• Published 23rd Dec 2011
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Three Equestrians and an Engineer - Greasebrony

A man who copes with the loss of his family befriends 3 strangers after saving them from thugs.

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Glad To Meet Ya

Twilight watched Eduardo on his computer as he worked. In the days she has spent here she learned he was an engineer, a decent fighter, a good shot and based on what others have said a scary fast driver. Yet at only 28 he has a few cars and a truck under his name, a warehouse large enough for him and his office as well as any amount of guests. For Celestia’s sake he even bought a race track! How exactly did it take 10 years to acquire the right amount of wealth to do this? The question was bothering her. Good fortune did however smile upon her endeavor as his cousin, Joseph chose to have lunch at the warehouse that day. She walked towards the M3 he chose to make his table and sitting on a pair of the Supra’s Drag Radials and at times catching Eduardo glaring at him.


“Oh hey Sparkle, whats up?”

“I actually have a question about Eduardo and I was wondering if you knew the answer.”

“Yes its likely that Alison and Big Ed have a thing going on but they both keep denying it. I swear those two should just rent a boat and go to Elliot Key already for some alone time.”

Spike was nearby and had heard what Joseph said and he decided to use this to his advantage.


He looked up from his laptop and opened a drawer. He pulled out a paintball gun, a Co2 tank, and a bag of paintballs. He then loaded it and turned on the e-trigger. He looked back at both of them.

“One more word and I’m lighting both of your asses up.”

Both of them laughed. Spike was finally able to get some payback from the mental scarring and Joseph lightly chuckled at his cousin’s expense. Twilight unfortunately was completely lost and thought this whole thing was being taken way out of proportion.

“Are you serious?!?! You ca-”

Still having a fit of the giggles. “Woah Twilight relax we’re only playing. We bust each others chops for purely laughs nothing serious just how we have always been since we were kids. RIGHT EDDYLISHOUS?”


Everyone laughed at Eduardo’s expense at that moment. With Twilight caught up she was able to relax a bit and get her question answered. “Okay I got it now, but seriously can I ask you something?”

Finishing his lunch and washing it down with some orange juice he looked towards Twilight. “No prob, shoot.”

“How exactly is Eduardo able to afford all this? Its to my understanding that yes he double majored in engineering and business but logically he would still be paying off school loans with the amount of debt he accumulated not to mention this house and everything in it.”

Joseph smiled “Oh thats a good bit of history there. Well one day we decided it was a good idea to spend a weekend in Vegas. It was after when we found out he was having a kid and getting married, me and Jericho decided yo this is a perfect excuse to go to Vegas and when we pitched the idea at him he was a little reluctant at first but after about 10 seconds of convincing he came around and said I’m driving.” He looked towards the ceiling remembering the details of their adventure with Twilight listening.

“Now after deciding we were going Jericho and I invited a few friends from the force to come along with us about 7 of us in total. The next day we told our families and got on the first plane out each of us packing a duffle bag with some nice clothes and comfortable shoes. The trip over and back was nothing special. But when we got there we found a bed and breakfast that would take us in. Let me tell you those folks were really sweet to us. Anyway we decided to go hit the casino then grab a few drinks then the strip club for his bachelor party. The last two was nothing special, 4 of us got tipsy while the other 3 got piss drunk and the girls were paying attention to the wedded man to be. It was at the casino that we were on top of the world though.”

“How so?” Twilight asked.

He laughed a little. “Before we went in we decided that any of the money we did make we would give it to Eduardo for his wedding and of course to pay off his school loans so he can get a house and pay that off and whatnot. Each of us hit a different casino switching between craps, blackjack, and roulette. Now each of us had about 10 grand going in totaling up to 70k. We landed Friday and went in that very night. Take a guess as to how much money we ended up walking out with Monday morning.”

“Um I don’t know I guess 200 grand?” Twilight gussed.

“In one weekend, 2,387,540 dollars.”

