• Published 23rd Dec 2011
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Three Equestrians and an Engineer - Greasebrony

A man who copes with the loss of his family befriends 3 strangers after saving them from thugs.

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Warm Welcome Pt. 1


Eduardo woke from his relaxing slumber. He checked his watch laying on the nightstand, 4:07 A.M. ‘Time to get going.’ He got out of bed careful not to wake Alison. As he tiptoed across the room he grabbed his wallet, his jeans, a black belt, a white shirt, his steel-toe boots, and his favorite leather jacket and proceeded to leaving the room. The moment he touched the handle he heard two very light footsteps coming towards him, he turns around to find Rocky and Jackson looking at him quizzically. He gesters with his hands for Jackson to come with him and for Rocky to stay and with Alison where ever she goes. Understanding what he said the dogs do as their told as Eduardo quietly leaves the room and makes his way towards the trucks. With Jackson in tow he gets dressed as they walk. When they reach the Gardens where the trucks were he proceeded to his Super Duty first to get the keys to his Shelby and the locks on the trailer.

After he unlocked and unloaded the GT500 off the trailer he locked the trailer back up and left the keys to the truck in the driver side sun visor. He took out his duffle bag with clothes and other essentials from the back seat and loaded it in the trunk of the Shelby along with his guitars and amplifier. He then proceeded to Joseph’s trailer with two large empty duffle bags in hand. He looks at his watch, 4:23 A.M. ‘Okay just gotta get these and I’m off.’ He unlocked the trailer and went inside. After 5 minutes he was right back out locking the trailer behind him leaving the keys where he found them. With his Kimber 1911s and his 625-9 in their holsters slung over his shoulder in full view he loaded the duffle bags in the Shelby and closed the trunk. He looks toward Jackson over his shoulder and smiles. “Ready to go?” Jackson barked in response.


Surprised Eduardo turns around to see a pure white, blonde maned, blue eyed unicorn with its horn pointed directly at him. “What the f-” He was cut off when a gold beam of energy blasted him into the tree behind him. “AH!” He cried out upon impact. Jackson then charged at the Unicorn with his sharp teeth bare and his eyes glowing yellow in the moonlight, ready to kill the one responsible for bringing harm to his master. The unicorn shot another beam at Jackson slamming against Eduardo’s trailer stunned from the impact. Eduardo watched his loyal friend fall and focused all his rage at the unicorn before him. “YOU DIE TONIGHT YOU LITTLE FUCK!” Before he had a chance to draw his pistols two familiar pegasi appeared before them immediately pinning them down after.











Once the two settled down they were released and for the first time Eduardo got a good look at the pegasi restraining them. “Silvermane? Goldwing? The hell are you doing here?”

“That’s Captain Goldwing and we can ask you two the same.”

“Well I was on my way for a glass of water after these servants repeatedly ignored me when I stumbled upon this, this, THING.” Blueblood said pointing an accusing hoof at Eduardo still fuming with anger.

“I think its time you went to your quarters Prince. We’ll handle him.” Said Goldwing.

“See to it that you do. I will not allow that brute to roam these halls.”

“It will be taken care of. Please proceed to your quarters.” Said Silvermane.

Blueblood then took his exit his muzzle held high and his face in obvious disgust.

After a moment of contemplating where to hide Blueblood’s body, Eduardo turned his attention to Jackson and ran to him kneeling beside him.

“Jackson, you okay buddy?” The husky got on his paws and rested his head on his shoulder. Eduardo responded by hugging him and petting his head. “Thanks for backing my up there big guy.” After the hug he got up and went to pick up his holstered guns with Jackson following slowly behind, still recovering from the shock of the blast. The two pegasi approached him as he layed the pistols in the passenger seat and the husky got in and rested on top of the folded back seat.

“You care to explain what happened just now and why you’re out here?” Goldwing asked.

Eduardo faced them and crossed his arms wearing an irritated frown. “I was just getting ready to go to Ponyville and just as I finished packing Prince Blueballs whatever the hell his name is blasted me into a tree.”

