• Published 23rd Dec 2011
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Three Equestrians and an Engineer - Greasebrony

A man who copes with the loss of his family befriends 3 strangers after saving them from thugs.

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Where Do We Go From Here?

It had been three hours since Alison had told them about the tragic deaths surrounding Eduardo’s family. But that’s all she knew. What happened three months after the funeral was lost to her. The worst part was that his wife was 6 months pregnant with his first son. The day of the funeral she said that the moment he spread the ashes of their bodies out into the sea with the in laws, the look on his face went from grief to pure rage. It didn’t help that the man he knew was responsible was dropped of the charges despite the overwhelming evidence consisting of the bodies and the mess he made trying to protect his family with Jericho as a key witness. Eduardo was barely able to walk the whole time but the anger he felt fueled him, he shut himself from the world for three months. Two of those weeks Jericho and his little brother were nowhere to be found. The next time she saw him he had a revolver loaded with one .45LC hollow point bullet to his forehead sitting in the middle of his warehouse with the hammer cocked ready to pull the trigger. Upon hearing her voice he took the barrel of the revolver from his head and de-cocked the gun taking out the single bullet inside. He never told her where he was or why Jericho and Joseph were gone for two weeks but instead he blamed himself for the deaths of his family even though no one else blamed him.

Looking around Twilight could see Spike sitting right next to her trying to get his mind around everything he had heard clearly confused occasionally though he would become distracted by Rocky, Eduardo’s Pit Bull. Fluttershy was sitting in front of the Mustang leaning against it occasionally glancing towards the room Eduardo was in at times wiping tears from her eyes. Jackson, the Husky was right next to her trying to keep her comfort. The poor soul couldn’t even begin to imagine how it would feel to have something like that happen in her home. Alison was beginning to feel emotional bringing up memories from the past. She proceeded to the workout area wailing on the 100 pound punching bag hanging from chains in the ceiling. She only let up to grab something to drink and proceeded right back to vent her frustration again.

Twilight tried digging through the books Eduardo pointed her to fishing for in hopes for a distraction of her own. But she couldn’t. Even though she had all this information in her disposal she wasn’t inspired by it. She kept on thinking of Eduardo, a complete stranger that saved them from a band of hooligans, a stranger that gave them a place to stay and prepared a warm meal with a smile the very afternoon they woke up. A stranger that offered his help asking for nothing more than respect for the sake of their purpose being here. In less than 24 hours she had seen so much goodness come from him and to complete strangers from another world no less. She was completely baffled by the events surrounding him. She couldn’t understand how someone like him could have endured so much. And it seems that was just the tip of the ice berg. A simple 5 minute summarization explaining everything to the best of Alison’s knowledge and not even she knew the whole story. Twilight took a deep breath and began to write wiping tears from her eyes.

Dear Princess Celestia,

In less than a day I learned about a single individual who seems to be a walking representation of the elements of harmony based on the testimony from his dear friend. I understand that this was not part of the plan when we came here. Originally we came to learn about another world and its inhabitants, the history, the cultures, the differences in thinking, the politics. However at the moment none of that seems to matter. Eduardo, the human who took us in and opened his home to us is a much stronger individual than I originally thought. He has the ideals of a true gentlecolt and the physical strength and intellect to back It up. Based on his literature he has an amazing mind, a mind that we as Equestrians could not begin to understand. But looks can be deceiving and it couldn’t be any more true for Eduardo. On the surface he is a great character that I am more than sure is worthy of the presence of royalty let alone my friends. However Fluttershy, Spike and I caught what is probably only a glimpse into this man’s life. At 28 years of age he has experienced more pain and suffering that only Luna and yourself can comprehend. How he is able to go on after some of the experiences he has lived though is beyond me.

I wish to learn more about him. Not about his past, but his philosophy on things. I have been informed he unfortunately is not very fond of many individual leaders of this world and even less of their politics. And upon hearing of our world his immediate reaction was to laugh hysterically believing that there is no such thing as peace. Looking through some of the history books he has I can sympathize. In one part of the world known as the Middle East there is always a war of some sort going on. In the continent called Africa there is famine, death, disease in astronomical numbers. In other areas of the world where communism is in place the leaders give little for the citizens to survive on. In other parts where democracy is the primary political foundation including the United States has many leaders that abuse their power for their own personal gains and unfortunately they get away with it.

