• Published 19th Jan 2022
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Fuel the Eternal Flame | A DOOM MLP Crossover - NotAnEditor

Eons ago, in the trades of Nekravol, the great Khan Maykr sold away large stocks of worlds and planets that were once under their jurisdiction to the Dark Lord of Hell. Amongst these worlds being the peaceful land of Equestria.

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Cordial Affairs

The first thing to break them from their stupor of that dreadful feeling was the sudden screech of their friend, Fluttershy. She shouted in horror, dropping off her hooves and scrambling away. Her scream was so loud and high-pitched that it drowned out the loud hum.

“Fluttershy!” Rarity jumped by. “Fluttershy, calm down! Stop screaming so loud!” The unicorn urged.

Rainbow Dash joined in once the screaming didn’t stop. “What’s wrong! What are you screaming about!”

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” She continued screeching at whatever she had seen, pupils shrinking in horror.

Rainbow Dash took a deep breath, before smacking the pegasus across the face. “What are you screaming about?!”

Fluttershy stared wide eyed behind her, breathing heavily and lifting a hoof to point towards the humming sound. There, not too far from the end of the remaining line sat a crimson red portal, whirling and humming with energy. She had seen it before in her dreams many times, often leading to horrific sights.

It floated above the trail to the stands as well as the Apple family, fences guarding the trees from it. Her screaming had distracted everypony from the anomaly, all of them now staring. Several ponies in the line began muttering between each other, asking several questions once they did notice the vortex.

Twilight swallowed her confusion down, looking at the line. “Everypony calm down, I’m going to check it out.” she said to the line, now contorting into a group of ponies rounding around the stands. She took a deep breath, setting her saddlebag down to let her wings free.

The humming of the portal only got louder as she advanced closer and closer, a dreadful feeling filling her as she stared deeper into the dark maroon center. She could feel her mind imagining any monstrosity to stomp out of there. One of those things that hurt Pinkie and Fluttershy? Or maybe something completely different. Whatever it was, she knew it wasn’t good.

However, when she looked back at the dozens of scared eyes staring at her, she couldn’t help but feel that if anypony were to find out, it’d have to be her. After all, being an alicorn princess, she was probably the most powerful pony among them.

She forged the bravest look she could muster as she finally set her hooves firm in front of the portal, a couple of hooves away from the entrance.


The mare felt the ground tremble just slightly below her, as she saw a metallic boot of some creature take one small step through the portal, ruffling the grass below it.


Another boot joined it, the strong metallic material that made its armor forming several ridges of plates up its shin as more was exposed.


The ground trembled as the first foot moved forward once again, no other boots joining it as the rest of the body made its way out. Monstrous skulls made up the thing’s kneepads, interrupting the armor plating and ridges on the shin to showcase the remains of a horrific beast, now used to protect this one from newer enemies.


A cloth of faded runes and letters flowed between and around the legs of the monster, going up and below the torso plating of the demon. He was bipedal, clearly. A rune of old ponish became apparent on the creature’s belt. The definition of it forming in Twilight’s mind. To stop? To exit?.. No, to end.


The armor extended across his torso and down his arms, a bandolier of skulls across the chestplate with another rune being mostly covered by it. His left arm had a standard metal shoulder pad, black with gold prestigious lining around it. Similar to the rest of the armor.

The section between his shoulder pad and gauntlet revealed pale, almost blue flesh to the outside world, scarred and battered, yet large, strong and muscly. On the gauntlet of the beast’s arm was a skull, the lower jaw replaced with what seemed to be some type of double blade. Or more so a sharp double sided hook, serrated at the ends.


His right arm was fully covered in the black and gold armor, the shoulder pad breaking up into a sharp, boney spike. The armor on his right arm ended down at his gauntlet, an extra layer of padding around the wrist to keep it safe.


Finally, was the head. At first it was covered by a large cylindrically shaped helmet, a curved slit around where the eyes would look through glowing with angry red energy. Like a more futuristic crusader helmet, if Twilight even knew what that looked like.

However, now that he was fully out of the portal, the helmet ridged itself, folding around and back from around the thing's head and below his tall horns.


One final thud shaked the land as he glared down at Princess Twilight Sparkle. The monster’s two glowing orange eyes staring from right above the dead, rotting face of whatever he was.

The pages of the Codex informed her of what it is however. She knew, and everything it had said seemed to be correct now. A human. A Night Sentinel corrupted, who had betrayed those that used to rule this world for the options that Hell provided them. A Sentinel warrior turned demon.

Or what the Codex referred to them as: marauders. Powerful, high-ranking demons. Skilled in the arts of combat.

