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Three Equestrians and an Engineer - Greasebrony

A man who copes with the loss of his family befriends 3 strangers after saving them from thugs.

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A/N: Wow this one took a little longer than expected. Writers block sucks. Anyway again happy new year guys and enjoy the story.

Wednesday 9:45 A.M.

Eduardo was on the roof of his warehouse looking toward the clear sky letting his mind wonder endlessly in and out of random thought. ‘Eleven hours, fifteen minutes. These folks have been here for nearly a week already. By now they know my drinking habits and some details revolving around my past. But they don’t know about him or what happened in Cali or the details about their deaths. I want to hide this too but theres no chance of that is there? I know better than to say that. That engine can damn near wake the dead. Annie, Jasmine, Maria, Junior…..its been three years. Three long painful years of keeping that promise I made to you, I’m so lost without you guys.’ A tear escapes his scarred eye. ‘I love you all so much, too much to let go. Having them here is only a thought as to what could have been. Yet here I am I’m laughing again. We all are. We’re all smiling and having a good time like we used too. Joseph’s girl is pregnant. They don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl. No one cares so long as it comes out healthy. Probably taking the Supra out again tonight. I hope no one here follows. The last thing I need now is someone getting hurt just because the just wanted to see my driving. Why its considered in such high regard is something I’ll never understand. It can’t just be something that I drown myself in because it makes me happy, because I enjoy it, because it makes sense. I feel it every time I turn the key, every time I step on the gas or shift gears. I enter a world where nothing else matters. What if they do follow? Do I try to lose them? No if Alison is driving then there wouldn’t be a reason to worry. She knows she can’t stay with the Supra and she knows better than anyone following me would get someone killed. Its happened too many times since I came from Cali. I guess we’ll see when I start that engine tonight. I’ll try to push the envelope again. I know shes got more to give.’

He got up and made his way to one of the sky light windows looking upon Spike and his cousins sharing a laugh over a joke one of them made. No doubt a dirty joke of some sort. He backs away approaching the ladder. ‘I can’t help but feel this is just some cruel joke someone is playing on me with all these Equestrians coming here. Yet I welcome them with open arms, why? It doesn’t make sense to me, it shouldn’t make sense. Yet here I am just going with the flow hoping for the best. I’ve got a bad feeling something is going to happen soon. Either way for now I should play it a little closer to the vest and keep one eye open. The meetings going to happen at 10 tonight, not many people should be out at that time. I’ll leave the Super Duty and take something a little more…deliberate, just in case. Theres plenty of room for the element bearers and Spike in the Excursion and the princesses can ride with either Alison or my cousins. No doubt questions will be asked and looks will be shot at me.’ He descended the ladder and looked towards the sky again and drew his 1911 and aimed down the night sights as he pointed it towards the sky disengaging the safety and his finger on the trigger. “Emilio Hernando Cortez, I know you’re still alive and well, and when I find you I swear on the ashes of my family I will kill you.” With that he clicked the safety back on and holstered the pistol and walked inside the warehouse joining the conversation with the others.

Wednesday 8:40 P.M.

“Alright, lets go through the check list.”






“Scrolls with tracking spells?”




“Enough room for every pony in the cars we’re using plus radios for each of them?”

“Double the check.”

As Twilight and Spike finished their checklist Fluttershy waited in the G8 eager to see her friends again. The G8, Excursion, and Skyline were all parked outside ready for the meeting that was close at hand.

“Alright before we go are there any questions?” Jericho asked.




“Alright, lets roll out folks, wouldn’t want to be late for this date.”

Jericho mounted the G8 and brought the supercharged V8 to life. Twilight and Spike both sat inside the Excursion with its turbo diesel engine already at idle and Alison sat in the Skyline all waiting on Eduardo to take point in the Super Duty.

*Radio Static*

“Yo guys I think you need to start without me.”

Jericho’s voice came on. “The 350’s giving you problems?”

“Yeah probably needs a new battery cause this thing isn’t starting up.”

“Alright I’ll keep on the scanners till you show up in the mean time Alison you take point.”

“Awesome I get to lead a motorcade? This is turning out to be a good night.”

Joseph’s voice came on. “Alright Stiletto just make sure the rest of us can keep up huh?”

“I’ll kick your skinny ass like I did to Eddy.”

“Aw Stiletto I can’t believe your cheating on me.”

“Both of your asses are mine.”

“Hey cut the chatter we got to get going. Eddy catch up as quickly as you can when you sort that problem out.”

