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Fuel the Eternal Flame | A DOOM MLP Crossover - NotAnEditor

Eons ago, in the trades of Nekravol, the great Khan Maykr sold away large stocks of worlds and planets that were once under their jurisdiction to the Dark Lord of Hell. Amongst these worlds being the peaceful land of Equestria.

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Codex/Demons II

Armored Baron
Once patrolling the walls of Immora, now they demolish the cities of Equestria with their powerful armor. One devastating strike from their cursed morning-star obliterates both body and soul. Even the Maykrs fear these creations of demon and machine, for the carnage it may cause is both relentless and unquenchable.

The Armored Baron is a Baron of Hell encased in blue cybernetic armor, similar to a Cyber-Mancubus. The armor's most notable features include a single slit-like yellow lens on the front of the helmet, similar to the eye of a Maykr Angel or Seraphim, and a large red flail at the end of the right arm. The Armored Baron can launch its morning-star like device for a long-ranged melee attack.

Both the original variant of the Baron of Hell as well as its Fireborne cousin may adorne the Immoran armor. Under the legions of the mysterious archdemons, they adorn a maroon and black armor that honors the pallette the Dark Lord’s armor adorned before his death.

Cyber Mancubus
The Cyber Mancubus will behave in a similar manner to its unmodified variant, lobbing powerful projectiles at the Slayer from long distances. Unlike the regular Mancubus, the Cyber Mancubus' attacks will leave behind an acidic puddle that will damage anything entering it until they dissipate.

Up close, the Cyber Mancubus will pound the ground and dump a large puddle of acid around it, dealing massive damage if the Slayer is unable to get away quickly enough. Unlike the regular Mancubus, its cannons are no longer a weak point, and its attacks cannot be weakened/disabled.

The Cyber Mancubus' most notable feature is its armor, which reduces damage from all weapons until it has been removed. This armor can be removed either by continuous fire from the Slayers arsenal or instantly removed with a Blood Punch, which will also deal significant damage to the demon.

Dread Knight
A variation of the Hell Knight breed, the Dread Knight has been modified and hardwired for aggression. Armed with exo-prosthesis powering energy-blade augments, the Dread Knight is the lethal result of UAC Cultist engineering, the model copied and redesigned now to better fit with Immoran technology.

Epinephrine regulators modulate the Dread Knight with an unbroken flow of rage-addled adrenaline, while its endorphin receptors have been synchronized to respond with the use of its arm-mounted blades. With each kill, the Dread Knight is injected with a flood of artificial dopamine. As a result of its augmentation, the Dread Knight is driven by a biochemically engineered state of pure, unbroken rage - suffering for which respite can only be found in the act of the kill

The Mancubus, hulking behemoth of the demon world, bears notable differences from those of its kind first encountered by the UAC expedition team on Mars. Unlike its brethren which wore a naturally occurring armored carapace, this variation shows clear signs of pre-existing man-made modifications. Armor-plating augmentation to its exterior and a sophisticated arm-mounted weapon system indicate a clear intent to upgrade and weaponize the fighting capacity of the Mancubus, whose heavy stature and resilience make it a formidable threat in battle.

The Mancubus is a tank, able to dish out absurd amounts of damage and take it too. From a long distance, the Mancubus shoots powerful flame balls from its cannons while slowly moving towards the Slayer. At medium to close ranges, it will use dual flamethrowers to rapidly damage the Slayer. These flame-throwers have a surprisingly long reach, so caution should be exerted until they are disabled. When face-to-face with the Slayer, the Mancubus will fire its cannons directly into the ground, surrounding itself with a puddle of napalm that will deal absurd amounts of damage if the Doom Slayer remains for too long.

Fortunately, the Mancubus' attacks can be largely mitigated by destroying its arm cannons. Destroying the cannons will completely eliminate the Mancubus' flamethrowers and make its fireball attack much weaker. Outside of the weak-point, the Mancubus can be put down with constant fire from your weapons, as its large frame and slow movement speed make hitting it easier than most demons.

As Hell emerged on Earth the Pinky began to appear on terrestrial soil in great numbers, rapidly becoming the bane of existence to ARC military fortifications. Utilizing its armored frontal carapace, the Pinky is able to penetrate defensive encampments, breaking through walled defenses and using its ramming ability to upturn and immobilize armored vehicles.

ARC deployments, dependent on their ability to hold the line against encroaching forces of Hell, could be disrupted and even overtaken by a single Pinky, were it able to penetrate and break through their defensive matrix. allowing a greater demon influx to pour in after it. The ARC rapidly prioritized the target status of the Pinky, issuing high-range bombardment to prevent the Pinky from gaining proximity.

The strategy with the Pinky is to reach behind it to where the unarmored tail of the demon resides. Its rear is where almost all of its vital organs and arteries are located. Flanking it is easier said than done, for if you do and it is not staggered then it may scamper around to cover itself and to land a quick chomp on its flanking foe.

The Revenant program, a bio-weapon experiment utilizing re-animated necrotic human tissue, was believed to have been destroyed with the collapse of the UAC facility on Mars. However, the emergence of the Cultist enclaves on Earth, former UAC deviations now under Hell's direct control, have begun work on a second wave of production of the Revenant program.

While much of the platform's existing weapon payload is preserved as originally designed, the cyber-neural programming has undergone modification. Patterned signals are wired to the host's frontal cortex, which in turn stimulate a state of frenzied, unrestrained bloodlust. While these signals are active, the host is incapable of thinking or feeling anything but a singular compulsion to inflict death and violence on the living.

This demon is a tall, boney demon of former human form. Its chest and torso is mounted with a device that is capable of aiming and firing two shoulder cannons at the target the Revenant desires. It is a rather spooky Revenant that enjoys screeching its head off.

The Revenant is capable of using its shoulder cannons to lock-on to the Doom Slayer and send a devastating barrage towards him. However, the Slayer’s dash ability is capable of easily countering the lock and the cannons of the Revenant are easily fired away with most precision weaponry.

Unwillings (Equestrian)
When a pony of any kind is exposed to enough argent energy, they eventually become an Unwilling. Their minds are corrupted and overcome with the whispers and callings of Hell. They grow taller, hit harder, and are a whole lot more dumb. Now they wander the damned Equestrian planes in search of mercy from this tormented fate of dull coats and insane, deranged minds.

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