He took one long and deep breath of the Equestrian air, taking in the pureness of his surroundings before opening his lipless jaws to speak.

“Princess Twilight Sparkle.” The deep yet gnarled voice broke Twilight’s attentive study of the monster. “I have arrived from my realm for some…” he reached for the weapon to his back, taking it out from some sort of mechanism in the backplate meant to lock it in place.

She assumed it to be some sort of waraxe at first judging by the two sharp tips pointing in opposite directions at the end of the weapon, however her thoughts were changed when it ignited with some magical force.

Dual saw-like edges emerged from either “blade” of the sword, spinning in place with a rumble, ready to tear through its next victim. Like a chainsaw. A red chainsaw energy blade. “Cordial affairs.” He grinned down at her with a lipless smile.

“C-C-...” She swallowed, regaining her composure. “Cordial affairs. Y-Yes.” Twilight was taken aback with the coarseness of its voice.

The demon pointed far behind her. “I am here for your people.” he casted a bony, long-nailed hand to the huddle of ponies down at the stands. “As well as your home.” he explained, cutting to the chase.

She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath to gather herself before responding. “You may not have them.” a determined look grew over her face.

“Oh, really? Now, who is going to stop me?” He looked across the field for a contender, purposefully ignoring Twilight, attempting to rub in his thoughts on her apparent combat effectiveness.

“Me.” She stood up to the demon.

A grin creaked across his face. “Great!” the monster casted his yellow eyes down upon her. “On the other side of that portal stands twelve-thousand of the mightiest beings that existence has come to know.” He twirled the energy sword in his hand, beginning to pace in front of the portal. “Now, my little pony.” he began demeaningly, chuckling away the idiotic term they used for their species. “I’ve struck quite a deal with them to organize a one on one battle.”

Her eyes grew angry, brows turning downward. “What do you mean?”

“You see, your culture has always fascinated me.” he began. “Peace, love, kindness. Friendship.” The other-worldly warrior glared at her friends far behind her. “However, I’ve seen some of your people battle before, and I am curious to see how you magical equine duel.”

“What happens if you win?” Twilight asked.

The creature nodded. “Well, you and a handful of your people may leave your homes peacefully, and we will conquer this place you call home.”

“And if I win?”

“Then the invasion will commence elsewhere, far from this kingdom.” he answered.

The book-smart mare pondered for a moment. “And if I pick no option?”

“Then the invasion will start here no matter what.” the thing stated simply. “Choose wisely.”

Twilight looked back at all her friends in worry, knowing she would have to take the offer and fight. They all had either worried or terrified looks, not hearing their conversation from so far away.

The monster followed her gaze, looking back at all the candy colored equine. “Oh, and don’t even think about using your precious friends.” it warned. “So, what is it, princess?” he tapped his foot on the ground impatiently.

It’s worth a shot… she decided, coming up with an alternative method. “P-Perhaps there is a more peaceful optio-”

“Peace?” the monster cackled. “Peace is as far from my nature as a king to his serf.” The helmet rapidly encroached around his face, forming around his horns and over his head once more. “Dual, fight, battle.” He urged, voice crackling under a crackling radio-like effect from under the helmet. “Cast aside your pretentious moralities.”

“Fine.” Twilight replied, attempting to keep her cool. “W-We can fight.” she could feel a smile creak from below her enemy’s helmet. Before she could get into a proper battle stance, a flash of red energy flew by the princess’ face, a shocking feeling shaking through her bones after the strike landed into the ground, the rotating blades slicing through the Equestrian earth.

The alicorn jumped away, taking flight on her wings to avoid another attack from him. “That caught your attention!” Maniacal joy was heard in his voice as he lifted the blade back in front of himself, preparing for another attack.

Twilight gave an angered look at the sudden attack. She lifted her head up, charging a magic blast to beam him with. It fired through the air, the pink charge crackling towards the demon. He lifted the blade, blocking the energy with his own red magical blade, only flinching a little from the knockback.

Seeing the ineffectiveness of the attack, she reared back further on her wings, charging yet another. The beast began advancing towards her, keeping his energy chainsaw sword at the ready. Another pinkish beam was deflected by him, followed by another, hardly breaking his advancement towards her.

The alicorn still had an issue double tasking her flying and magic use, so her retreats from the melee oriented foe were slow. As more of her lightly charged beams proved themselves worthless, she took one final charge backwards and began warming up a mighty blast.