Twilight’s jaw dopped and her eyes went wide. “You guys made a killing there. Geez reminds me of when me and the girls went to Las Haygas for a week. Rainbow Dash made it back with more bits than she could count.” She giggled remembering the hangover she experienced and the crazy adventure after that first night.

“Yeah a couple of drunk celebrities were in town, that wasn’t the craziest part though.”


“Nope, apparently a couple of chemists approached us after hearing about our lucky streak looking for an investor. Now the rest of us were not willing to push our luck, hell with karma that plane we were in having an engine failiure would have balanced it out. But Eduardo decided to give them a chance and listen to what they had to say. Now let me tell you Eduardo wasn’t too good at the casino, hell out of the whole weekend he probably walked out with about 50 grand at the most. But keep in mind that he wasn’t a gambler, he was a business man. While the rest of us stood by and talked about what a waste of time him listening to them was he was talking about a business deal with them. He approached us and said “Hey lets go to New Mexico.” We thought he was nuts and couldn’t believe he wanted to go through with it.”

“What happened next?”

“Well we landed in New Mexico and these dudes took us to their facility. Basically these guys were making a fuel that was environmentally friendly, cheap, and can boost a regular car’s horsepower by about 20% and recyclable byproducts. The problem was though that the money they did have was spent on research and development and didn’t have nearly enough to mass produce with the addition that oil companies were throwing law suits at them from every angle and the only way they would be in the clear is if they mass produced their product. Seeing as how they already had made a deal with another oil company to have their fuel at their pumping stations they needed another investor to donate the money they needed to get started on production.”

“How much did they ask for?”

“2 million.”

“What did he do?”

“Well he consulted with us about the deal, now even though we won most of the money we agreed to donate to him. He gave us the skinny and wanted to know if we had his back and if so he can draw up a contract and after everyone signs both the chemists and him with us as witnesses to the deal we had the potential to make millions off this. He made a convincing argument and I’ll admit we didn’t get most of it but he wasn’t stupid, yeah thick headed at times and a smartass but he knew what he was doing. We all agreed and he drew up a contract and invested the 2 million. We still had plenty left over afterwards for the wedding and the down payment of the house so in reality we had nothing to lose. Two weeks later boom that fuel was on the front page of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Those dudes are rolling in dough and only 22 at the time Eddy there is making 10 million a year.”

Twilight was at a complete loss for words. ‘How in the world did he get so lucky?’ “So wait hes making that much and yet he lives here?”

Joseph laughed. “Yeah. He had more money than he knew what to do with so instead of keeping the 10 every year he gives away 9 million to charities and non-profit organizations keeping 250 grand in the bank, 500 in cash stashed away in his safe somewhere. The rest he invests in his hobby and even then he doesn’t know what to do with it so what he does is he takes the new engines auto manufactures design and make them better free of charge all he asks is that he is given credit for the work hes done.”

“Whats his hobby?”

Joseph simply looked at the Supra.

“So he does this for fun?”

“According to him when money is involved it takes the fun out of it and seeing as how he clearly doesn’t need the money he figured he needed something productive to do with his time so he is either sent engines, designs, sometimes whole cars and they ask how can we make this better. Usually the first thing out of his mouth is put a 6 speed and a clutch in it for the sports models. For the family sedans is make it either rear wheel or all wheel drive. For trucks straight up diesel power. One Japaniese manufacturer actually brought back the Rotary engine because of him. Come to think of it Mazda was the only one that made those motors.”


“Yeah, wow.” Joseph looked at his watch and decided it was time to go bidding farewell to his cousin and his company. He then got in his G8 and drove off. ‘Its nice to see him in a good mood again after all this time. I hope it can stay that way.’

“Twilight can you come over here? I think I figured a way we can contact Equestria.”

She walked over to his desk and took a seat in front of him.

“Okay you know how Spike can send letters by incinerating them right?”


“I’m thinking perhaps sending this laptop along with instructions on how to use it to set up a two way connection.”