Same goes for the hierarchy in Great Britain, similar to our political system unfortunately some officials are similar to the leaders in the U.S. and don’t even get me started on the World Wars. Seeing this it is not hard to understand his reaction. Deep down I wish there was a way to help this planet get over its issues and become a peaceful place like Equestria despite the random weather. On a side note, for a time some countries of the world were in a race to see who can get to space first. The Russians got that victory but were one-up’d by the U.S. with their landing on the moon. How they are able to accomplish these feats without magic is just mind blowing. Later they decided to come together and build an international space station. In a way seeing this gives me a glimmer of hope that humanity will take a step in the right direction. But once again I find myself worrying about Eduardo again. More than anything I hope to accomplish here I wish to help him. Between Spike Fluttershy and myself it will be difficult. However with the magic of friendship I’m sure we can make it happen. I just wish you Luna and the others were here. I miss you all so much right now.

Your Faithful Student,

Twilight Sparkle

P.S. I turned Eduardo into a pony earlier. He looks quite handsome as a stallion.

When Twilight was rolling up the letter to hand to Spike, the door began to open immediately calling everyone’s attention. Eduardo stepped out with his head hung low, hair covering his face. He whipped his hair back and stretched his arms high above his head joints all over his body popping loud enough for everyone to hear. He opened his eyes to look around the warehouse finding everyone looking at him with a blank expression.

“My zipper isn’t down is it?” He asked no one in particular.

“Eddy, are you alright?” Alison asked with concern in her face along with sweat and obvious exhaustion from pounding the punching bag, the dents clearly visible.

“Yeah I’m fine just needed some time to myself is all.” He noticed the worried looks he was getting and it was bothering him. “Okay why the hell is everyone looking at me like that I’m not dead yet.” He begins walking towards the M3 “Jesus I step out of view for a little bit and the second everyone sees me its like they just saw a ghost. What time is it anyway?” He checks his watch to see its 3:07 in the afternoon. “Holy shit. Guess you did have reason to worry. Oh well time flies when you meditate.”

Twilight didn’t take this so well.

“MEDITATE?!?! MEDITATE?!?! WE’VE BEEN SITTING HERE WORRIED SICK ABOUT YOU AND YOU WALK RIGHT OUT LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED TALKING ABOUT MEDITATING?!?!” She teleported in front of him and immediately proceeded to leaving her hand print on his face with an audible smack making even the dogs cringe. She then teleported to her and Fluttershy’s room walking in and slamming the door shut.

“God damn what the hell is her problem?”

It was Fluttershy’s turn to give him a piece of her mind. “How dare you…HOW. DARE. YOU!” She walked up to him backing him to a support beam. “WE WERE WORRIED SOMETHING BAD HAPPENED AND YOU JUST BRUSH US OFF AS IF THIS WAS ANOTHER DAY! LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING MISTER YOU DON’T DO THAT TO SOMEPONY WHO CARES ABOUT YOU!” She raised her hand and he braced for impact, but it never came, he looked to her face to see tears streaming down her face.

“Fluttershy, I-”

She didn’t give him a chance to speak. She turned around and ran up the stairs to the room Twilight was in crying in closing the door behind her. He turned to Alison.

“Guess you’re gonna kick my ass?”

“No, but I should you fucking jerk, you left these three confused without so much as an explanation and left me to catch them up. Hell you’re lucky I came when I did cause if not who knows what those two would be thinking never mind Spike. No, I think between those two you got what you deserved. Spike theres an aluminum baseball bat is over there, if you want to beat him you’re more than welcome to.” Her tone harsh but Eduardo knew how she meant it.

Spike simply looked at him. “Hey man I’m just happy to see you’re okay. But let me tell you now if either Rainbow Dash or Applejack were here. It wouldn’t end well for you pal.” He giggled at the thought of seeing him pummeled but the two. From there he finished rolling up Twilight’s letter and sent it to the princess. “But shes right, I’m sorry for what happened to you. I really am. But you should have said something.”

“Only 17 years old and hes talking like one of the adults. You cease to amaze me kid. Well I should go up stairs. Ali if I’m not out in 15 minutes, call Jericho and tell him to get the swat team.”

As soon as Fluttershy closed the door she found Twilight crying into her pillow. Hearing the door close she was snapped out of it to face Fluttershy fairing no better. They stood quietly for a moment before quickly embracing each other holding tightly crying on each other’s shoulder. Fluttershy was first to speak.

“Twilight I’m so thankful to have our friends in our lives.”

“Me too, I know I don’t say this enough but I love you guys so much. I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.”