“Figures as much.” Began Silvermane. “That Unicorn was never quite bright so you’ll have to forgive him.”
In a deadpan tone he responded. “He slammed my dog on the side of my trailer. Where I’m from that earns you several blows of blunt force trauma to the head with something very hard and preferably very sharp. Hell I was about ready to kill that prick.”

“Trust me this isn’t the first time hes pulled off something like this.” Said Silvermane. “Matter of fact the only one who was about to go on a rampage similar to yours was that mare from the Gala a couple of years ago. You remember her right Captain?”

“Hell hath no fury.”

“That little white mare gave him what was coming. He still flinches at her name.”

“Whats her name?” Eduardo asked.

“The Element of generosity, I believe Rarity is her name.” Goldwing replied.

Eduardo looked at them wide-eyed. “What? You mean to tell me that, that adorable marble white unicorn who’s been living with me for the past month and acted like nothing but the lady that she is went ape-shit on that prick?”
The guards laughed. “Among those who were witness to that night considered her patience with him as legendary.” Said Silvermane.

“Oh Rarity my dear you’ve been holding back on me.” Eduardo chuckled. “Speaking of which Twi, Spike and Fluttershy never told me about their crazy moments.”

The guards perked up. “Did you say Fluttershy?” They asked in unison.

“Yeah…” Eduardo replied unsure of their reaction.

“Let me give you one word of advise kid.” Goldwing began. “If she wants your attention, you’d better give it to her.”

Eduardo chuckled at this. “What? If I don’t she’s going to cause a stampede roaring through where ever she is yelling to the top of her lungs ‘You’re going to love me.’ Making a face looking like she’s going to bulldoze everything in her path?”
The guards gave him a thousand yard stare.

“Wait, you mean to tell me that Fluttershy, the adorable timid huggable little pegasus that is quite literally at peace with nature caused a stampede at one point?” Eduardo asked.

“5 years ago.” Goldwing bagan.

“Grand Galloping Gala.” Silvermane said.

“Took days to clean everything up.”

“Oh Celestia, forgive me for ALL of my sins.”

Eduardo stood and watched the two pegasi in front of him relive those moments at the Gala having witnessed everything from Rainbow Dash trying to impress the Wonderbolts to Pinkie Pie DJing.

“PPPPPPFFFFTTTT HAAAHAHAAHAHAHAAA OH YOU GUYS ARE GOOD. Almost had me there too.” He said laughing and walking to the Shelby. Upon opening the door Silvermane trotted up to him.


He turns around. “Whats up?”

“Perhaps we had a bit of a rough start. Perhaps its best we forget about earlier.” With that he offered his foreleg.

Eduardo smiled taking foreleg in hand and giving it a firm shake. “I’ll treat you to a drink and we’ll call it even.”

“You’re on.” He smiled.

“You need an escort?” Goldwing asked.

Eduardo reached into a pocket inside his jacket and produced a detailed map and compass. “I got this. Thanks anyway though.”

“Yeah well you’re getting one anyway. You may be a guest but judging from what I’ve seen so far trouble seems to follow you where ever you go.”

“Fine by me, but he’s gonna have to catch up.”

Eduardo stated the Shelby brining the supercharged 427 to life and gave it a test rev shaking the ground around it. For a moment the pegasi were taken aback by the raw amount of power coming from the machine in front of them as well as its pilot.

Goldmane smiled. “Okay challenge accepted.” He pointed towards the other side of the palace. “Rear entrance is that way. Once you reach the main road just head down it until you reach a draw bridge. After that we’ll send your escort.”

“Gotcha.” With that he closed the door and set off going around the palace and reaching the main road.

Meanwhile back in the palace Silvermane trotted into the barracks where the soldiers were just waking up. “Corporal Blaze!” He called out with a powerful voice.

A Purple pegasus Stallion with a golden mane and eyes to match flew to his commanding officer and stood at attention with his golden armor and helmet on giving him a salute. “SIR.”

“At ease soldier. I understand you requested a leave for the holidays but it was revoked.”