“Okay so whats the problem?”

“The connection itself. I’m a mechanical engineer and even though I'm good, not a computer guru. Even so, if I am able to hack one of the satellites to establish a connection the largest window we will have is probably less than a minute every day. That and an international incident should something go wrong.”

“Okay so whats your idea?”

“I figure a different way to connect is needed. Not by conventional means but more of a mystical nature.”

“You want to use magic to establish a direct connection with Equestria using your computers?”

“Exactly, but first we have to do some small scale testing and see if its even possible. I don’t know a thing about magic but my solution lies with this.” He pulls out a little flash drive from his desk.

“What is it?”

“This is a portable wifi locator and connector, think of it was an antenna for the internet. Anywhere you want to find a laptop these days you will more than likely find these too. I’m thinking we can use your magic to make this compatible for direct two way communication. Only thing we are missing are a couple of laptops and another one of these and we can start small scale testing.”

“Do you actually think it’ll work?”

“Only one way to find out.”

With that Eduardo started the truck while Twilight got Spike and Fluttershy. Before long they were on their way to Best
Buy. Fluttershy began to speak as they pulled on to Okeechobee Rd.

“What kind of place are we going to?” She curiously asked.

“We’re going to pick up a couple of things so we can talk directly with your home world.”

“What are we picking up exactly?”

“A desk top hard drive, a laptop and two wifi connectors. We shouldn’t be there for more than 30 mins. You’re free to go ahead and roam around too while you’re at it and if anyone with a shirt with the company logo asks if you need help just say you’re browsing around.” All three nodded as they made their way to the store.

When they got there they walked inside the store. Spike Fluttershy and Twilight were frozen in place by what they saw. So many different forms of technology accessible for anyone with a job. For a moment they were lost at all the shiny bits and pieces of computers, laptops, cameras, t.v’s from corner to corner of the store. Eduardo whistled at them to snap them out of their trance and lightly chuckled remembering when he came to a store like this when he was a kid and had a similar reaction.

They quickly caught up to him and stayed nearby passing by all the gadgets that were set on display as Eduardo led them to the computer section of the store. A particular hard drive caught his attention. To him it looked simple and inexpensive but seeing that it has wireless capabilities he figured it would get the job done. Afterwards he picked out a laptop. One with a large enough screen so that they can see everyone whats more it had an integrated webcam which made it that much better. Once they got done there they picked up two wifi locators and proceeded to the checkout isle. After they paid and got the receipt they Eduardo loaded the stuff in the bed of the truck and locked the tailgate and camper. From there they proceeded home to where they would test his theory.

After getting home and unloading the stuff Eduardo hooked up the hard drive to the T.V in the living area finishing with connecting it to the internet and began doing the preparations with the computer hard drive and the laptop. Finally when it came time to the wifi connectors Twilight took a hold of them and cast an amplification spell which allowed its range to be widened significantly farther. He took the laptop and walked to the outer edge on the property. He opened it and logged on to a private chat room and sent a video chat request which resulted in Twilight showing up on screen with Fluttershy and Spike in the living area. Satisfied he went back into the warehouse with a confident smile.

“Alright guys let me write up the instructions and we can send this baby on its way.” He wrote up the instructions in a way that would be fairly easy to understand even for beings who have never seen technology like this before. When he finished he handed the laptop with the note inside it to Spike. “Whenever you’re ready big guy.” With that Spike smiled and incinerated the laptop instantly disappearing into green dust and on its way to Princess Celestia.

He looked up at Twilight and Fluttershy on the second floor. “You ladies think this’ll work?”

“I hope so.” Fluttershy said with a hopeful smile. “The thought of seeing everypony again would make me really happy.”

“What about you Twilight?” He asked.

“I have no idea.” She said with a laugh.

20 minutes later the three were waiting in the living area with Jackson and Rocky cuddling between various spaces of the four in the area with the chatroom still opened and music playing on youtube patiently waiting. Eduardo decided to break the silence.

