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Another short story. This one experiments more with multiple characters in one scene based upon an idea I have had for a very long time. The Crystal Mirror never existed in this universe but Sunset's development up to this point we'll say is the same.

Hope you enjoy.

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So is she going to try and do something with the half of the Element she stole or is she simply taking it so that it can't be restored?

im interestid in what a broken element would do. would it malfuncition? Could sunset actualy accend with it due to its broken state?


I believe she may try and do something with it, but for 'now' she will keep it in her possession and go elsewhere in Equestria so it couldn't be used by Twilight.


I'll have to think on that. Perhaps she can modify it somehow to suit her aims.


That would sound like a good plan. She could perhaps go somewhere that she could find a spell to restore it and connect it to herself....Castle of the Two Sisters perhaps? A bunker somewhere that contains books on the most ancient magic in Equestria?


She could very well have a plan to do that. If Twilight finds a way to restore it, there would be two elements of harmony. Since Twilight represents the element of magic and Sunset does not she'd lose. Sunset knows this, of course.


Yeah Twilight would win unless Sunset restores her half and Twilight didn't. If that happened, Equestria would be doomed.


I am not sure as to what exactly would happen but that could be possible. They'd have to convince Sunset to give it up but Sunset will do her damn best to bargain something out of it.


Bargaining, sounds like a plan to me.

I liked getting this glimpse into Sunset before she headed inside the castle. Burning the bush was interesting to watch and far more interesting than simply running around the corridors. It’s also very fitting to her character since she’s all about fire and flames.

I’m wondering though how it was possible for her to split the crown in half. Sounds like something that would quite difficult to do. Was it a result of all her built up rage? Was the metal in the crown a lot cheaper than we previously thought? Was it part of some magic spell?

This was an interesting short read, it was enjoyable to see Sunset’s quick getaway and how determined she was. There were a few grammar errors here and there but they were all minor, not at all inhibitory to the story. I also thought it was so funny when Moonlight was capitalized since Moonlight Sparkle is probably embedded into your autocorrect now :rainbowlaugh: (unless that was done intentionally, which no longer makes it funny :twistnerd::twilightsheepish:)


I noticed there were a few grammar errors here or there but I can't be bothered to fix them. Plus I already had someone else go through it and make a few changes to it. As for the crown it was indeed due to her built up rage. Twilight contributed to it, as she was also pulling it. Sunset's twist of the metal is what broke it.

The scene with the bush, I didn't actually think about it resembling her flame magic or her looks. I did that as a reference to what Collapse did in the rp you know of.

Oh yeah, that makes sense too! What a nice little Collapse reference :scootangel:

Not a bad story! I like the idea of the story of Equestria Girls without Equestria Girls! :trollestia:

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