“Sir, yes Sir.”

“Where were you going to go?”

“My hometown sir.”

“Ponyville correct?”

“Sir, yes sir.”

“Well it seems the cards play in your favor today Corporal. The princesses have returned from their vacation and have brought back guests with them. One of those guests is headed to Ponyville this very moment.”

“Sir, what are my orders sir.”

“Your orders are to act as his escort, do not for any reason let him out of your sight. As I recall Ponyville is known to panic at the sight of the unusual and can be prejudice.”

“Sir, I willingly accept the conditions of this mission sir.”

“Good. I suggest you hurry up here and square away your quarters. He’s got a good lead on you.”

“Sir, My quarters are squared away and ready for inspection sir.”

“Good Stallion. A bit of warning though, he’s not afraid to kick flank and doesn’t have much respect for rank and authority. Also he is in a black carrage with red stripes running over the length of it. Its also very loud and very fast.”

“Sounds like its hard to miss, sir.”


“Sir I will not fail you sir.”

“I know you won’t Corporal.” He saluted him. “Good hunting.”

He saluted back. “Sir yes sir.”

“Dismissed.” Purple Blaze then galloped out of the barracks and took to the sky leaving a streak of purple fire in his wake.

As he drove through the cobblestone streets of Canterlot, he spotted a few early bird ponies almost cowering in fear of his machine. As he passed the draw bridge, the GT500 roared past trees boulders and ditches on both sides of the road, drifting every corner with the loud roar coming from the engine bay and leaving a cloud of dirt and dust in its wake. He was sure that by now the locals were aware of his presence and no doubt gone looking for the source of it roar that quickly passed them. “READY OR NOT PONYVILLE 1911 EDDY IS COMING TO TOWN!”

“Okay, Where are you?” Purple Blaze said flying high above the ground focusing on the road below. He had taken this route many times before. So much so he could fly the distance with his eyes closed. He saw the fork up ahead and descended on a cloud hovering above the fork and waited. ‘This guy may be fast but there is no way he’s been able to get past me.’ He decided to wait and listen to his surroundings trying to identify and pinpoint the loudness he was told about prior to him leaving Canterlot. In the distance he can hear a faint roar accompanied with a wurring sound echoing through white tail wood. “Gotcha.” He dove off the cloud and raced toward the sound.

Eduardo was at a fork on the road. He checked his watch. 5:00 A.M. He turned on the interior lamp and looked at the map. “Okay says here that if I go right I’ll end up taking the long way. If I go straight it’ll take us directly to Ponyville but its a rough road, guess we can count that out. If I take a left we’ll end up in the Everfree Forest and it’ll be the quickest path to the town.” He looks up from the map and sees that his headlights are shining on a sign that points to the forest that is painted red and says Danger. “Guess that narrows it down.” He turns right shining the fog lamps on the road ahead.

Purple Blaze had caught up to the carriage his superior spoke of. “Damn this guy is fast, and he wasn’t kidding about how loud this thing was.” He spotted a long straight up ahead and decided that is where he would cut him off.

The GT500 roared down the main straight doing 95 mph. “For a dirt road this is pretty smooth. I can hardly feel any imperfections on here.” He smiled and checked his dash clock. 5:23 A.M. He looked up the road and saw a pegasus in armor standing in the middle of the road watching the Shelby barreling towards him. “OH SHIT!” He shifted the car’s weight on the gravel kicking the car’s rear out while maintaining forward momentum to steer clear out of the pegasi’s path. He counter-steered slamming on the throttle to avoid hitting a tree and hit both the brake pedal and the hand break causing a 180 degree skid to a stop.

Eduardo was panting behind the wheel hoping to god he hadn’t killed anyone. He looked out of the windshield to see the pegasus laying on the ground. “Oh Christ.” He got out of the car and ran towards the fallen pegasus. When he got there he kneeled down next to it and tried to wake him to see if he was alive. “C’mon dude, wake up.” About a minute later the stallion came to and tried to move but felt his left hind leg in pain.