“Copy that.”

“Alright, Alison whenever you’re ready.”

Alison shifted into first with Joseph following and Jericho close behind making their way to the turnpike. As Eduardo watched them drive off he turned to the GT500.

“Alright Sally, its been a while since we last rolled together and we have a history but I promise if you take care of me, I’ll take care of you.”

*Radio Static*

“Where the hell is Eduardo? Changing a battery does not take this long.” Alison said.
The motorcade was already entering the outer reaches of homestead.

“Maybe he got pulled over. It is the holidays after all” Said Joseph.

“Most likely, but I’m not hearing any radio chatter about the truck. Hes probably taking Krome and meeting up with us further on.” Said Jericho.

“Averaging at least 90 in that road is not easy in any car big brother so forget the truck.”

“Okay lets accept that he’ll be a little late besides we planned for this already. In case he doesn’t show we still have plenty of room for everyone to be comfortable.” Alison said.

“I don’t know Ali.” Jericho began. “He takes pride in his punctuality and he does whatever he has to do to get anywhere on time.”

“On time for him is 10 minutes early bro.”

“My point exactly. Wait I see something coming up on the rear view….no….it can’t be.”

“Yo talk to me bro whats going on back there.”


Jericho couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The all too familiar headlights closing in on his rear with that same sound that he knows too well.

“Guys, hes here.”

“Why is he making it sound like it’s a bad thing?” Twilight asked Joseph.

Joseph looked in the rear view mirror and became wide eyed.

“What the hell is he thinking?” Joseph said.

“Guys talk to me whats going on back there.” Alison’s voice sounding concerned.

Fluttershy took a look on the rear view mirror on the passenger side door and instantly understood. It was here.

The ground shaking roar of the V8 passed them leaving a beam of two red lights in its wake. The motorcade could only watch as the GT500 quickly passed them leaving them puzzled. A moment later it was gone from sight.

The radio came on with Twilight’s voice. “Please tell me we aren’t the only ones who saw that.”

“Three other cars and that’s the one he decided to bring? Damn him.” Joseph said under his breath.

Eduardo sat in the drivers seat seeing the headlights disappear in his rear view mirror keeping his foot at mid throttle maintaining a cool 130 mph at 6th gear.

‘I’m gonna have some explaining to do but for the time being that’ll have to wait. For now lets just hope nothing happens tonight, I can handle cop trouble but that’s about it. But just in case…’ He opened the glove box to reveal a stainless S&W 625-9 in a nylon holster.

As the motorcade arrived at the meeting spot they saw the silhouette of the Mustang with only its fog lamps cutting through the darkness with Eduardo leaning on the drivers side rear fender watching them approach.

Each of them parked alongside each other everyone stepping out looking at the Mustang and its driver. Alison was first to speak.

“There was never a problem with the battery was there?”



He looked at Alison and smiled gently.

“I haven’t driven this car in a while I figure there wouldn’t be any harm in bringing it out.”

Jericho noticed he was wearing his 625-9 on his waist.

“Eddy whats going on man? The last time you had that revolver was when-”

“We’ll have plenty of time to talk about this later. In the meantime lets prepare for their arrival.”

They reluctantly agreed and got everyone’s individual clothes out ready for their arrival.

Eduardo looked to Spike. “Whenever you’re ready.” He nodded and sent the letter. A moment later he burped out 2 letters and placed them in the center where the headlights of the cars and truck pointed. A moment later two bright bursts of light engulfed them revealing 6 ponies.

“Woah nelly.”

“I feel like I just managed 3 sonic rainbooms.”

“Same here dear.”

“Wooo lets do that again.”

“Lets not.”

“You said it Lu Lu.”

As they recovered from their daze an amused Eduardo approached them. “Welcome to the planet earth everyone or should I say everypony?” They stood up and were greeted by Twilight Spike and Fluttershy all releaved that they were safe and sound.

“Princess Celestia, Luna, girls how are you feeling?”

“We are alright Twilight Sparkle. Winded but alright.” Celestia said.

Much to the human’s surprise the alicorn sisters stood at around 6 feet while the other ponies stood at a solid 4.

“You were not kidding when you said that teleportation spell takes a lot out of you.”

“Hehe well I’d hate to say I told you so.”

“Okay now that you gathered your bearings would you do us the honors of changing so we can get out of here? We’ve got company headed this way.” Said Jericho.

“Whats their ETA?” Asked Eduardo.

“5 minutes.”