She clenched her eyes shut as her horn glimmered brightly, glowing in a reddish-pink aura as she prepared to unleash a blow that would surely break one of his blocks. She took a deep breath, before unleashing the wave of energy at her enemy.

The princess could feel a good portion of her stamina drain as it was sent shooting through the air. The only downside to distanced magical attacks is their speed. The relatively slow moving beam was easy to block for the trained fighter. However the pure force of it made him grit his teeth, sliding him backwards.

The turf beneath his metallic boots gave way, dirt flying from the ground as he blocked the ginormous wave of energy. However, once the beam was finished, he still stood, sword raised.

Twilight had begun breathing heavily, the blast of energy leaving her with the feeling she’d get after a long run. Still capable of further fighting, but she felt the urge to rest. “Need a break already, princess?” He cackled, the sound of metal dislodging emanating from the monster’s left gauntlet, the double ended hook slowly creeping down to his hand.

Twilight watched as he sheathed his sword on his back, gripping the chain just under the hook and pulling it out of his gauntlet the rest of the way. A loud clunk went off as it fully extended, the beast beginning to wrap it around his wrist, keeping a comfortable length of it to grip in his left hand.

While he prepared, the princess came up with a smart idea. Perhaps I could manipulate him with my telekinesis? Slam him against the ground, maybe? She began her attempt, thinking about her enemy floating into the air.

She witnessed a bit of her light pink aura consume the demonkin for just a moment, before dissipating. Twilight could feel her magic suddenly be blocked. “Attempting to use telekinesis?” he asked in a demeaning fashion. “Lets just say my armor isn’t just for protection from physical attacks.” the magically-resistant armor emanated a null and void essence, meant to dissipate any attempts on magical influence.

Beams worked however, since they were less literal magic and more fiery lasers produced by it. Like gunpowder in a bullet, the powder sends the bullet off but the bullet is a separate type of thing from the powder.

Before Twilight could decipher the anti-magic, her foe hurled the hook in her general direction, the princess jumping with wide eyes at the arriving weapon before dodging it. The hook’s serrated edges skimmed her, scratching up a portion of her upper foreleg before launching past and behind her.

Once she dodged the attack, she quickly began looking around her vicinity for some sort of alternative to her attempts at magical manipulation. Her eyes were immediately drawn to a nearby apple tree growing along the path of the trail, lifting it with her magic and attempting to tear it from the ground.

Just as she felt it about to break loose, she heard the shout of one of her friends. “Twilight! Look out!” The posh voice shouted, the alicorn turning to see the chains of the hook rushing back at her like a boomerang.

The demon had yanked the chain back towards him, pulling it in the direction where Twilight hovered. The chains of the hook wrapped around her, ensnaring her and stopping the use of her wings.

Twilight landed with an “Oof!” The wind was knocked out of her for the moment, the tightening chains around the princess not aiding in her attempts for air.

As she just started to writhe in the chains, her enemy turned to the nearby apple tree she had attempted to yank from the ground. The tall other-worldly fighter made his way over to it, tearing the tree straight out of the earth.

He very much could have gone to the poor pony and chopped her to bits right there, however that would be too easy for him. Seeing your ever-so-powerful ruler crushed by your enemy with nothing but a chain and tree would certainly be demoralizing to the populations of this world.

He made his way back to the struggling alicorn, balancing the tree on one of his shoulders with ease. Twilight looked up in horror as he lifted the timber over his head, leaves rustling loudly as it began hurdling down towards her.

Wood splintered and cracked as he slammed it repeatedly into where the princess had laid, branches, sticks and timber flying away as the end of the tree was eventually reduced to tan, splintered bark.

Cries of worry and fear came from the stands as the crowd watched the brutal overkill of these tree attacks. Finally, when the demon felt the tree was no longer worth using, he tossed it aside, excited to see the crippled and mangled corpse of the princess of friendship.

He was immediately disappointed once he was greeted by a pink bubble shield surrounding the caster. Twilight laid inside safely with both eyes closed, teeth gritted in hopes that the shield was casted in time. The chain that wrapped around her still resided in the bubble through one small hole just barely formed around it.

The beast growled in annoyance at this revelation. Twilight peeked an eye open, looking around to see that she was thankfully safe. The chain unwrapped from around her, tearing out of the bubble as the demonic warrior let it retract back to his hand.

The bubble suddenly exploded with magic, launching the monster several feet backwards and onto his back. Before he could get back up, he witnessed the alicorn fly out of the smoke the explosion had made, flying at him rapidly before driving straight into him. The grass and ground tore and broke as the beast was dug further and further through the earth.