“Ugh.” The Stallion groaned. “Damn this hurts.”

“Oh, you’re alive.” Eduardo sighed a breath of relief.

“Yeah but not doing very well. My hind leg…” The stallion replied.

“Okay, lets get you out of this armor and into a hospital.”

“No objections here.”

Eduardo helped the pegasus out of his armor and guided the limping stallion to the passenger side, putting the armor in the trunk soon after. He then joined the stallion inside the Shelby and started it back up.

“Can I ask you something?”


“What the hell were you doing in the middle of the road? If I didn’t react the way I did you’d be dead right now.”

“I am under orders to be your escort for the duration of your time in Ponyville.”

“Celestia’s orders no doubt. How does she even know I haven’t told anyone where I’m head-” Then it dawned on him. “Goldwing and Silvermane.”


“Okay fine. You can follow me around all you want but we have to get that leg checked out.”

“Ponyville Hospital isn’t too far away from here. Just keep your speed down this road and I’ll tell you where to go from there.”

“Alright. Hang on tight cause we don’t know how serious that is.”

Eduardo shifted to first and did a 180 burnout and proceeded forward to Ponyville once again leaving a cloud of dust in its wake.

“Man Alison is going to kick my ass.”

“Who’s that?”

“My girlfriend.”

The sun began to grace Ponyville in its warmth. In Sweet Apple Acers, Applejack and Applebloom were making their way towards Sugarcube corner for breakfast.

“So Applejack you said you promised to tell me everything that happened today.”

“Ah did Applebloom, at breakfast.”

“Aw c’mon sis we’re almost there anyhow.” She pouted.

Applejack smiled at her teen sister’s behavior. “Okay how about this you agree to cover breakfast and I’ll start talkin’. Deal?”


As Applejack began to tell Applebloom of her adventures in Miami she heard a familiar noise in the distance. “What the…” She turned her head perking up her ears.

“What is it sis?”

A moment later the noise became more audible.

“Sis, whats that noise?”

There was no mistaking it Applejack knew this sound from the night of their arrival to Miami.

“Applebloom stay close to me.”

“Why whats going on?”

“Just follow me and stay out of the way!”

As soon as they got out from the center of the road the Black GT500 roared by in the direction of town square.

“What the hay was that?!” Applebloom said.

“WHAT THE HAY IS HE DOING HERE?” Applejack yelled. “C’mon Applebloom there’s no time to waste.” They both set out in following the Shelby.

The night before, Spike had convinced Rarity to allow him to treat her to breakfast. At first she said no but after a little convincing during the walk over to the Carousel Boutique he won her over. The next morning Spike and Rarity made their way over to the Sugarcube Corner idly chatting away and generally enjoying each other’s company. Just after sunrise they heard a distict roar coming from the direction of White Tail Wood.

“Spike do you hear that?”

“Yeah, I didn’t think he would be coming so soon though.”

At that moment the Shelby turned the corner in front of them roaring and kicking up dust the entire way blowing past stands other ponies were just opening up.

“Now where do you think he is off to in such a hurry?”

“I don’t know but Twi’s gonna want to know about this.”

“Rarity! Rarity! Did you see that?”

Spike and Rarity looked over to see Sweetie Belle galloping towards them and Scootaloo flying just over head.

“That thing was wicked! Did you see the way that thing turned? Oh man Rainbow Dash is not going to believe this!”

Rainbow Dash was in the library’s balcony rereading a copy of her favorite novel letting herself get drowned in Daring Do’s adventures. However she was jogged out of her trance when a familiar car drove past her leaving a cloud of dust behind it.

“AH! JUST WHEN IT WAS GETTING GOOD!” She froze for a moment. “Jeez now I know how Twilight feels.”

The Cakes were opening up shop. While Cupcake and Pinkie finished with the pastries Carrot Cake was polishing the tables making sure nothing was out of place for their customers. Suddenly a roar came and went shaking everything out of order.

“What in Equestria was that?” Said Cupake.

“YAY EDUARDO’S HERE!” Smiled Pinkie.