“Three more than we need. Can we get dressed in your cars?” Asked Luna.

“It’ll be a tight squeeze but yeah.” Said Joseph.

“Okay Spike, Twilight, Fluttershy you take the others and get inside the Excursion. Princess Luna and Princess Celestia ride with Alison, I’m sorry to rush you guys but we gotta get out of here.”

Once they got through changing their physical forms and got inside their modes of transportation Eduardo’s voice came on the radio. “Okay Alison take point on Krome to the property, Joseph follow Alison and stay on her ass like your life depended on it. Jericho and I will be right behind you in case we need to distract the cops. Jericho, stay on Joseph’s 6 GO!”

With Alison leading the way to Krome the others followed suit.

5 minutes within the journey Luna was the first to speak. “It seems like Eduardo has done this before.”

“I was just thinking that too. No idea where he picked it up though.”

“Has he had any formal military training?” Celestia asked.

“Never, I was the one who taught him how to fight, he learned to shoot on his own and he has always been a good driver and that and that level of organization with time hes been pulling off stuff like that since I met him. Always punctual.”

“EDUARDO THEY’RE LOCKING ON TO YOU!” Jericho’s voice was heard over the radio.

“I’ll lead them away then Jericho make sure those girls get to the warehouse!”

“You got it.”

“Has he ever done this before?” Celestia asked.

“Distract the cops? On a couple of occasions. They haven’t caught him yet though.”

“Then maybe we should lend him a hoof oh um hand.” Said Luna as she Teleported out of the Skyline and Into the GT500.

“LUNA NO!” Alison and Celestia yelled, but it was too late.


“Hi.” Luna said with a smile.

“What are you doing here!?!?”

“I figured you would need a helping hand.”

“GRRR Alright fine but only when I ask for it. In the meantime keep your seatbelt on and don’t for the love God scream.”

The GT500 roared through the streets with Miami PD hot on its trail with sirens at full song.

“We’re gonna have to get on the expressway if we stand a chance at losing them. Theres power in numbers and they don’t have a lot of power but they have a lot of cars. Luna can you stop electricity from reaching certain points?”

“I can try why?”

“We’re gonna need it.”

They broke away from the convoy as Eduardo spoke on the radio again.

“Alright I’m gonna lead the cops away and Luna is coming along in case things get dicey all of you floor it directly to the warehouse and keep your headlights off if you can help it the trees can give you decent cover in some areas but less in others and from here on out maintain radio silence. Balls to the wall everyone.”

He put down the radio and shifted from 5th gear to 3rd bringing with it a burst of acceleration that threw Luna’s head to the headrest. She wasn’t expecting this car to be so ferocious. She looked towards Eduardo to see his face full of determination but also another look, a look of enjoyment? Was he having fun giving chase to the police? She found a more comfortable seating position and watched Eduardo as he drove and listened to the sound of the supercharged 427 completely in sync with Eduardo’s driving. She felt the G-forces pushing against her as he dodged traffic left and right running a few stop lights. They had already gained a good lead on the police but she was certain there would be more.

“Alright the expressway is coming up. Luna I need you to hang on really tight alright?”

She nodded in response and tightly gripped the roll bar and the door with the racing harness tightly holing her in place, however what came next she didn’t expect. He was tipping 120 mph on 4th and as they entered the on ramp to the turnpike, he slammed the clutch, shifted to 3rd and turned in at full throttle with the rear tires screeching in agony. The rear end was thrown out as he counter-steered missing the guardrail by literally inches. Luna was terrified watching the events in front of her unfold. But at the same time she was excited and fascinated by the level of precision he had managed to apply with this piece of machinery. In about 3 seconds they had managed to go right up the on ramp and on the turnpike. He then shifted to 4th and maintained a steady 140mph anticipating the toll area now in sight.

“Okay theres a toll booth coming up I can’t have them catch my plate number can you shut down the power?”

“Yes just let me know when.”


She cast a spell that disrupted the power flow to the toll area and the moment the Shelby blasted through she released the spell. No chance of getting that picture now. The freeway smoothed out. Eduardo smiled at this.

“Okay FHP is gonna be joining in soon, we can’t give them a chance to catch up. So we’re gonna floor it all the way through.”

He pressed the gas the the floor and the car accelerated. 150, 160. He shifted to 5th 165, 170, 175, 180, 185. Shift to 6th.

“Alright, go baby go.”

