal design that the Paingiver was conceived. The Cultist engineers of Golgotha, as acolytes of the unholy and all-powerful will of the Hell Priest Ranak, were bestowed its vision, scribes to Ranak's dark premonition.

With great clarity did the Paingiver reveal itself to the shared consciousness of the Golgothan acolytes, and with fervor and religious zealotry did they set themselves towards its manifestation, toiling without rest until the Paingiver was created.

The Paingiver has been equipped with two different mods to increase its destructive capabilities. The Lock-On mod, the Doom Slayer’s primary configuration, locks onto a target and blasts a triad of rockets towards the enemy. The secondary configuration is the Proximity Blast mod, a mod that explodes the rockets of the Paingiver on proximity of an enemy for a stunning radius of shrapnel.

M220 Chaingun
The M220 Chaingun is a 7.62x51 mm AE six-barrel autocannon built for infantry deployment. Weighing over 80 lbs, the M220 was conceived as a standard issue weapon for ARC mech-soldiers fitted with exo-armor, mechanized suits capable of supporting a heavier payload. The AE cartridge uses a special electromagnetic casing designed specifically for the M220's rail system, which increases projectile velocity and reduces overheating.

The Slayer exclusively utilizes the Mobile Turret mod for the weapon. This mod gives it a total of twelve barrels to blast rounds through and a terrifyingly loud noise when shooting. The Energy Shield remains highly underutilized thanks to it being lame and overpowered and dumb

The weapon of choice for Sentinel marksmen. It is said in Sentinel battle lore that a single battalion of archers defended the walled city of Illkana for ten days and ten nights, armed only with their Ballistas. A precise weapon, the Ballista fires a twin beam of superheated Argent, vaporizing its target on impact.

This weapon sustains two weapon mods. The Arbalist mod further enables precision, charging a sticky blast of timed explosive. It is extremely capable against aerial threats. The Destroyer Blade is the favorite of the two, charging a sweeping energetic blade that burns straight through most fodder and heavy demons with a wide range. It also provides a cool design to the weapon and an ominous noise when charging.

The BFG-9000 remains the most powerful weapon ever designed by the UAC, releasing a projectile of pure boiling Argent Plasma. The sphere of superheated energy undulates as Argent tendrils lash out, drawn to nearby organic material and immediately producing a fatal explosion from within.

Princess Luna has requested the most minimal use of this weapon thanks to the potential of non-combatants on-field. It is permitted however in fights with little to no presence of innocents.

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