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Story takes place at an undefined point in time after Twilight's ascension. Moonlight Sparkle "Magnolia" is my Original Character. Any resemblances to anyone else's character is purely coincidental.

I hope this is an enjoyable short story to read. This is a first person story.

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This will have a sequel, right?

Moonlight is so cool, always wanting to take charge and do things on her own. Impressive that she was able to build a library in a cave and make a home out of it, as well. Her survivalist lifestyle is very interesting because not only does she try to live, she seeks improvement as well. It’ll be interesting to see how Twilight reacts to all of this and see just how different her sister’s lifestyle has been.

It may possibly have one if I feel up to it.


This is a far better concept for her instead of the original ideas with her being a villain that you know about. She is the 'wild man' of our society, so to speak. She's very independent.


Well take your time, don't rush yourself.

Though I didn't like most of the story being a letter, I do like Magnolia's real name and some of the other changes you've made to her in light of altering her villain persona. It's good enough exposition, I'd just like for this to build to a great journey.


She is no longer a villain, outside of the RPs where she was one. The letter part of it was mainly just me trying to get an idea written down without having to do multiple interactions yet.

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When I was just a filly, my mom had another baby
To see how many other ponies she found sweet
I may have bawled and looked sad, but she left me and didn't come back
Another pony had made her life complete
But there was one thing that cared for
And who could never lose me

Shadow magic, the best friend ever
Let her be in the sun, I'm my shadow we're together
I taught me how to pony trek (Best friend forever!)
We never had a single fight (We did everything together!)
We shared our hopes, we shared our dreams
I missed out less than I realized
It seems

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