He turned the nitrous on and pushed a button on top of the pistol grip shifter now having the power more aggressively hit the road they increased speed. 195, 205, 210. The roar of the 427 was ringing in Luna’s ears, she was blown away by the feeling of going this fast in a car that seemed so out dated, so behind the times. She looked at Eduardo. He was grinning like a mad man hell bent on going to the ends of the earth. Any patrolman that entered the pursuit was quickly passed and not given a second thought.

“Okay we’ve got 5 miles of this to go. After that we’ll exit out hit Okeechobee and have the lights off the rest of the way. It’s a straight shot from there and I can navigate it without help.”

Another toll booth was coming up.

“Eduardo, up ahead.”

“Don’t worry about it, we are going way too fast to set the cameras off but if you want to turn it off anyway just in case be my guest.”

She sat there and thought for a moment. She did use a lot of magic tonight and between the teleportation the changes and the assistance she had given not to mention the unexpected rollercoaster of a ride she volunteered for. She was about ready to pass out from all the action that is taking place at the moment. If what Eduardo said was true then she wouldn’t have to worry about it and sure enough when they passed the toll booth, no camera flash.

“You really built this car well Eduardo. I must say I’m quite impressed.”

“Thanks, when I first got this car it had a 351 winsor in it. I pretty much took it out and just dropped in a 427 winsor and bored it up to a 482 then added pistons with a 12:1 compression ratio as well as a performance camshaft, smoothed out performance heads, rockers, oversized titanium valves and a crankshaft I got about 550 horses running out of it. Of course I had to strengthen the body and add a suspension to match the performance. From there my cousins and I went to Cali and when we got back, it was then I added a supercharger the body kit plus 100 shot of nitrous oxide and tweaked the settings to make everything run perfectly. It now currently has 1000 horsepower and about 1200 torques.”

“My goodness isn’t this thing over powered then?”

“The sole purpose of this car was to go fast. Unfortunately I can’t take this above 210 without risking an engine blow. As even much as I have done with the aerodynamics of it there are still limitations to it and raw power can only get this so far but for what its worth it’s an amazing machine.”

“I see. I’m curious though.”


“Were you having fun when we were bring chased?”

He let out a small chuckle. “Yeah I guess it was a little fun I’ll admit. They expected a run of the mill hot rod. They got a pro street machine and a monster behind the wheel. Best part? It has a stereo and air conditioning.”

Eduardo switched the stereo on and started getting on the brakes gently slowing down with the exit fast approaching. He turned off the lights as they exited making sure no troopers were able to spot them easily. When they go to the stop light at the end of the exit Eduardo turned right. 4 more miles till we get home. It was a good night for the most part. ‘Been a while since I had that much fun driving this. I should do it more.’

*Radio Static*

“Dispatch whats the suspect’s last known 20?”

“Suspect’s last known location was northbound on turnpike coming from Kendall Drive.”

“Dispatch can you give me a description on the vehicle used?”

“Black Vintage Mustang.”

“I’m going to need confirmation on that.”

“Affirmative, Suspect Vehicle is a Black Vintage Mustang according to several phone calls in the area around Kendall reporting the vehicle.”

“The guy just passed us like we were sitting still. That’s no regular Mustang.”

“You got that right its not a regular fucking vintage Mustang.” Said Jericho.

Alison, Jericho, Joseph finally made it to Eduardo’s property the three huddled around Eduardo’s Super Duty listening in on the Police Radio bands. Based on what they heard they were sure Eduardo and Luna got away but regardless until they show up they have no reason to believe everything was fine. Celestia and the others were close by listening in on the police frequency on the G8 and Supra.

“Um excuse me partner but how good of a driver is this feller?” Applejack approaching Joseph.

“One of the best drivers out there. But its not the cops we’re worried about.” Joseph responded.

Rarity spoke up. “Well what can it be then? Surely if its not the driver or the police what in the world could be the problem?”

Alison responded. “It’s the car.”

“You mean that relic?” Rainbow Dash responded.

“That ‘relic’ was involved in some seriously bad times in his life and its been 3 years since hes driven it in public roads. Yeah that relic”

Rainbow backed up a bit seeing as how she struck a sensitive topic.

“Well are they going to be alright? I mean based on what Twi, Fluttershy and Spike told us he seems like a really cool guy.”

“Listen hes a good guy hell one of the best men I have ever known. But sometimes he gets reckless. He lets his emotions control his state of mind and in cars as powerful as these. That’s dangerous. It can get people killed scratch that, it HAS gotten people killed.” Alison said.

“Wow. Bummer.” Rainbow said.

