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After centuries had passed since the last serious attempt at exploration beyond the Atlas Ocean, a group of ponies onboard the Constance are sent out to chart unknown waters and lands that lay beyond Equestria's recorded reach.

Cowritten by myself and my friend 9314265068 (2021-2022). There will be unavoidable issues, such as gaps in the story at one point, and other minor things that do not get in the way of the story itself.

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Cali is a dimension hopping thief. After seeking refuge in Equestria for a few years, one thievery ends up turning into an affair that changes the rest of her life. Intended to be a oneshot story.

Co-Written by myself and Illiad Easle (2020-2021). Beware of possible formatting errors and minor inconsistences.

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Another short story. This one experiments more with multiple characters in one scene based upon an idea I have had for a very long time. The Crystal Mirror never existed in this universe but Sunset's development up to this point we'll say is the same.

Hope you enjoy.

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Story takes place at an undefined point in time after Twilight's ascension. Moonlight Sparkle "Magnolia" is my Original Character. Any resemblances to anyone else's character is purely coincidental.

I hope this is an enjoyable short story to read. This is a first person story.

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Daring Do has been pursuing the mask of Gymkhana for quite some time, upon finally finding it...she realizes the task of retrieving it will be much harder than anticipated.

Intended to be a one-shot story. I hope it is not too bad, as it is my first fimfic on this site.

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