“Who?” The Cakes said in unison.

“Somepony who is really, really awesome.”

As the duo approached the hospital Eduardo pulled the locked the rear wheels and spun the car into a 180 spin and parked it perfectly next to the entrance. The stallion spoke.

“You know I could have just flown over here. Can’t be much more than a sprained ankle.” He said with a chuckle.

“Yeah but then that wouldn’t be nearly as fun.”

“Very true. I have to admit its fun flying but wow this gets the blood pumping. Say where did you learn how to pull off all those fancy moves back there?”

“How about I tell you all about it when we get inside?”

“I expect a good story.”

“I have several.”

“The name is Purple Blaze by the way.”

“Eduardo, pleasure to meet you.”

“Same here, not sure about the rest of the town though. Pretty sure everypony knows you’re here by now.”

“Wouldn’t doubt it for a second. This thing is a beast, hope no one’s too mad.”

“I wouldn’t say mad, but chances are they would like an explanation.”

“Okay, honest truth, I’m here on vacation and on my way here you got injured and being a good samaritan I rushed you to the hospital.”

“That’s a good start.” Purple Blaze laughed.

They both entered the main entrance to the hospital with Jackson following close behind.

Alison rolled around in bed waking up trying to find Eduardo and cuddle up next to him. She opened her eyes to find that he wasn’t there to begin with. Assuming he just went to the bathroom she got out of bed and put her pajamas on and made her way towards the door. She found Rocky sitting there wagging his tail.

“Morning you. Sleep well?”

Rocky barked in response.

“Have you seen Eddy?”

Rocky turned his head to the door.

“Okay boy, thank you.” She patted his head and opened the door with him leading her to the dining room finding everyone else already eating breakfast.

“Morning everyone.”

“Good morning.” Everyone said in unison.

“Is Eddy still sleeping? Jesus, its almost half past 10.” Said Jericho.

“I notice that he only sleeps in on Sundays.” Said Luna.

“The guy rises with the sun. Speaking of which where’s Tia?” Jennifer asked.

“Oh she’s handling political stuff at the moment. She’ll be joining us shortly.” Said Luna, enjoying her milk and cereal.

“That’s nice and all but that still doesn’t answer where Eddy is.” Said Alison.

“Well his truck is still in the garden where he left it. He probably just got lost or something.” Said Laura.

“I thought he was good at navigating.” Said Twilight.

“Not when it comes to big buildings especially if there are no maps. Behind the wheel on the streets or track the man is a genius. Out in the woods he’ll navigate using just the sun’s dawn and his gut. In a building on foot, forget it.” Said Jericho.

“You might as well send a guard or two after him to make sure he isn’t breaking anything. He gets hopelessly pissed when he’s lost.” Said Joseph.

“Even worse when he’s hungry, yeah I know.”

At that moment Celestia entered the dining hall reading Spike’s letter with a slight hint of unease ringing in her facial features. ‘Alison is not going to like this.’ Rolling up the letter she places it at the head of the table and takes a seat next to Luna. “Good morning everypony.” She said with a genuine smile.

Twilight however wasn’t fooled. She was looking at the door the moment she entered. “Princess is everything okay?”

“Well…..” Celestia began.

Meanwhile back in the hospital all activity seems to have frozen when a certain man’s name was heard all the way from Canterlot.

“Ummm, care to explain?” Purple Blaze asked.

Eduardo sat frozen looking in the direction of the palace with a thousand yard stare. In his thoughts were fire and brimstone with Alison in the center of it all with no opposing force capable of stopping her.

“Yo, Ed. Anypony home?” Purple Blaze said waving a hoof in front of his face.

Everyone sat stunned watching Alison leaving the dining hall. The first guards that made the mistake of entering were witness to a walking time bomb ready to go off.

“Remind me to never get on her badside.” Said Twilight.

“Man Eddy, you’ve done it now.” Chuckled Joseph.

Luna looked over at Laura to find her praying. “What are you doing?”

“Asking forgiveness for ALL of my sins.”