Off in the distance they heard a faint rumbling.

“You hear that?” Joseph said.

“Oh yeah. Hes back.” Jericho said.

“Oh thank you god.” Alison breathing a sigh of relief.

The rumbling grew louder until the GT500 came into everyones view rolling slowly to its parking spot. The reverse lights going on and it backs into its spot perfectly aligned like it never left the warehouse. When the engine cut off the doors opened and out came Eduardo smiling warmly at his friends and family and Luna dazed and ready to knock out on the first bed she can find.

“Can someone help me get Luna somewhere to lay down please? The poor girl’s had a hell of a night.”

Celestia and Fluttershy were quick to tend to Luna, Eduardo figured she was in good hands so he let them go. Closing the driver side door and passenger side door he turned and walked towards the group.

“You okay Eddy?” Jericho asked.

“Yeah I’m actually pretty good man. I ditched the cops didn’t I?”

“That you did bro. That you did.”

“Joseph you okay over there? You look like you just saw a ghost.”

“I’m sure Highway Patrol would say the same thing.”

“Touché sir.” He laughed.

He looked towards the newly arrived Equestrians. He smiled warmly at them. “Wow crazy night huh?”

“Hay yeah partner. Impressive how you gave them police folks the slip.”

“Yeah I tell them to upgrade their hardware but they never listen to me.”

“How many times do you do that?” Rainbow Dash flying up to him.

“Been a couple of years since its happened actually. I’m a little rusty on my moves but I’m sure I can pull it off again.”

Pinkie bounced over to him and gave him a big hug. Rarity following suit. “Thanks so much for helping out my friends and keeping those meanies away from them.”Said Pinkie giggling.

“Yes you truly are a courageous one. Please if theres anything we can do to repay you just name it.” Said Rarity.

“Thank you so much and I appreciate the offer but it was really nothing. I gotta say though you all look stunning in your human forms. Hey Twi props on getting the clothes right on.”

“Actually you have to thank Alison . She was the one with the final word.”

He looked over and her and Alison wasted no time showering him with affection. And by affection that means raining fists and feet upon him. Much to his dismay every hit made direct contact to its intended target making everyone in the surrounding area cringe, even the princesses and Fluttershy who could hear every impact. “YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!” She screamed as she hit him. “DO YOU HAVE ANY CLUE HOW WORRIED WE WERE ABOUT YOU?!?!” She landed a solid back kick to his chest knocking him on the floor groaning in pain from the shower of affection or as others would call it, a swift ass kicking. As he tried to get up she hugged him tightly letting a couple of tears freely fall on his shoulder. “What the hell were you thinking taking that damned car out? I swear to god I thought something bad had happened.”

Eduardo hugged her back taking a moment to gather his thoughts before responding. “I’m sorry I didn’t say anything Ali. I knew we would have some trouble tonight and I thought that bringing the Shelby would help keep all eyes on me while you guys got away.”

“So you used yourself as live bait? Why? Why didn’t you say anything?”

“How would you have reacted at the thought of me taking it out again Alison? I had to keep the truth from you guys. And for that I’m really sorry.” They both stood up and Eduardo pulled away a little pulling her face up high enough to meet his eyes. She saw them full of compassion the same compassion she had grown to know and love about him. He rested his hand on her cheek and wiped away her tears as he kissed her forehead. “I promise you I’m not going anywhere.” He said with a warm and gentle smile. She smiled back and threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly and he returned the gesture in full.

As the others watched the event unfold Spike and the brothers smiled warmly while the girls let out a very audible “AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW.” Giving smiles of their own.

They let go of each other and Eduardo looked towards the group folding his arms over his chest. “Thank you for ruining the moment guys.”

“Shut up, you were adorable and you know it.” Said a chuckling Joseph.

“Yeah yeah whatever sunshine.” He laughed. “Hows Luna doing?” Making his voice audible enough for Fluttershy to hear.

“Oh! Um shes just fine just tired and shaken is all.”

“No doubt from the trip and the drive. Okay lets call it a night folks. Ladies, you are welcome to use my bedroom and the bedroom Twilight and Fluttershy already occupy. We already set up inflatable mattresses in anticipation of your arrival and we took the liberty of putting a door between each room so you all can have a slumber party and do your makeovers and what ever women do during sleepovers. Men we stay our asses down here and I’m taking the couch.”

“Actually bro I gotta get going to check on the wife. Shes prego and all and I gotta make sure shes fine.” Joseph said.