They heard a knock on the door. “Girls, Its Eddy. Can I come in?” Neither responded. “Listen I’m sorry okay? Its been a while since I’ve connected with people outside of the family and friends I already have. After 3 years of nothing but working, not even so much as spending time with the rest of the family, only working trying to make my world better. I spend every day in this god forsaken warehouse hoping for a miracle that I know will never happen. I still wake up hoping my wife is next to me, hoping my kids will burst into the room laughing and smiling. Until you guys showed up I was in a living hell. Drinking every time I was down and felt like I couldn’t go on or trying to figure out why things are this way or when I was stupid enough to put a loaded gun to my head about to pull the trigger because I couldn’t live with myself knowing that they aren’t there anymore. I’m asking you to understand. You take a man’s wife, he still has his kids, you take away his kids, and you give him nothing left to live for. I lost both in the same night and every day I live it haunts me. The only reason I’m still alive is the hope that something will happen that will have the potential to turn my life around. The moment I saw that flash of light, I knew from that moment my prayers were answered. I didn’t expect beings from another planet but hey at this point I’ll take what I can get. But for right now please I’m begging you. Don’t be mad at me because I’m an antisocial jerk. Be mad at me for not being as honest with you as you were with me.” Silence followed and Eduardo began to walk away looking at Alison shrugging his shoulders. Suddenly in a purple flash he was in the room instantly embraced by Twilight and Fluttershy.

“We forgive you.” Fluttershy smiled looking up.

“Yeah and next time you do that I’m sending your butt to the moon.” Twilight giggled.

“Deal.” Said Eduardo.

When the princess received the letter she was taken aback by Twilight’s description of earth and decided that two way communication was necessary.

My Faithful Student,

I am pleased to see your studies are going well after only being there for a day. Yes during Discord’s rule, Equestria was similar to how you described the world but unfortunately there is nothing we can do to help them. If they cannot accept their own differences and live in peace then they will not be so accepting of us. However with their project in space I am quite surprised to say that in that respect they are willing to cooperate but it will be many years before the corrupt, greed, and evil is extinguished from that world, especially since they do not have magic. As for the human you are staying with I must say that I am interested into learning more about him. Based on your description, for his age he seems wise and has an open mind and an open heart. If possible I would like to try and establish two was communication so we may all speak to each other as equals for the mutual benefit of learning from one another. Perhaps, if he sees fit, Eduardo can help with this. In the meantime I will inform your friends and my sister of your progress. So you know, we miss you too.


Princess Celestia.

P.S. Did he have a nice flank?

She giggled to herself as she rolled up the letter and sent it on its way. She then proceeded to Luna’s chambers where the others were. Luna had decided since everypony was there might as well have a sleep over.
“I wonder if its too late to show up?”

Eduardo opened a couple of boxes that came to his door step reveling suspension components for his STi. “Yes, now I can finally get to work on this thing.”

He took the boxes and placed them next to the car in question and went to the machine area returning with a box of sockets and assorted wrenches neatly organized in one hand getting to work immediately anticipating excellent results. The only thing he enjoyed more than working on his cars was driving them to the absolute limit. Going fast was his life’s calling and he knew it. Unfortunately running an F1 team was firmly out of his budget despite his success. Meanwhile Twilight was in his books becoming more intrigued as she read comprehending every word. ‘This whole galaxy moves on its own because of the gravitational pull of the sun? I wonder what Celestia will say about this…’

Fluttershy and Alison were just outside taking a walk around the property getting to know each other. Spike was watching Eduardo intently as he worked taking about 20 minutes for setting up the suspension for each corner of the car and another hour balancing and aligning the wheels. Satisfied he bolted on a fresh set of tires took it off the stands and decided right then and there to take it for a test spin. He walked outside to see Alison and Fluttershy having a girly chat leaning on Alison’s BNR34 and noticed a familiar black and white Corvette ZR1 fast approaching seeing two people inside, a passenger and the driver. The Vette parked behind the R34 and two men stepped out in casual attire one proudly wearing an MDPD Shield on his hip next to his sidearm. The other with a similar badge hanging around his neck and his sidearm holstered on his waistband standing roughly 3 inches taller than the driver and similar in facial features.

“Now what in the hell are you two doing here?” Eduardo asked his guests.

“We heard some jackass was about to make some trouble here.” The driver gestured towards the track. “You wouldn’t know anything about that would you?”

“Well I just finished the STi so yeah. What you gonna stop me?” Eduardo confidently challenged.

“I say you boys settle this on the blacktop.” Alison said.

“Well this I gotta see.” Said the passenger.

The three men laughed as Eduardo led everyone inside to his office area and made the introductions. Needless to say it was just another episode of what Alison went though the night before, but double the confusion and the priceless faces and stupid questions that followed all were answered through example and ponification. Eduardo Alison and the three Equestrians found this quite humorous.

“Pay up Jericho.” Said Joseph.

“Screw you how the hell was I supposed to know that Eddy had something to do with all this?” Jericho responded.