She shoved him straight through the fence around the trail to the home of Applejack, the wood breaking in two to make way for them. Her hooves pushed him further and further, deeper and deeper into the ground until she finally lost traction and slowed down between the trees of Sweet Apple Acres.

The marauder glared up at Twilight as she lifted her horn up, glimmering with energy. The demon had dropped his energy blade from the attack, unable to block it. He simply glared as she put all the force that she could muster into the attack.

The hole the demon sat in erupted in a pink light. The blast lasted for what felt like minutes as she did her best to ensure that her foe wouldn’t return from the attack. She felt herself tremble as she exerted more and more energy into the hole that the marauder laid in.

When the wave of pink was gone, the alicorn shakingly opened her eyes to see the hole had dug much deeper and the marauder missing. …Did… Did I just vaporize him? she pondered to herself. The hole was very deep, Twilight unable to see where it ended.

She breathed heavily, shaking on her legs as she looked down the chasm. That attack had taken a lot out of her. The princess turned, limping off in hopes of meeting back with her friends and telling them that it had been dealt with.

Twilight couldn’t help but find a bit of humor in the situation. Such a cocky “demon” killed by her, the Codex had definitely said more about these marauders than thi-

The sound of dirt breaking and being torn apart made her turn around. There, rising from the earth was the marauder, covered in earth. His determined armor had held steadfast and protected him, dented slightly in some areas. He clambered and climbed out of the ground ominously.

Her eyes widened at the sight of him, the already weakened alicorn reaching for a nearby tree with what remained of her magic. Panic fueled her as she tore out the timber, lifting it into the air before hurling it at the demon.

He was already advancing closer to her as she lifted it, beginning to back up as the tree flung at him. He launched his hook at the flying tree, the chains wrapping around it before he tossed it in a different direction before it could hit him.

She backed off further, refraining from her wings thanks to the nerve-racking situation. She had forgotten she even had wings from the demon's threatening presence. Twilight magically lifted another apple tree from the earth, hurling at him like it was the last thing she’d ever do.

The demon didn’t even bother with catching it, balling a fist up and cracking a good portion of the tree into a collection of splinters and chunks of wood, making way for his advancement on his enemy.

Her mouth gaped at the display of strength, ripping another tree and throwing it again at him during her retreat. The marauder didn’t even bother with acknowledging the existence of the hurtling apple tree, simply walking right through it as it snapped in half over his form. The demon continued advancing with ground shaking steps.

It walked fast, gaining on the panicking alicorn. Before she could even attempt to take flight, the marauder prepared his fist, slamming it from below Twilight’s chin. She felt her hooves leave the ground as she was punched in the air, the marauder throwing his meathook straight at the alicorn before she could even start falling.

The serrated edges of the blade dug straight into feather and flesh, crunching into her wing and landing a secure pulling point. He gripped the closest link on the chain, pulling her back down and launching her into the ground. She landed with extreme agony, the ground denting as she hit it.

She lied there, pain writhing through her form. She felt as if her lungs were crushed, all the air forced out of them. Blood dripped from her mangled and torn wing, several broken bones within them and a painful hook dug in. Her nose bled and her hearing rang. As Twilight blinked open her violet eyes she could see double of everything.

Twilight watched tiredly as the demon made his way to her, following his chain to the source. He kneeled next to her broken and bent wing, tearing the meathook out of it. He wiped the blood off of both prongs onto his gauntlet, wielding it in his right as he stood up.

“So, princess. Do you give up? Tap out? Do it!” joy dripped from his tone. “Give up!” his voice grew savage, excited for his new victory.

She could hardly bring herself to speak through the pain. “I-... I…” Twilight attempted to speak through her gasps of air.

“You what?” It questioned, placing his hook in position to pierce right through her throat.

Suddenly, a group of gallops could be heard coming from the trail the two were fighting at earlier. “Twilight! Twilight! Are ya okay?!” The alicorn’s ears flicked, a hopeful look growing on her beaten face at the sound of her friend’s voice.

She looked over to see her five friends, rushing over to see if she was okay. She could audibly hear Fluttershy gasp at the sight of the demon, Rainbow urging her along as they confronted the marauder.

The demon stood up, looking over. “I thought we agreed to keep the fight between us.”

Twilight managed to catch her breath enough to speak. “I-I did…” She attempted to clamber to her hooves, failing and falling to the ground.

The marauder grumbled, retracting his hook back into his gauntlet before gripping a strong hand around the mare’s nape. He lifted her with ease, holding her in a way that would keep her from choking. He stood before the other five, revealing the beaten princess to all of them.