“Its all good man. What about you Jericho, theres a nice comfy truck bed right over there.”

“Nah I’ll pass man, I gotta get up in the morning, no doubt I’ll have to review the reports on what happened here tonight so I gotta sleep as much as I can. Thanks anyway though.”

“Alright fellas I’ll be seeing you.”

Joseph and Jericho got in their rides and left the property.

“Well Spike guess its just…” He looked over at Spike to find him sleeping on the couch again. “…us again.” He sighed. “Could have saved a spot.”

The girls were already in the other room, Alison clearly in favor of a slumber party, she didn’t have many girl friends because of work no doubt but clearly she didn’t hesitate to make new ones. With that he closed the garage door, covered the GT500 and found a comfortable spot in his F-350 and proceeded to letting himself sleep peacefully. “Oh, almost forgot…” He took his 625-9 and opened the chamber. “I knew I was forgetting something.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a full moon loader and slid the six .45LC rounds inside the chamber followed by closing it and putting the revolver back in its holster. “All better now.” With that he took off his boots laid on his back and hung is feet out of the window.

While the girls were up stairs they deicded to get to know each other.

“So Alison darling tell us about yourself.” Rarity said.

“Yes Eduardo tells us that you are a pretty successful doctor.” Said Celestia.

“Yes yes I’m a doctor and I’m great at what I do but its not like my passion though.”

“What is your passion?” Luna asked with the others listening closely.

“Martial arts. I love it, the discipline, the workout, the meditation, the stress release, the honor, its history. Just everything about it. I actually hoped to open up my own Dojo one day and pass along the same teachings I learned.”

“You don’t like fighting do you?” Pinkie Pie asked.

“No no I only for self defense.”

“You sure about that sugarcube? Eduardo seems to think otherwise.” Applejack chuckled.

“Hes an exception. See I’m the one who taught him everything he knows. I’m his master in a way and as you might already know he hates fighting but will stand his ground when needed.”

“How often do you whale on the poor guy? As funny as it is to watch I’m pretty curious.” Rainbow Dash said.

“Only when he deserves it. I’m his best friend yeah but as his master disrespecting me comes with at times unforeseen consequences.”

“Is that what happened earlier?” Luna asked.

“No he didn’t disrespect me. He worried me. He knows how anxious I get from worrying yet he still does it.”

“I think he likes you.” Said Pinkie.

“No way I’m like a sister to him.”

“Don’t be so sure Alison.” Celestia said.

“What do you mean?” Alison asked.

“The sexual tension between you two is thick enough for Spike’s claws to cut through.” The others looked at Twilight in response with Celestia and Luna giggling. “Spike told me the way you behave around each other sometimes.” She giggled. “He wouldn’t shut up about that first night for an hour. The poor little guy was almost traumatized.”

Rainbow Dash and Applejack let out a laugh. “Well for a brother you sure like getting frisky huh?”

“Now Rainbow Dash, I’m sure hes aware that its only a game…” Said Celestia.

“Thank you princess.”

“A game of whos got a better flank.” The girls then began giggling at the expense of a wildly blushing Alison.

In an attempt to put one of them on the spot she blurred out. “Oh yeah? Well I bet one of you have some guy at home you can’t help but think about.”

Applejack wasted no time. “Oh half of these girls have an eye on mah big brother.”

“Oh really Applejack? Do tell.” Luna said.

The others immediately stopped laughing and with wide eyes looked at Applejack. Normally she wouldn’t be one for gossip but seeing Alison in the state she was in she needed some back up and being the element of honesty she knew just what to say. “Oh this is gonna be good.” Alison said with a grin.

Rainbow was the first to speak. “Oh hehe I don’t check your brother out AJ I’m into that brown stallion with the hour glass for a cutie mark.”

“10 bits says you don’t know his name.” Applejack said with a smirk.

“Um I um his name is uh WHOOVES! Yeah Whooves!”

“Yeah right Rainbow.” She said with a laugh.

“Actually shes right.” Pinkie said. “But he likes to be called The Doctor. No idea why. Hes a clocksmith.”

“Okay I’ll give you that one but you have to admit that you eye his flanks from up in those trees while hes buckin’ apples.”

“Well I may have snuck a glance or two.” She said with a sheepish smile as her wings flew wide open and her eyes growing wide looking at her back.

“Was that so hard Dashie?” Applejack said with a knowing smile as Rainbow turned red and facepalmed trying to hide her embarrassment as the other girls laughed.

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