“Cause I radiate awesome Jerry.” Said Joseph.

Jericho reluctantly paid Joseph $50 and proceeded to the inevitable question. “So why exactly are you here?”

“Well we want to learn about your world which much of it we have but unfortunately much of it we do not understand.” Twilight said.

“And you’re cool with this Eddy? Don’t you think its dangerous housing three people from another planet?” Jericho asked.

“Well so long as no one other than the present company inside of this warehouse knows then it won’t be a problem. Besides its only temporary.” Eduardo said nonchalantly.

“Whats to stop them from pulling a Christopher Columbus?” Giving the three visitors a questioning look.

“Cause we’ve got the bombs Jerry. And Twilight is well aware the mankind is not afraid to kill, whether its each other or anything else.” Fluttershy shuttered at the last statement. “But like they mentioned before these are a peace loving people and they come from a world that knows nothing of war in their present day. Besides any vise they may have they seem to have everything under control. So I say why not welcome them with open arms?”

“You make a valid point but I’ve still got my doubts.”

“You’re a cop bro. Of course you have your doubts and its for that reason you’re good at what you do. Now listen to your older cousin and relax.”

“Okay but if anything happens its your ass.”

“Yes dear.”

Just then Spike burped up a letter addressed to Twilight. Once she read it she smiled at the group. “The princess wants to establish direct communication.”

The humans were wide-eyed after hearing this.

Joseph looked towards Eduardo. “Alright genius how are you planning to pull this one off?”

“Hey did you forget who you’re talkin’ to?” He said in a fake Brooklyn accent. “I’ll figure something out. In the meantime lets have a little fun since we’re all here. Its been a while since we picked up our guitars and since Stiletto here played the drums.”

“Dammit Eddy I told you not to call me that.”

“So what if you did, what are you going to do about it?” She responded by jumping at him. He dodged a roundhouse kick to the ribs. “HA YOU MISSED!” She followed up with a spinning back kick to the chest knocking him flat on his back. Groaning he looked up to her. “You win this round my dear.” She walked towards him and pushed him down on his back giving him a seductive look and leaning forward and kissing his left cheek.

“You love it.” She said with a cocky grin.

“Touché.” He responded.

“Why don’t you two get a room already!?” Spike yelled facing the other direction and the others laughing.

Everyone proceeded up the stairs to the second floor, the girls going to the living area moving the furniture around while the men went to Eduardo’s room and got the guitars, mics, amps, and drum kit to set up. After about 10 minutes setting up everyone took their places. Alison on the drums, Joseph on the bass, Jericho on the acoustic guitar, and Eduardo on the electric.

Taking a moment deciding on a song Fluttershy, Spike, and Twilight took a seat across from where they were playing. Once they decided on a song and decided Eduardo would start off, he closed his eyes. He pictured his wife and his kids in happier times. Upon opening them he saw the three he took into his home and smiled. “Lets do this.”

Half-truths you're telling me won't,
Bring me to my knees.
Scraped up and bruised from your,
Fickleness I plead,
Just let me feel some ease from,
Creatures of your greed.
Just let me feel some ease for me.

I'm not so glad I met you.
It makes me want to go away.
Until you think its over.
I touch.
Yeah yeah yeah.

The equestrians watched in awe as they played in harmony, letting their emotions control their movements. For the time they were playing, they were in their own world.

Broken dreams are screams to me,
The difference I can't see,
The way you look and talk to me.
You curse at me I freeze.
The combination of lost control,
Loss of soul I wheeze.
Just give some ease to me.

I'm not so glad I met you.
It makes me want to go away.
Until you think its over.
I touch.
Yeah yeah yeah.

Where do we go from here?
You know I'm not the guilty one.
Where do we go from here?
You know I'm not your only one.


I touch.
Yeah yeah yeah.

Where do we go from here?
Stop dreaming about that shiny gun.
Where do we go from here?
You know I'm not the only one
Where do we go from here?
Where do we go from here?
Where do we go from here?
Where do we go from here?
Where do we go?

As he song ended applause was heard coming from the crowd before them.

“That was awesome.” Said Spike. “Did you guys write that yourselves?”

“Nah.” Began Jericho.

“We usually do just covers for the fun of it.” Said Joseph. “We could write our own stuff and become rich and famous, but we're happy where we are now.”

“Yeah, besides. Its overrated and people invading your personal space is not fun.” Said Alison.

“I agree.” Said Fluttershy.

“But Alison, you're a doctor. Doesn't that require you to invade other people's privacy too?” Asked Twilight.

“Yeah, but I have permission to and its for their own benefit.”

Eduardo, scoweled at that last statement.