They all gasped seeing their friend so battered and beaten. Both wings crooked and bent in the wrong ways, a deep cut on one of her forelegs and blood pouring down from below her mane. It was incredible how she was still alive. Well, it would be if she wasn’t an alicorn.

“Twilight!” Rarity shouted with a horrified tone.

“By Celestia! Are ya alright, Twi?!” Applejack asked, not really expecting an answer from her.

Fluttershy remained silently fearful thanks to the demon in front of her, the horrors she had seen them do were inconceivable. Pinkie had nothing cheerful to add to the situation, a worried look plastered over her face. Finally, Rainbow Dash stood at the head of the group, Twilight’s saddlebag on back and a determined look across her face.

“Hm, let me guess.” it growled. “You all will find fancy crystals and banish me with the power of “friendship” he rolled his eyes. “Well, I will have you know that the second I see an attack being charged, I will unleash evils across this land that not one of you could comprehend.” the demon warned, before a more joking tone formed. “Well, except you Fluttershy.

Fluttershy’s eyes widened. The animal-loving pegasus took a smell step backwards, hiding behind Rainbow Dash a little. “H-How does he know my name?!” she exclaimed in a hushed voice.

Rainbow barged in between the momentary conversation. “Stop the monologuing, you monster-thingy! Let go of our friend!” she stomped a hoof down.

The princess of friendship winced. “P-Please… Everypony… I-I can beat him!”

“Let her go, now!” the rainbow-maned pony didn’t heed Twilight’s statement. She closed her eyes thoughtfully, commanding something inwardly.

The demon couldn’t help but enjoy the theatrics. Friendship and loyalty was a truly rare feat to be seen in this line of work. So pitiful. He thought, beginning to open his mouth to speak.

Just as he was about to talk however, his attentive ears picked up the sound of air whirling and sharp metal shining a couple of meters to his left. He quickly glared in that direction, catching a momentary sight of the ‘Decapitation Square.’

He immediately lifted a hand up, blocking the attack of the ancient object. The demon gripped his hand around the blades and circles of the artifact, gritting and growling his teeth as he blocked the sneaky blow.

He could feel the weapons around it slicing and viciously cutting through the palm of his gauntlet and digging right into his rotten flesh. As he stopped the attack, he had dropped Twilight Sparkle in his shakes of pain.

The demon held it as tightly as he could, crushing the spinning metals in hope that it would stop them. He began roaring in pain as the flesh and armor of his hand was practically torn to shreds by the object. Finally, one more metallic crunch went off before it completely stopped, the demon breathing heavily and casting it to the ground.

“The Praeleanthor. S-Soul Cube.” he growled at the object. The demonic warrior was lucky to have heard it before it struck him. He glared at his armorless palm, the interior red flesh and bone exposed to the open air. He was shaking with adrenaline. He glared up at the five. “You idiotic equine have no idea what you have unleashed upon your world.” his tone grew into excitement.

Fear further struck Fluttershy at that sentence. She knew what was coming. The beasts, the monsters, the torture. She watched with shaking hooves as the demon looked towards Ponyville, lifting his battered and torn hand up in the direction of the quarantined Sugarcube Corner. The nearest dimensional rift between his home and Equestria.

His hand slowly rose, as if he was summoning something. Suddenly, the six could see a large chunk of wood fly over the trees of Sweet Apple Acres. The sound of a building being demolished broke through the air as they all looked towards the source.

There, rising out of what used to stand Sugar Cube Corner, was a giant beast, finding its footing in the middle of Ponyville. It rose to the height of a skyscraper. Its flesh was dark gray and looked very coarse. Its limbs were long and its face had these soulless yellow eyes. Two enormous horns the size of houses erupted from the sides of its head.

All across its body were smaller monsters. Snake-like demons with robotic tails scurried up and down the titan’s limbs. Groups of horrific demons sat on its shoulders, towering amongst them being the ones Fluttershy had seen in her dreams. The ones that stood on two legs and had blood of magma. They seemed to be using it as some form of transportation

The smaller ones around it looked just as deadly. Fluttershy swore she could see more of the green monsters that had attacked her before crowding up there with the other brown, black, gray and red beasts.

The pegasus began hyperventilating at such a sight, eyes wide in more horror than she had ever experienced. Those visions, the nightmares, they were all coming true. They were real!

The marauder smiled up at the titan. “Now, I’d recommend you all begin rounding your “friends” together while you can.” he went over to the energetic chainsaw blade stuck in the ground, dropped earlier in the battle. “I have a legion to command.” the demon deactivated his chainsaw sword before walking into the trees and towards his mighty titan.

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