“Hey Fluttershy?”

“Yes Eduardo?”

“Which of your friends is the one with the short temper again?”

“That would be Rainbow Dash, why?”

“Just thinking.” Chuckling lightly.

“About?” Twilight replied.

“Have you ever been so mad you just did something like cause problems for people that had nothing to do with it?”

Both Twilight and Fluttershy sat there in complete silence eyes wide remembering their situations. Fluttershy thought of the Gala ‘You’re going to LOOOOVE MEEEEE!!!’, Twilight thought of the Smarty Pants incident ‘If I can’t find a friendship problem, I’LL MAKE A FRIENDSHIP PROBLEM.’. They looked at each other and back at him and gave him a sheepish grin. Seeing the looks on their faces he had his answer and decided to press them for further answers another time. He then looked at Spike.

"What about you Spike?" Eduardo looked over at Spike and he gave him the same look. ‘Oh yeah I’m definitely interested with what these three have to say.’

“The reason I’m asking is simple. Technology when misunderstood or misinterpreted can in fact bring out the worst in you. I went through a couple of laptops because of that. Even went as far as shooting one with 5, 2.5 inch buckshot rounds with my benelli and incinerating the rest with old motor oil and racing fuel.” He chuckled promptly being joined by the others when the screen came alive.

“Hello? Can anypony hear us?”

“Um sister I don’t think that’s how it works.”

“Twilight! Spike! Fluttershy! Can y’all hear us?”

“They have to send us another one this one isn’t working right.”

“Oh we have got to have a party for this!”

“How is that contraption supposed to let us communicate with them?”

Twilight Fluttershy and Spike got up excited as they video started coming to screen able to see their friends again.

“Twilight is that you?” Celestia asked.

“Yes princess everything is all right how is everypony?”

Luna responded “Relieved.”

“You got that right!” Said Rainbow Dash.

“Oh my, girls you look completely different.” Said Rarity.

As everyone from Miami and the Royal Palace got reacquainted Twilight waved for Eduardo to come into the picture.

“Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, girls, This is Eduardo.”

He came into the picture and could hardly believe what he was seeing. He looked up at the screen to see 6 ponies one pink with cotton candy like hair and bright blue eyes, another, orange with a cowboy hat and blonde hair and green eyes, a sky blue pegasus with rainbow colored mane and tail and magenta eyes, and a marble white unicorn with a purple mane and tail with deep blue eyes. In the center he saw the two alicorn princesses both regal features one white with a pastel colored mane and tail and purple eyes and the other a deep blue with a starry midnight blue mane and tail with gentle light green eyes both of their manes waving in the direction of a non-existent wind standing taller than the rest. All of them smiling warmly on the screen looking the savior and friend of Fluttershy, Spike and Twilight.

Eduardo smiled warmly. “Hi everyone, it’s a pleasure and an honor to meet you all.”

“The pleasure is all ours.” Said Celestia.

“We humbly thank you for watching over them. I’m sure it took a lot of courage to do what you did for them.”

“It was nothing princess. I’m sure any decent human could have done the same.”

“Yes, I’m aware the likes of you are few and far between.”

“You just have to know where to look.”

“I believe Twilight has told you about us?”

“Of course. Honestly I don’t think you could have sent anyone better for this mission than these three here.”

“I’m glad to hear it. I have been briefed upon your kind’s history. I’m very sorry you have to live in a world with such circumstances.”

“Don’t be. We all have our purpose for being here.”

“I couldn’t agree more. Could you perhaps tell us a bit more about yourself?”

“Hasn’t Twilight here been keeping tabs on me?”

“Yes she has, but I want to hear it from you, and the rest of us seem to agree.”

Eduardo was never one to enjoy being put out on the spot like that. Any other time he would have disagreed but at this point he wasn’t about to say no to a goddess from another world who can raise the sun. He smiled and looked directly at the screen and sarcastically spoke. “Where do I begin?”